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DoeDoe Ice Pack for Injuries - Hot & Cold Therapy

DoeDoe Ice Pack for Injuries – Hot & Cold Therapy

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of DoeDoe Ice Pack for Injuries – Hot & Cold Therapy.

  • WELL PICKED SIZE – 9IN Ice bag, Cold & Hot Reusable Cold & Hot Bag, the right size for fast pain release, appropriate for all body.
  • SAFE, REUSABLE AND PORTABLE – Non- Hazardous. Can be utilized for often times either cold or warm water. Product Weight is 3.6 When, little size, portable, can be brought for journeys to avoid unforeseen sprain or pain.
  • LEAK-PROOF – Exceptional leak resistant cap, and waterproof style. Keep in mind: There is strengthened water outside the ice bag, that is a typical physical phenomenon, not a pack dripping.
  • USED AS A COLD PACK Quickly include ice and a little water for your terrific ice bag. Through limiting blood circulation, the ice bag reduces swelling, minimizes muscle convulsions, quickly and notably minimizes pain. Cold therapy can be utilized for Sprain, Fever, Tooth Pain, Headache, Contusions, Bumps and other sports injuries
  • USED AS A HOT PACK For hot therapy, simply include some warm water (not above 80) to enhance symptoms in conditions such as Menstrual Pain, Breast Feeding Pain, Headaches/ Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Cramps, Spasms, Bursitis and Stiff necks/ backs.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on DoeDoe Ice Pack for Injuries – Hot & Cold Therapy.
We are a specific group to serve you the extremely picked products with the expert sourcing group. We concentrate on products quality, guarantee the production procedure, and we care your shopping experiences, we provide 100% pleased client service. Product Description: Includes: 1.Soft outside material is flexible and complies with the skin and body 2. Lasts longer than the gel ice bag 3.Leak evidence, no sweat, no dips 4.Fast pain release Care: 1. Heat treatment is utilized as warm water bag, keep inside temperature level below 60 ° C (140 ° F). 2. Do not put or keep in Freezer/ Fridge. 3. Keep reach out of children specifically when gathering Hot water. 4. Do not put the bag in microwave to heat the water. 5. Do not utilize the hot pack on the exact same part for longer than 20 minutes; (If required, the packs might be utilized several times a day) How to utilize for cold/ hot therapy: 1. Turn the cap counter-clockwise. 2. Fill the ice bag two-thirds complete with either cold water, ice water, alcohol, crushed ice, or ice as cold bag. Gather two-thirds warm water (do not go beyond 60/140) as warm water bag. 3. Turn the cap clockwise till it is protected. 4. Turn ice bag upside down and strongly press on the bottom to test for leak. 5. Apply to any location wanted. 6. Apply ice bag for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) at a time, and Hot water bag for 10 ~20 minutes (maximum) at a time. Continue to reapply after injury. Wait one hour in between applications. Package Consists Of: -1 x Medium Ice Bag (9″),

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DoeDoe Ice Pack for Injuries – Hot & Cold Therapy.

Question Question 1

How Is The Bag Feels? Like Rubber Or Material?

Thank you for your question, this bag is made from Polyester fiber, will not harm or adhere to your skin when utilized as ice bag, which is completely various from plastic surface area ice bag.Have a good day.

Question Question 2

Can We Put Hot Water Within It?

Not scalding hot. You can utilize warm water from the sink

Question Question 3

Is It Work For Fever?

Undoubtedly it is, placed on head throughout fever, assists getting cool, and release headache, and do not forget to take fever medicine.

Question Question 4

Is It Practical For Usnstrual Pain?

Yes, draw in warm water andput in where your pain locations, it will assist you release the pain, and recommend you take more warm water with suger, you will feel better quickly.

Question Question 5

Can We Put Alcohol With Ice Cube?

we never ever attempted alcohol with the ice however this pack is quite well made so it may be okay.

Question Question 6

Is This Product Quality Ok?

Yes, we purchased 1 pc, great product, no odor.

Question Question 7

How Hot Water Can We Put In?

boiling from the tea kettle, had no issue

Question Question 8

How Can We Utilize It For Cold Bag?

Simply put 1/3 Ice cube, and 1/3 cold water, enjoy it.

Question Question 9

Can We Put It In The Freezer With Water In It?


Question Question 10

Is It Easy To Get Ice Cubes In?

The area is huge enough to put ice cubes.it works good with both warm water and cold water/ice cubes.

Question Question 11

Is It Leak Water?

It has actually not dripped water in mine.

Question Question 12

Is This Device Washable?

we do not understand if it’s device washable, however you can definitely hand wash it, which is what we did.

Question Question 13

Can We Keep It In The Freezer If We Utilize The 1-Part Alcohol 2-Parts Water Slushie Dish?

It forms ice outside and it makes untidy when you utilize it.but you can utilize it if you do not fret about that.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on DoeDoe Ice Pack for Injuries – Hot & Cold Therapy, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

The great aspect of this ice/hot water bag is that it is reusable and leak evidence. This bag can hold a great deal of water and ice and can be utilized as an ice bag or warm water and can be utilized as a hot pack. Very portable and better than those ice bag which are simply only one time usage. This bag has a cap which you can simply dispose out the water after utilizing it. The product on this ice bag makes the temperature level comfy versus the skin. Extremely advise.

We just recently had actually 4 hernias fixed simultaneously, and had actually purchased two of these ice bag. Thank god. They hold a great deal of ice/water and last a long period of time (about 4 1/2 hrs). With ice and water they will comply with your body. Simply separate them from your skin with a thin towel. We went to sleep with them resting on our stubborn belly. Highly advise.

Even cooling on the skin, not extremely cold one minute then warming. We enjoy it.

Remarkable product that actually assists with the cold on your skin. Easy to utilize and we advise it to anyone.

The best ice bag. No leakages at all. This is the one to buy.

Do not understand why we had not purchased this earlier. We simply purchased another. We have an injury that requires both hot and cold. We filled this with warm water, the next one we will fill with ice. Very good.


We have extreme neck and shoulder problems and this simple old-fashioned ice bag is best for resting on the top of where our shoulder and neck satisfy. Truthfully, we require to buy more of them.

This ice bag is very simple to utilize. Soft, lays perfectly on location requiring tended too. Would certainly acquire again.

Great ice pack for migraine headaches. Remains cold for extended time period. Product does not sweat and leave you wet as some ice bag styled like this do.

We mixed water and rubbing alcohol and keep them in the freezer, so they are prepared when required. They stay cold, they have actually not dripped and mold the our knees, feet, back or hip (we ice a great deal of locations). We have actually been very pleased with the purchase.

Inflamed knee cap. Perfect.

Required for a meniscus tear. Easy to utilize with no sweating. We are very pleased.

Works great will be purchasing more.

Keeps cold for a good time period.

Buena para el precio.

Great ice pack, no leakages, keeps cold for hours.

We purchased this for our other half who has a bad knee. He would fill bags with ice that would wind up melting all over. This has actually made things a lot much easier for him to get the much required pain relief at the end of his day.


Bought to utilize after breastfeeding. Strategy to utilize for extra requirements also.

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