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Here are a(************************************** )main benefits of GUNA Biotherapeutics Guna Inc. GUNA-Cough

  • HOMEOPATHIC(********************************************************** )
  • For the short-term relief of cough symptoms due to bronchitis, chest congestion, ecological irritants, smoking cigarettes.


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More Info:

Here aresomemoreinformation on GUNA Biotherapeutics Guna Inc. GUNA-Cough (********* )GUNA & reg COUGH; is valuable(********************************************************************** )the short-term relief of wet and dry cough due to ¦:Coldsand fluBronchitisChest congestion Ecological irritants SmokingGUNA & reg COUGH assists loosen up bronchial secretions, support inflammatory actions of the respiratory system and support immune function when infections might exist ¦. This cough medicine does NOT increase high blood pressure or heart rate and is non-addictive. Other GUNA mix suggestions: Guna-Cough + Guna-Flu: dry or productive cough throughout prominent attack, specifically in children.Guna-Cough + Guna-Flu + Guna-Flam: flusyndrome with fever.Guna-Cough + Citomix: cough in clients impacted by persistent types of immune deficit catarrhal bronchitis, specifically in children.Guna-Cough + Eubioflor: consistent cough in immuno-defecient clients suffering from digestive dysbosis.Guna-Cough + Gina-Flam: catarrhal bronchitis and cough with fever, specifically in children.Guna-Cough + Guna-Allergy Treat (+ Guna-Allergy- Prev): allergic cough

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on GUNA Biotherapeutics Guna Inc. GUNA-Cough, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Only cough medicine that truly works.

We are purchasing this cough syrup given that 6 years, at a various seller though. It was lastly one that did not taste like medicine and all thise other synthetically flavored syrops around and our then 4 years of age child liked taking it. Now she is 10 and still the only one in our home. We constantly have one in your home simply in case. It even assists with all inviromental problems like allergic reactions also.

We have an allergy cough which afflicts us every year in the winter season. We utilize guna-flu crystals as soon as a week to avoid colds and flu. Which works surprisingly well, so we believed we would attempt this cough mixture. It works incredibly and nearly right away after taking it the coughing stops and keeps away for a long time. We will be utilizing this very typically due to the fact that it works.

Although this is a very costly product the quality and outcomes are more than anticipated. The cough medicine works, it is 100% natural and flavor is ok.

Excelent natural product for the cough. We advise it for adults and kids too. Utilized for a kid with exceptional outcomes.

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