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Gurin Neck Cold Pack - Reusable Therapeutic Ice Packs

Gurin Neck Cold Pack – Reusable Therapeutic Ice Packs

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Gurin Neck Cold Pack – Reusable Therapeutic Ice Packs.

  • RELIEVES NECK AND SHOULDER INJURIES: Our high quality icepacks are the right medicine for icing a range of neck, shoulder, knee, hip, rotator cuff, elbow, wrist, ankle & lower back injuries. Effective relief for migraine headaches & arthritis pain.
  • CUSTOM-MADE DESIGNED FOR CERVICAL PAIN: This thermal pad has the perfect shape to target cervical and other neck pain. It can flex to provide comfort throughout usage, and works as a soft neck collar making it possible for rest & relaxation after injury or surgical treatment.
  • LONGLASTING RELIEF: This home medical gadget enters the freezer or microwave to quit to 30 minutes of cold or hot relief for injuries large and little. Works as a cold compress or when heat-activated offers unwinding heat to loosen up stiff muscles.
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE: We make these clever cooling pads from the very best vinyl, so you can depend on having the ability to utilize it over and over again. It resembles having the benefit of expert quality therapy right in the house. Do not settle for disposable packs.
  • MADE FROM 100% NON-TOXIC VINYL: Use our premium quality ice bag without stressing over the damaging chemicals in BPA, BPS or phthalate-laden plastics. They’re likewise latex-free, so those with latex allergic reactions can utilize them without fearing a response.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Gurin Neck Cold Pack – Reusable Therapeutic Ice Packs.
Get long-term therapeutic relief with this premium quality neck ice bag. Created with the neck shape in mind, it’s super flexible, offering effective soothing relief for a wide range of pains and discomforts and swelling. From cervical pain to shoulder pain, hip and elbow soreness, to ankle, wrist and lower neck and back pain, you’ll get up to 30 minutes of soothing icy relief with every application. It goes to deal with contusions, muscle tightness and even inflammatory pains like arthritis. It’s great as a post-surgery therapy or for everyday pain relief for professional athletes and weekend warriors. Made from resilient high quality vinyl, it’s latex, BPA, BPS and phthalate free and will not aggravate delicate skin. So utilize it over and over again without stressing over poisonous chemicals. Our non-toxic silica gel pack will not leak and does not produce an obnoxious chemical smell like lower quality disposable packs. Simply put in the freezer for two hours to get long-term cold compress relief, or simply offer it a quick warmup in the microwave for heat therapy. It’s the ideal addition to your emergency treatment kit, and a great present for the enjoyed one with chronic pain. Read more Soothing Cold & Heat Therapy You’ll enjoy how this simple therapeutic gadget can sooth a wide range of pains and discomforts. It offers both hot and cold relief, so it’s likewise a great tool for sprains and soothing inflammatory illness like arthritis. It’s a fundamental part of your home emergency treatment kit, and a should have for active individuals, professional athletes and weekend warriors. Comfort Fit Style This ice bag has a wide range of therapeutic applications. Created to fit the shape of your neck, it’s soft and flexible so it works for shoulder, hip, knee and ankles sprains and soreness. Target the specific area of pain no matter where it takes place on the body. Take it with you anywhere you go and it’s constantly there when you require it. Resilient & Reusable Made from premium quality vinyl, this neck ice bag can be utilized over and over again without stressing over damage or leakages. It freezes in a number of hours or warms up quickly in the microwave. Do not settle for low-cost replicas or disposable packs, have an expert grade gel pack on hand for all type of pain relief 100% Non Poisonous This silica gel pack is made from only non-toxic and latex-free vinyl. It includes no BPA or BPS plastics and is entirely phthalate free. So it’s great for child, adult and senior usage, consisting of for those with delicate skin and allergic reactions. Do not gamble on inferiorproducts Buy with your ice bag understanding it’s safe for the entire household. Read more Perfect Neck & Shoulder Fit We have actually style this cold/hot silica gel pack to fit the shapes of your neck, while making it flexible and flexible sufficient to utilize on shoulders, lower backs, knees, ankles and hips. We have actually taken great discomforts to assist ease your pain, it’s size and shape is made to provide effective thermal therapy anywhere and whenever you require it. Reputable Long Lasting Relief Simply toss it into the freezer or microwave for long-term and soothing pain relief. Get up to 30 minutes of effective thermal relief with every application. It’s an essential for home emergency treatment sets, and makes a thoughful present for active individuals or for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or routine imflammatory conditions. Our Objective Life is for living, and to be able to do things you enjoy, with individuals you enjoy, health is essential. Gurin Products is here to assist. Because 2005, our objective has actually been to make the greatest quality, many ingenious gadgets readily available. Our products set the standard for quality and dependability, and as part of our mission to enhance lives, Gurin funds the school expenses of the neediest children. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Gurin Neck Cold Pack – Reusable Therapeutic Ice Packs.

Question Question 1

Will This Cold Pack Work With No Fabric In Between Skin And Pack To Trigger Cold Burn?

we wear t put anything in between neck and skin it s actually actually cold initially however after a few minutes it s great doesn t burn simply painfully cold lol

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Gurin Neck Cold Pack – Reusable Therapeutic Ice Packs, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We just recently had spinal column surgical treatment and frequently require to ice our neck and upper back when it gets sore. We have actually bought rather a few reusable ice packs over the past few months, and all of them appear to have comparable problems. To start with, each and every single one has actually had an undesirable smell that doesn t appear to disappear gradually. Likewise, they frequently do not stay cold for long at all. And lastly, they are normally stiff and can t be quickly formed to cover a particular location. As far as we have actually had the ability to inform, this one doesn t have any of those issues. For those factors alone, we would certainly suggest this product.

Possibly a great product, and remains cold for a good length of time. We need to utilize ice bag numerous times daily, so we have actually attempted rather afew A few things we would alter about it:1. The filling, it needs to thaw for a while to actually be functional around the neck, does not twist around like in the photo unless it’s entirely defrosted. 2. The size, for the location it’s made for, it ought to be bigger so it might twist around when frozen. We would likewise like for it to have actually been larger in the middle. We need to move side to side, then long methods down our back. 3. The edges are likewise sort of sharp, so that does not feel good, we need to flex the edges over so it does not seem like it’s digging into our neck, which likewise associates with #24 It likewise does not come with a cover, presently utilizing a pillowcase because absolutely nothing else fits it.

We have actually been browsing for a neck/shoulder heating pad after our electric one bit the dust. However many medical recommendations suggests cold therapy for swelling and pain. This wrap used both possibilities in one product. We were hesitant that it might dependably do both. We were gladly shown incorrect. We have actually microwaved this up until very hot (normally in 1 minute increments for an overall of 3 minutes.) and it is fantastic for deep pains. We have actually likewise frozen it over night and utilized it ice cold (which worked remarkable for neck inflammation. )actually, actually worth the cost. Only one critique/suggestion. It would be very practical to have a thin material sleeve or cover for this. When we utilize either hot or cold it is normally excessive of either to put straight on our skin. We normally wrap it in a gauzy headscarf so we can feel the temperature level however not harm our skin. Otherwise, it a great product.

Began utilizing it for our shoulder and neck and it is very very helpful and the secret of the product is its weight which we enjoy the most and some individuals might not, the weight keep it in location to get the better feel for skyrocket locations. Tip: as this product has a various shape we had a hard time to find a proper cloth/cover that works out with it, if it had a cover for it this will certainly a hit.

We have actually bought numerous ice bags over the last few years to assist get relief from stenosis and advanced arthritis in our neck and associated muscle pain in our shoulders. This product has actually amazed our with how conveniently it covers and fits closelyaround our neck. The density of the pack makes it more comfy than other, bulkier ice bags we have actually utilized and is great for twisting around body parts. It likewise has a good little bit of cold retention so it lasts a long while providing higher relief.

This is simple to keep in the freezer for when we require to alleviate our upper back and shoulder muscles. It is completely created to sit over our shoulders and remain in location. It offers consistent cold therapy and remains cold without melting all over.

Not simply for soreness or swelling. These assist us considerably with raving hot flashes. Dream we had them earlier. Anyways. They are great. Precisely as envisioned and cold cold cold. It would be great it there was a way to clip completions together around our neck, so we might still move and do things without it moving off. However that s simply me. They are precisely as envisioned and explained at a reasonable cost, so all and all it s a great product. 5 stars.

We attempted a couple other and returned them. Love this one. Fits ideal, remains cold for way more than 15 minutes that we are expect to utilize it. Discusses shoulders and back of neck/top of back completely.

Ensure you lay it kinda flat or it’ll freeze strange n need to let it thaw a bit to even out the frozen things. It works great tho and remains cold for long period of time. Long enough to get outcomes.

We formerly utilized a freeze pack that was formed as a huge rectangular shape that appeared so large and ill-shaped for alleviating pain in our upper back as we needed to hold it in location by placing it and pushing versus something else. That all altered with this cold neck pack that is made for precisely that purpose. Video game changer.

This neck ice bag was suggested to us by our physiotherapist. She was informing us just how much she enjoyed it so we bought it so we can utilize it on our neck and shoulders. This product is remarkable. It’s large and flexible so it can cover all your sore locations. It fits completely around your neck and shoulders to alleviate pain and it’s very comfy. Our mama utilized it around her knee and had the ability to wrap it around simple, so now we will be purchasing one for her. Great product. We offer this product a ranking of 5.

This gel pack has actually worked well for a shoulder injury. This pack freezes quickly, is flexible as it starts to thaw, and lasts a very long time prior to heating up.

We constantly get headache from our neck/back issues. We currently have a cold pad however its to little. So we were looking for something larger that covers our nack and shoulder’s, lastly we found the expert gel cold therapy pack and it assists me. Truly pleased with this product.

We enjoy the truth that we no longer require numerous ice bag to ice our neck and shoulders. This has a long lasting, adhering shape that twists around any of your extremities however we utilize it mainly for our neck and shoulders. We hope that we are never ever without this great product.

We like the ease of usage. Freeze and use, and you are done. We believe the size required to be a bit longer so that it correctly gets to the front of the shoulders too. In general, it does its task.

Works great; good size that twists around neck or head when we have headaches. Remains cold about as long as any other ice bag we have actually utilized prior to.

We were very happy with the size, and shape, we needed to have spine combination surgical treatment, and it fits throughout our shoulders and back of neck to offer relief. It did not have that plastic odor, and remains flexible even frozen very comfy.

We have actually been looking for a hot/cold pack for our neck and shoulders for a very long time and this one did not dissatisfy. The weight is ideal to disperse the thermal impacts of the heat or cold. We get migraines frequently and one of our only reliefs in an ice bag to the base of our skull. This one is completely contourable to offer us the relief that we require.

Fast shipping. Showed up undamaged and damage free. Quick journey in the freezer and offers required protection for neck and shoulders where it harms.

Good ice pack for neck and shoulder location. Better when it defrosts a little due to the fact that you can wrap it better and change it. We likewise lay on it for pain relief. Practical and great for our usage.

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