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Elitehood Ice Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags Hot Water Bag for Injuries

Elitehood Ice Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags Hot Water Bag for Injuries

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Elitehood Ice Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags Hot Water Bag for Injuries.

  • 3 SIZE STYLE FOR VARIOUS REQUIREMENTS Little 6 and medium 9 for children and teenagers, large 11 for adults. Comes with a compress wrap would assist to hold the ice bags, being more steady and flexible support complete body. An essential product for sport injuries, pain relief, muscle pains and first-aid and so on
  • EASY TO USAGE AS HOT & COLD THERAPY For cold therapy, simply fill the ice bag two 3rd complete with ice and water to eliminate pain from headaches, swellings, migraines, muscle pains and swelling. For heat therapy, include warm water (not boiling, Notification: The temperature level for warm water therapy is 50-60/122-140) to assist soothe an indigestion, migraine, sinus and joint pain.
  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF – The ice bag packs are perfect for application of cold therapy to help in reducing pain and swelling from small scrapes, swellings, muscle pains, sprains and stress; Ideal for sport injury and emergency treatment. Suggested to assist eliminate pain, minimize swelling, and speed recovery.
  • SAFE & WATERPROOF Superior Leak- resistant Cap with Large Cap Opening permits for simple filling of ice or crushed ice. Soft, waterproof and flexible fabric allows the water to stay cold and hot a lot longer than gel packs or other packs
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE FOR DAILY USAGE 9 ice bag simply weight 3.5 Oz, great to keep one in your automobile, work desk, home and luggage for instant pain relief. Whether you are experiencing the weekend hangover, headache or hurting and soreness from a current see to your chiropractic physician, get the soothing relief from hot or cold therapy right now.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Elitehood Ice Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags Hot Water Bag for Injuries.
Ease your pains and discomforts with these Ice Packs: Ice Bag/Pack is a first-aid essential in life.It can assist you eliminate pain associated with bumps, swellings, pains, cramps, headaches, sinus pain, swelling, and joint pain.You never ever understand when you’ll require one, so it’s good to have one on hand. How to utilize for cold therapy: 1. Turn the cap counter-clockwise. 2. Fill the ice bag two-thirds complete with either cold faucet water, ice water, crushed ice, or ice. 3. Turn the cap clockwise till it is protected. 4. Turn ice bag upside down and securely press on the bottom to test for leak. 5. Apply to preferred location. 6. Condensation might form on the beyond the bag. Wrap the ice bag in a soft towel to safeguard the skin and to prevent condensation build-up. 7. Apply ice bag for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) at a time. Continue to reapply after injury. Wait one hour in between applications. How to utilize for hot therapy: 1. Turn the cap counter-clockwise.2. Gather two-thirds warm water (do not surpass 60/140); 3. Turn the cap clockwise till it is protected.4. Turn ice bag upside down and securely press on the bottom to test for leak.5. Apply to preferred location for 15-20 minutes with a soft towel. Preventative Measures for hot therapy: a. Fill the bag TWO-THIRDS FULL with warm water (LESS THAN 60/140); b. Do not position the pack in microwave to heat the water; c. To avoid burns, DO NOT fill with water extend 60/140;d. Do not utilize the hot pack on the very same part for longer than 20 minutes; (If required, the packs might be utilized several times a day) Package Consists Of: 3 * Ice Bag [ 6″ , 9″, 11″] & 1 * compress wrap

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Elitehood Ice Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags Hot Water Bag for Injuries.

Question Question 1

Would Any One Of The Straps Fit Around A Female’S Head (For Knowledge Teeth Elimination)?

Yes, the strap would fit around a lady s head.

Question Question 2

Can We Utilize The Alcohol Mixture In This Bag?

we would not advise it. It might potentially damage the interior of the bag. Besides, these aren’t implied for the freezer, for something, it might harm the seal. When you fill the bag with ice and water, it is fluid enough to form itself around the afflicted location.

Question Question 3

Does It Only Deal With Water To Put Inside?

Works with ice, water or a mixture of the two. Some water promotes contact with skin and ratio of ice to water will identify for how long chilling impact is preserved.

Question Question 4

Did Anyone Attempt This With Hot Water? How Long Does It Stay Warm With Hot Tap Water?

Yes, our relative has actually utilized this product with warm water and it truly gets the job done. Hot water from the sink lasted about one hour prior to she discovered it was cooling down. However by that time her neck felt better.

Question Question 5

Will These Hold Up If You Put Boiling Water In?

The guidelines stated not to put boiling warm water. Run the warm water tap.

Question Question 6

Is It Contain 3 Sizes And The Straps?

Yes, It is have the 3 sizes and the straps work great.we looking for ice bags for some time,and these are our required.

Question Question 7

Our Bag Is Sweating. Is It Malfunctioning?

Mine have actually never ever sweated. It seems like it is malfunctioning.

Question Question 8

Could You Put These On A Warming Plate To Keep Them Warm Or Will That Melt Them?

No. It will likely melt the product. For hot, heat water in a cup in the microwave, not to hot, and then put the warm water in the bag. For cold, put ice in the bag and include a bit os cold water. Hope this assists.

Question Question 9

How Long Does The Ice Stay In Here Prior To It Melts?

we put fridge ice and put it on our knee after running, and it remains for enough time that we can’t place on any longer. a minimum of an hour it remains.

Question Question 10

Do You Include Simply Routine Ice Cubes To This? Is The Mouth Wide Enough?

Yes, simply include routine ice. The mouth is large enough. Works great. our spouse packs these rather of ice bags as he is a pilot and journeys from hotel to hotel and this permits him to keep a cooler of healthy food with him as the majority of hotels wear t have freezers to refreeze the packs, however do have ice makers where he Yes, simply include routine ice. The mouth is large enough. Works great. our spouse packs these rather of ice bags as he is a pilot and journeys from hotel to hotel and this permits him to keep a cooler of healthy food with him as the majority of hotels wear t have freezers to refreeze the packs, however do have ice makers where he can refill these and keep his food cold.

Question Question 11

Can You Fill A Bag With Water And After That Location It In The Freezer To Make Ice Inside?

we fill the pack with ice when we desire an ice bag. However we do not see why you might not freeze the water straight in the pack as long as you leave area for the water to broaden as it freezes.

Question Question 12

Does The Icepack Establish Condensation On The Outdoors (Sweat)?

This ice bag with goog quality and we have actually never ever had a condensation concern whenever we have actually utilized the icepacks.

Question Question 13

How Long Is The Strap? Requiring It To Walk Around Hip After Surgical treatment.?

It fits around arm or leg, not hip. we have actually not utilized the strap. However they work great – we simply took the large one off our knee; and the baby utilizes the little one for upset tumour.

Question Question 14

Are These Smell-Free? Or Do They Have That Rubberish Odor?

They appear to be totally odor-free we have actually never ever observed any type of smell from them. These things do we’re great.

Question Question 15

Can We Stick This In Microwave To Warm Up The Water??

Nope. For your safety, please heat the water and then put it into the bag.

Question Question 16

How To Utilize As Hot?

Usage hot faucet water.

Question Question 17

Does The Strap Hold The Bag In Location Around Your Low Back If You’Re Walking? Or Is It Too Flimsy?

It s respectable, however depends upon size of bag you utilize, or just how much ice. we would state yes if you wear t fill it up all the way or utilize the smaller sized bag

Question Question 18

How Large Are The Caps? They Appear To Be Larger Than Other Alternatives.?

The caps are the very same size as the ones offered in your regional drug store or Walmart.

Question Question 19

Can We Utilize A Alcohol Mixture In This Bag?

we wouldn t.our bags get wet on the outdoors simply from ice.

Question Question 20

Can You Put Hot Water In These Too For Hot Therapy?

Sure, it is for hot and cold water both. Please proceed to utilize it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Elitehood Ice Cold Pack Reusable Ice Bags Hot Water Bag for Injuries, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased this set of 3 ice bags since we have various body discomforts and consistent migraine concerns. The factor we picked this set is since we have actually constantly stated that ice bags truly assist our headaches however holding them there is very challenging. This set comes with 3 various ice bags. A very little size that is best specifically if your headache is on one side of yourface It s enough to cover either your forehead or eye location very perfectly. The next size would cover your whole forehead and some of your scalp. It would be great for sports associated injuries, knees, shoulder and so on. We utilize this one when headache/migraine covers more than one side of our head. The biggest size is great for our back along with our upper shoulders and neck location. Having the strap is best. We have actually evaluated it on our head, scalp, neck, shoulders, and thigh. Each location worked well and kept the ice packs safely in location. The strap is made so that you can pop it off the other bags for the one that you require. We have actually been looking for something like this for ages since you wear t see ice bag with straps. The gel packs simply wear t work for us and those were the only ones that we had formerly found with straps. We are overjoyed with finding this set. It doesn t leak. All 3 of them are very securely sealed. Likewise, there is no water that comes through the material. It remains very dry even when we leave it on our head over night and get up the next early morning. We have actually evaluated these in lots of circumstances over the past few weeks and certainly will keep acquiring these in the future. They are important financial investment for keeping our pain at bay.

Having 3 various sizes is truly practical for icing various locations. We like the elastic band. It is very beneficial for keeping the ice in the right location to treat swelling of joints and muscles. The large mouth makes filling with ice cubes very simple. The material the bags are made from is resilient and must last a very long time. This was an excellent buy for us.

These ice bag are way better than routine gel or pea ice bag. We found a very little one in cvs just recently and found how remarkable they were to utilize, so we purchased this set to have a range. The product is not super cold versus your skin and the consisted of custom-made strap that anchors the head makes it super simple to utilize. We include ice and then fill the rest with cold water. We have actually had no leak however we do not overfill the bottles.

We were hesitant, however wished to attempt something that 1) would stay cold longer than the gel type ice bag that we need to save in the freezer, and 2) would not leak like the zip lock plastic bags we would been utilizing. These “old made” water bottles are great. They appear well made – the material is very thick and the screw cap has enough “screws” that it certainly supplies a tight seal. Most importantly we can utilize routine ice from our freezer. We got the periodic “dew” wetness from from condensation, however very little at all. The material is flexible and absolutely water tight. They can hold a lot more ice than we anticipated. The tiniest can take nearly 15 of the moon shaped cubes made by the icemaker in our refrigerator. We offered these a 4 score for adaptability, as they do not truly adhere or mold to a location like the gel packs do, however the lasting cold is more crucial to me, as the area we are icing does not need that. We have not attempted the band to hold the pack in location, so can’t talk about that. We would advise these if you have long-lasting requirement for ice bag, as they are reusable, stay chillier for longer, and do not use up area in your freezer, and appear much more resilient than the gel packs.

If your mishap vulnerable like us then this is a need to have. Our preferred feature of it is the velcrow stap. It sits tight and works great in several circumstances. We have actually bought the very same product two times since the first set ended up being musty and began to smell unusual after some time. Remember that the first set lasted us a few years.

Wow. What a product. Due to surgical treatments, we have actually needed to utilize a good lots of ice bags however this one transcends. The package consisted of: 3 ice bags 6″, 9″, 11″ with a 1 * compress wrap. The ice bags appear to keep the ice longer and they do not sweat. One of the very best functions, is the compress wrap, oh our goodness, this is great. Now the ice bag does not fall from where it is positioned, wonderful. Dream they offered them individually, we definitely would acquire. We like these a lot, we simply bought another set. Great product, great buy.

We figured we could not fail based upon the cost, so long as they wear t leak. We have actually currently utilized them as our kids desire an ice bag on every bump, boo boo, pains or pain. These are screw open the cover and put ice in, which we like since we wear t like providing our kids ice bag with some type of gel in them. Great quality. Insulation is thick enough to keep the pack good and cool for a very long time, and keeps the ice from melting too fast, however it transfers the cool completely, so you wear t requirement anything in between the pack and the skin, like a towel or anything. The screw leading seals tight and no leakages. Good buy, you get 3 of the ice bag, plus an elastic strap to hold the pack in location, which is good quality. Would certainly buy again.

Great quality product. Actually life-saver. We just recently hurt our ankle and got these to do some cold compression therapy and we could not be any better. The flexible strap truly can be found in helpful. P. S take it from me, a certified ourofascial release therapist.

We got these products a day later on than assured, although we were informed that they would be a day late due to shipping issues. We got them about 4 hours ago and have actually unloaded the products. There are 3 various sizes of ice bags plus a flexible strap with velcro to utilize to hold one ice bag in location. We have actually not had a chance to utilize any of the ice bags so we can not state whether they operate as an ice bag should. However they look good.

These ice bag have actually actually been a lifesaver for us and the lots of individuals we have actually sent them to. Simple and effective. Simply include one-quarter water then fill with ice, use to injured location for immediate relief. No family must lack them. Run do not stroll to acquire, extremely advised.

Remarkable and resilient. Fill it half with ice and half with water and it works great with no dripping. We put the majority of water out however leave enough to make a little block of ice and leave in freezer. Take ice bag out put cold water into the bag. The ice bag with the water and little block of ice make and remarkable bag that will freeze you numb.

Our relative got a new knee and new ice bags. She likes them a lot. Strap is remarkable too. Buy these.

3 various size ice bag. Utilized large ice bag and strap for sprained ankle. Good product.

We were looking for an ice bag that would be useful for constant usage for a damaged foot that we had actually simply had surgical treatment on. We bought these and they were precisely what we were lookingfor The large one was best for positioning it for the required foot and as it turned out our 7 years of age granddaughter fell her, wrist ended up being inflamed and she had the ability to utilize the smaller sized one. They are practical, hold lots of ice and no leak. We would extremely advise this product.

These are effectively made. They can be found in a 3 pack. Remarkable value for the cash. A should have for hot or cold usage on your injuries or hurting body parts. Fast shipping.

Love this type of ice bag as they do not sweat. The truly cool gadget to enable you to connect it to your body is a dream come to life. We can work around your home and still get pain relief. Rate was great too. $11 99.

We enjoy the ice packs. The strap is a good concept and will hold the ice bag in location if you are fixed. If you begin walking around though it is not strong adequate to keep it from moving then.

These are perfect and supplied us with much comfort after our current surgical treatment. There was a little problem we experienced for our specific usage and upon accentuating that with the seller, they instantly solved it for us.

These ice bags are great we enjoy that there are 3 various sizes and it comes with a strap to hold them in location quite remarkable. Currently utilizing them and enjoying it. So happy we purchased them they will be available in helpful and get utilized a fair bit.

Great quality. Takes hot and cold. The only thing we would enhance is a longer velcro strap for our back as we are not a size 6. Lol. Otherwise the best size bag for whatever body part is injuring.

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