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We like this product and wait it. We utilize it for whatever, bad allergic reactions cough fever. We like it.


Los mejores.

This right here is the fact. Our baby is 8 months old and gets ill peaceful typically due to low leukocyte (antwe bodies that battle infections) since he has a hereditary concern so he takes medication for however brings opposite results. This right here is the fact. Buy this if you can find it. If you can t get here, go to regional dominican shop and more than most likely they will have this. Our mom purchased us this for an infection our baby had. He had this infection for a week and wasn t gettingbetter We provided him this in two days he was returning to himself. Actually you see the phlegm in the poop. Love this things. If your baby is under 6 months and over provide this 3 times a day. About. 05 mls- about 10 drops. Our baby is 8 month this is just how much we provide him. It likewise doesn t taste bad at all.

Sancochito is the very best thing we have actually ever utilized for our child. Our boy would get ill all the time. We would take him to the pediatrician and as good as a physician can be, there’s absolutely nothing better then offering your child something natural that will absolutely work. The medication would only better the cough, cold or flu for a number of weeks then back to the exact same congestion or even worse. We would provide our boy a drop of sancochito for 4 days and the 4th day he would throw up all the phlem. We would see an indication of relief instantly. This is the most rewarding sensation for a parent.

Its the very best remedy.

This is a should have for all moms and dads with infants specifically newbie moms and dads. If under 1 year old provide. 625 ml 3 times a day for colds/flu specifically congestion of any kind. Because infants can’t cough the flem out by themselves, this will assist them produce it through bowl motion, nose even as extreme eye gunk. Gross however it gets the job done preventing asthma and bronchial infections. This is good things.

The product is excellent, when our boy was young he had asthma and now he is without asthma. We attempt purchased another bottle and and never ever got it.:(=( p. S. Credit us the total.

Good product.

Our baby, on a monthly basis we had the flu, now taking sancochito, nevers has actually not providedmore Is natural and not have any type of flavor that can distress your baby.

This little remedy is great for your kid if he has a cold or is almost to capture one. Not only does it treat it however it likewise improves your kids hunger, great remedy for those that wish to utilize natural things. Its made from cod liver oil:-RRB-.

Exceptional product. Assists a good deal with respiratory issue.

Lo mejor sancochito mwe hijo tiene system bajo y se us enferma mucho y su pecho se llena de mucus y esté jarabe le saca todo y le controla la tos.

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