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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cryoderm Cold Gel.

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  • 100% Colorless
  • Dye Free
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free

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Cryoderm Cold Gel 16 oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cryoderm Cold Gel.

Question Question 1

Is The Cryoderm Offered By You The Real Thing Or A Knockoff?

As far as we can inform, it’s the real offer. How would you understand if it was a knockoff? The product packaging is genuine and it works.

Question Question 2

This Cryoderm Did Not Be Available In A SealedBottle How Do We understand It Is The Real Offer?

Have you utilized this product prior to? If so, see if you get the very same sensation of menthol. See for how long the gel lasts. If you have actually never ever utilized it, you must experience a cooling sensation within 15 minutes of application. The menthol feel lasts for a number of hours.

Question Question 3

Why Was We Charged Delivering On A $27 Purchase.?

we are prime member and do not think we paid any shipping.

Question Question 4

What Is The Expiration Date?

11/19 we have actually had our bottle for about 18 months currently. still works

Question Question 5

As The Container You Got Sealed– Either On The Inside Or The Outdoors Cap? Mine Did Not.?

The Cryoderm we buy from our chiropractic specialist is not sealed, which we want it was, however this is obviously typical

Question Question 6

What Are The Active Ingredients? Menthol Portion?

The menthol % is 10%. The non-active active ingredients are Acrylates, Arnica, Boswella Serrata, Eucalyptus Oil, Glycerin, ILEX Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Dimethyl Sulfone( MSM), Peppermint Oil, Cleansed Water, SD Alcohol 39- C, Triethanolamine. Hope that assists.

Question Question 7

Can This Gel Be Utilized In A Spray Bottle?

we would not believe so. It is a gel and not a liquid. You would simply need to attempt if the pump will bring it up and out of a sprayer.

Question Question 8

Is This A Thick Gel Or Is It Runny?

It s neither a thick gel nor is it runny like water.It s someplace in between.However it s very simple to handle and work with.

Question Question 9

Product Image Is Of Older Bottles (Does Not Have Msm Arcina, Boswella Ilex) On It.Just Wish To Verify Expiration Of This Cryoderm Product?

our newest purchase of this product from has a 3/22 expiration date on it.

Question Question 10

Is This The Like Their Other Cold Therapy Products?

Yes, it has the very same outcomes as their other cold therapyproducts CryoDerm transcends to other cold therapy products on the marketplace. we utilize and suggest only CryoDerm with exceptional feedback not only from very first time users however from those who have actually utilized other cold therapy products.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cryoderm Cold Gel, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Why we purchased it: throughout a current hotel stay we handled to pinch a nerve in the base of our neck which triggered severe, persistant pain all down our left arm and in our upper back and chest. After a see to our chiropractic specialist, he suggested utilizing cryoderm in between gos to. How we utilized it: utilized in mix with a freezer gel pack and minimum doses of tylenol (2 at a time, 2x each day), it is the only thing that offered us any constant pain relief. The odor is enjoyable to me, however only lasts for a brief while though the results last a lot longer. It provides a very cool/cold feeling that permeates deeply. We had the ability to use it then enter public within minutes without anyone even understanding we had actually put it on. Just how much we utilized: we purchased this large bottle of it, however didn’t require almost a lot for the time we went through treatment, which had to do with 6 weeks. We would approximate that we utilized someplace near a teaspoon’s worth each time to do our whole arm, upper chest and back. We used it a number of times each day, depending upon the level of pain we were experiencing. A bit really goes a long methods. Is it a remedy: it is not meant to be a remedy, however it does provide relief which is what we sought.

We live by this. We choose it way more over biofreeze. This does not make your skin white or ashy. It resembles an oil we would state or like cream simply a gel. The biofreeze turns our skin white. And after that we need to use more cream. Oh, on another note it works well. Had acl and meniscus surgical treatment and utilize this on our knee with some gloves on so the odor does not remain on our hands and holds for a good 10 hours we experience no indications of pain or pain at work. Extremely suggest.

We like this gel. We first was presented to it by our chiropractic specialist and chose that we wished to get a complete bottle of it for usage in the house. We experience regular stress headaches from our neck/shoulder muscles and this assists to ease and unwind the muscles and withdraw the headaches. We likewise experience some knee pain due to the positioning problems (particularly after heavy workouts), and this gel assists to decrease and eliminate that pain/inflammation.

Dr suggested this. Finest topical painkiller we have actually ever attempted. More effective than bio freeze and simpler to use. Definitely lessens pain for hours. The menthol smell fades very quickly. Acquired a smaller sized bottle then purchased the 16 oz. Size. Utilizing it for achilles’ tendon tear and arthritic joints. Enables for a good night’s sleep.

We consider this to be a little on the expensive side for pain relief however it is well worth it and we charge that it works for our sore elbows. Periodically the tendinitis flairs up and this assists very well, better than most things we have actually attempted.

Love this product. We utilized to utilize biofreeze- not any longer. This works better and is much more affordable. We purchased the smaller sized spray size for taking a trip. Extremely suggest.

We utilize this everyday in our practice, works great.

Our massage therapist suggested we attempt this product and we were not dissatisfied. It does have a little bit of a menthol smell however it disappears a few minutes after usage. Product works great. Extremely suggest.

As explained. Works well and very strong. Beware not to touch eyes after using to your hands. The menthol will burn.

Was suggest by our message therapist. Was not exactly sure this would provide any relief. We are so enjoyed state it works great and the relief was all day. We purchased it for our neck and shoulder pain. Just recently our knees were hurting so we used the gel to them. Within a half hour, we were pain free.

Worked well on our pain, utilized a couple times of day. To get some relief, was suggested by our chiropractic specialist.

This is life altering. Heels a lot with pain. It gets very cold and we like it.

Most likely the very best mentholated muscle eliminating gel on the marketplace due to the fact that of all the other active ingredients. We utilize this in our practice as a chiropractic practitioner all the time.

This was suggested to us when we went for a massage. The majority of our pain is from arthritis. It assists us with our knee and neck and back pain we utilize it every early morning prior to we go to work. We would extremely suggest it.

Cryoderm is extraordinary. Finest sports rub and muscle painkiller that we have actually ever attempted and it’s fairly priced.

Our partner utilized this gel for small neck and back pain. It is cooling and has a bit of an odor. We would not suggest for long term usage however it is good for soreness.

Truly works for our arthritis and other pain. Make certain to wash your hand after using. We got utilized to the odor, it is sort of strong, however likewise sort of refreshing. Worth the odor, to eliminate the pain. We have actually discovered the more we rub it i, the better it appears to work for us.

We truly like cryoderm cold gel. It does assist it ease the pain on our neck andshoulder Would suggest to anyone.

Cryoderm is the only product that assists our arthritic knees.

We put this on our sore knees and it assists us get to sleep without needing to take a pain reliever.

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