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Elasto-Gel Hot-Cold Wrap

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Elasto-Gel Hot-Cold Wrap.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Use to all parts of the body
  • Numerous sizes
  • Can be utilized hot or cold
  • Remains hot or cold for 20-40 minutes

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Elasto-Gel Hot-Cold Wrap.
Elastogel All Purpose Therapy Covers are the most universal of all covers. Apply these covers to all parts of the body. For smaller sized locations such as forehead, elbow or ankle the suggested sizes are the 4″ x24″ or 6″ x16″ wrap. The 6″ x24″ is suggested for locations such as, knee and neck. When dealing with bigger locations such as leg, shoulder, chest or back our 9″ x24″ is best. Extra lengths are likewise offered. Product is likewise offered by the each system.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Elasto-Gel Hot-Cold Wrap, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This plus size is great. We wrap it around our neck and shoulders or we lay it down on our pillow. We have actually a torn muscle in our shoulder and bad neck pain. This assists us ice it down. We have 3 elasto-gelproducts Our pt utilizes them solely. They are amazing. Ensure you conserve the bag so you can put it in your freezer and it will not get wet or use up any smells.

We had knee replacement surgical treatment in february. After beginning physical therapy, they would put a wrap around our knee when we completed. We searched for and found the very same wrap they were utilizing, bought it and utilized it in the house. What a relief after finishing our home workouts. Kept our knee from swelling. We would suggest this to anyone after they inspected with their physiotherapists if it would be helpful for them. Good luck and keep working out. It deserves it in the long run.

This product is amazing. Remains cool a long period of time. Not wet or untidy. Comfy to use to numerous locations of injury due to the fact that it is flexible. We extremely suggest this type (elastomer-gel) of cold therapy. We select to utilize it only for cold then we utilize a rice pack in microwave for heat therapy. We believe this will enable the elastomer to last longer. And the rice pack likewise will mold easily to any location of the body for heat therapy.

Not excessively stiff nor heavy. This is our fourth set. We purchased two for our knee replacements (these are the very same ones our pt utilized) – those were snarfed by other member of the family so we have actually simply acquired 3 more – everyone likes them.

We normally wear t like cold on me, & we choose heat. However we suffer from inflammation so we require to ice. Thru physical therapy we found these gel packs. They stay cold enough time to assist with swelling, not too long to trigger damage. They re not too cold like reg ice bag can get. They re not tough or large either. Ideal.

Finest ice wrap ever. Got the trademark name from the physiotherapist. It s soft and very cold. Only disadvantage is we most likely bought too huge a wrap (length and width). However we would rather it be too huge than too little.

Very simple to steer around our knee. We do not like the truth that no matter what we do we still get icicles on it, that makes it damp.

This is a great therapy gel compress. Our relative had some shoulder issues and this is what the pt suggested. No problems. Thanks for prime and a great product.

This is our 2nd one. We purchased it due to the fact that our boy keeps taking our first one. Wonderful for all kinds of pain consisting of shingles. We won t lack one.

We have actually had two knee surgical treatments in 20 months and we so want that we would have had this for the first surgical treatment. Works great. Great product.

This is the very same pack utilized at our physiotherapist workplace. After two rotator cuff repair work surgical treatments we have one in our freezer too. The weight does make a distinction.

Advised by our physiotherapist after knee replacement surgical treatment, and it was incredible. We purchased two so we might utilize one and had one in the freezer all set all the time. Great product.

Best and fairly priced. Think us we have actually acquired several ones in last 6 to 8 months and by for this brand appears to be the very best.

Works better and simpler than the iced water packs.

Flexible, soft, no weird shapes or bumps, fits down our entire back completely. We enjoy it frozen, however we will most likely never ever utilize it warm.

Soft and comfy. Not like hard, plastic ice bags. This forms to your body offering maximum pain relief.

We like that it twists around our leg to “ice” a whole area. We do not like that it is heavy, a concern that the weight might hurt our knee. We are utilizing it after knee replacement surgical treatment. On celebration we organize the open wrap on the bed and rest our leg with the new knee on top of the 30″ wrap.

Love it.

Love it. So soothing.

It molds quickly on your body.

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