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This medicine is readily available without prescription Application liquids for external usage (services, sprays, emulsions) Indicator group analgesics antiphlogistics bactericides, disinfectants Maker Medicom International Active compound Benzydamini hydrochloridum 0,15% in 100 ml TANTUM VERDE FORTE spray: The active compound of the preparation is benzydamini hydrochloridum, a compound with a strong anti-inflammatory, analgetic, small in your area anaesthetic and disinfection impact. With regard to the fast start of the impact, relief and economic downturn of the issues takes place soon after application straight on the swollen tissue. The preparation works in the treatment of swellings in the mouth and throat, and it is well-tolerated. Directions for usage: 1 Raise the cannula for spraying 2 Present the cannula in the mouth and direct the aspersion to the swollen location or to the throat when it comes to pharyngeal infections. Press with the finger in the significant location. N.B. When first utilizing the product, press the dosing valve a number of times till acquiring an uniform spraying. Children (6-12 years): 4 spray applications, 2-6 times a day

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We have actually utilized the tantum verde rinse for skyrocket throats for years while living abroad and constantly believed it lowered our inflammation and ill time. We came across the spray while browsing for another product and chose to buy it. Works great for our kids who can t rather swish when they have a skyrocket throat. It has a little numbing sensation which our kids like as it makes it simpler to consume and talk when ill.

Our mommy has actually had an irritating cough for years and found this while on holiday in europe a number of years earlier. She just recently established an actually bad respiratory infection while going through radiation. She had actually run out of this spray and after breaking a rib coughing, we found this and quickly purchased it. The only downside is it takes a long time to get here, coming from overseas. We need to state it’s the only product we have actually seen her usage that immediately stops her cough and that deserves it’s weight in gold.

We are very delighted with this purchase. The product is very effective, the one we got is made in austria, the guidelines remain in german however we found guidelines in spanish online. Likewise crucial, expiration date in the one we got is 2022.

Tantum verde is a great medicine. We have actually utilized it for a very long time in europe and am very pleased that we found it in america. This is the most practical spray style.

Very practical product to prevent antibiotic.

It is a very good product, we simply spray when and pain and scratch in our throat is gone.

Works great, treated our sore throat.

It’s very effective for delicate throat.


We found this product when taking a trip abroad and have never ever found anything that works better than it. The swelling typically decreases within 2 days.

We get sore through very frequently and this spray is the only thing we understand that can conserve you. We spray immidietly after the first symptom and few more hours later on and it disappears. We recomand this product.

Very, very helpfull. 100% advised. Our throut now resembles a baby throut.

This was advised by our european dr throughout breastfeeding. We had a dreadful sore throat for a very long time and it disappeared quickly after we began utilizing this product. Why can’t we find this intriguing the states ???.

Relieves sore throat fast.

Very good product precisely as explained & provided within time, good seller,.


Good anticeptic, can be utilized for nose too – assists us to combat cold. It has rather strange sweet taste, however not absolutely nothing intolerable.

Our 8 years of age kid is very choosy about his medications. This is among those that he likes. We purchased the first one from a little drug store in venice, italy while on holiday and was very pleased to see it was readily available on.

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