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This is an exceptional product and our child purchased it for us to attempt. When our relative got the chills, we anticipated this cold was going to be bad. We offered her the product and she got better in a day or more. When we began to get a cold, we took the product and we got better in a day or more. We buy it to keep it on hand for the next round of cold symptoms.

D lenolate by east park pharmaceuticals is the very best and purest solute leaf extract readily available. We have been utilizing it 18 years practically everyday. It s a natural antibiotic ant- viral and anti- fungal. Antwe inflammatory that is required for practically everyday body immune system requires. And absolutely if you are symptomatic.

Our dr suggested this. Take it for a comer le and disappears fast.

We believe it s working. Better to take than not. This is a bad infection and took in middle of infection.

We found it effective. We purchased some more to have on hand.

Exceptional outcomes. Will continue to purchase for every year.

Can be found in great time, well packaged. Not exactly sure what assisted. We were taking a great deal of things, however appears like this was advantageous. We lived.

Cold preventative. Great product.

Was pleased.

We like thewhat cold and flu? everybody else got it. Monday early morning, our child reaches our door with 2 ill children. “mama, we need to go to work. “tuesday they are at the medical professional’s workplace screening favorable for the flu. We have a very small tickle in our throat, and begin taking delenolate plus, and our vitamin c. Their whole home was ill with the flu. One grandchild missed out on 7 days of school. Our never ever ill child missed out on in fact could not even think of going to work for 6 days. We took 2 tablets 3 times a day of delenolate the whole time, in addition to the other supplements we take. We did include goldenseal by the friday as they were so ill. We were exposed, was making them chicken soup, garlic soup, and ginger tea and providing it. We had a few twinges in our throat, a few coughs blew our nose a couple times. So the options are1. We have a great body immune system. 2. We currently had this variation of the flu and had antibodies. 3. We are provider and do not get sick4. Delenolate plus cold and flu in (addition to our typical omg individuals are ill boost our vitamins) made a substantial distinction. We are leaning towards alternative 4. Anyhow 10 days previous direct exposure and we are still. Doing fine. We took 2 tablets 3 times a day for about 6 days, then got lax and only 2 times a day then simply as soon as a day. We will more than likely take 2 tablets a day for a couple more days. However up until now so good. Oh, on friday we included the delenolate, sinus flushes and goldenseal to our grand sons treatment. He usually would have entered into bronchitis and asthma problems. He prevented it this time. We will be keeping it on hand. Including. A year later on, another flu season more direct exposures to ill children and buddies. Jan2018 Begun taking dlenolate plus cold and flu, on a monday right away after finding out the kid we had been working with all the time on sunday, boiled down with the flu monday early morning. Wednesday early morning, we had a minor sore throat and a headache. Maintained with dlenolate plus and took 2 tylenol. Had a couple more ill buddies fo. Their finest attempting to share. Nope, we have no interest in being ill. So another flu season with household and buddies doing their outright finest to share, we remained flu and cold free.

This is the very best product we have found for reducing and or treating a cold. We just recently got a respiratory flu and though it lasted over two weeks with sinus and lung congestion, we had the ability to breathe easily throughout the entire thing. Formerly it assisted considerably to interrupt the duration of a cold and lower symptoms. We were so amazed with this product when we first attempted it that we would have provided it 5 star. Nevertheless, having simply gone through over two weeks of coughing and blowing our nose, we lowered our suggestion to 4. We will still keep it on hand. It’s a great tool to have in your tool chest to fight colds.

Showed up effectively packaged and on time. This has been our go-to cold and flu medication for several years, and as long as we act quickly and begin taking it initially start of symptoms, it is extremely effective.

Showed up on time and as explained.

It was thanksgiving day. At midday the chills and muscle pains began en route to supper. Prior to supper was prepared we remained in full-blown flu symptoms with a high fever also. We invested the entire time in the automobile rather of with household since we didn’t wish to pass anything on. We usually take one capsule a day throughout the fall and winter, however when we got home we right away began two capsules, 3 times a day. Our fever at this moment was102 9. We were preparing for a messed up 4-day weekend. The next early morning we got up with no fever, no chills, no muscle pains, no indication of having been ill the day previously. We continued our six-capsules-a-day program through the weekend and never ever saw the return of any type of symptoms. We can’t ensure that the d-lenolate was entirely accountable for this, however we have never ever had such a brief experience with the flu as this prior to.

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