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Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution

Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution

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Here are a few main benefits of Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution.

  • pack of 2 (968990)

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pack of 2 (968990)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution.

Question Question 1

Expiration Date?

For one bottle, it s 08/21 For the other, it s 01/22

Question Question 2

Cromolyn Sodium; Does The 2-Pk Bottle Each Contain 26 Ml, 200 Metered Sprays, For An Overall 52 Ml/400 Metered Sprays?

Mine did

Question Question 3

Does Each Of The Bottles Contain.44 Fluid Ounces, Or Does A Bottle Contain.88 Fluid Ounces Each?

our company believe they can be found in both.44 and.88 bottle.we purchased the.88 twin pack.They are simply as effective as Nasalcrom.

Question Question 4

Expiration Date?

Good question, do not know.we are taking a look at our sprayer and we do not see anything that states expiration date.It does state do not utilize the product if the plastic seal is broken. They do have an 800 number if you have anyquestions 1-800-323-0000

Question Question 5

What Are The Components? Does It Have Benzalkonium Chloride In It?

Yes, Benzalkonium Chloride is among the non-active component.

Question Question 6

We Simply Was Reading Several Articles About Benzalkonium Chloride And How Terrible It Is For You. Why Is It In The Nasal Spray?

No concept. we have actually refrained from doing that deep a research study.we have actually utilized it for years. It assists us with our post nasal drip.our family physician and our cardiologist understand we utilize this product and they have actually not flagged it. No concept. we have actually refrained from doing that deep a research study.we have actually utilized it for years. It assists us with our post nasal drip.our family physician and our cardiologist understand we utilize this product and they have actually not flagged it.Call their 800 number. 1-800-323-0000

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have a lot of allergic reactions that this is the only drug that we need to utilize. Cromolyn sodium is the very best nasal spray on the marketplace. We utilized it two times a day when we first began several years ago and now only usage is when a day and we very hardly ever sneeze, have no congestion and can unwind understanding that we do not need to take other medications to resolve our allergy issues. Can’t lack it and will not lack it.

She states it works in addition to the nasalcrom that she had actually been purchasing however was having issues discovering in your area or at an affordable rate somewhere else. She likewise states it “smells”better Pleased spouse. Pleased life.

It works, works, works. 2 sprays up each nostril, manages histamine for allergies. No adverse effects. Immediately felt better, dried up runny nose. Stopped skin and eye itching. We utilize it a minimum of 4x a day for upkeep however more as required. Insufficient usage can make us feel starving. Utilizing more suppressed the cravings. Great product.

It s so difficult to find nasalcrom so it was good to see this generic at a great rate and value. Simply as good as or better than the original. We find it assists obstruct irritants and oak: yard pollen. Perhaps even some germs, cold stress and bacteria. We been utilizing for over 10 years and have had an antibiotic considering that2010 Great product.

At the suggestion of our eye doctor, we have actually attempted treating our seasonal allergic reactions with nasal rinses, vs. Medication and other nasal sprays since our eyes are very dry. We found this product and it has actually changed our popular otc nasal spray. It isn’t drying, so it can be utilized numerous times every day. It can likewise be utilized with other nasal sprays. Normally, when daily does it, however in peak allergy season, we will utilize it in the a. M. And prior to bed. Our hubby has actually just recently begun utilizing it and it is working well for him too.

Finest product for hay fever and it is not a steroid. No rebound like the vasoconstricting nadal sprays. Now if the only offered the inhaler on.

Our doc suggested this for post nasal drip. We likewise take otc flonase, however he stated that flonase is more for irritants and does not truly treat post nasal drip. We utilize this product every other day (and the flonase on the day we do not utilize this product) and our post nasal drip is gone. We are glad our doc made this suggestion. It’s not as great a mist as flonase. It’s a bit “wetter” when you inhale it, however it works and that’s truly the most fundamental part.

We have actually utilized nasalcrom for years and this is simply as effective, well packaged and more fairly priced.

Great product. Clears our sinuses.

In Fact like this better than the name brand. Great offer too. Extremely suggest.

Works simply as good as nasalcrom and a lot less expensive.

Amazing. Lastly better than nasalcrom and less expensive. Our sinuses are clear 24/ 7. If only they would make it into a preventative asthma inhaler again. Rather of strong corticosteroids.

We have a stuffy nose all the time. This works great for us.

Life altering. It truly works. We have actually attempted every medication spray even allergy shots had sinus surgical treatment absolutely nothing worked up until our physician simply recommended us this it works we can’t think it we are purchasing him a fruit basket seriously lol we are so glad we have actually been to a lot of allergy physicians we do not understand why no one has actually attempted this formerly it’s not like your other nasal sprays.

For allergic reactions, our ent recommended nasal spray with corticosteroids (. ), that made our heart race, triggered hyper-anxiety & ‘the shakes’. Found this better product at cvs, however provides a far better rate. Our consistent buddy, we likewise bring one in our bag. Thanks,.

At the first indications of spring, we begin taking this twice daily. It truly does assist produce an “allergy shield” versus airborne irritants like dust, yard, and pollen. It most likely will not eliminate truly bad allergy attacks however it does lessen the quantity of sniffling and inflamed eyes we tend to get when flowers remain in blossom. And this is the very best rate point for chromolyn we can find.

After persistent headaches utilizing nasal spray with steroids (allerflow) for months we choose to attempt this product for nasal allergic reactions. We have not had a sinus headache for 2 months now. This product is non practice forming however requires to be consistently utilized whenever you believe you’ll be exposed to irritants. Can be utilized numerous times a day. This product truly worked for us with our severe allergic reactions and sinus headaches. Got our life back.

This nasal spray works to decrease allergies without utilizing chemical representatives. Cromolyn is a natural product with years of effectiveness.

We have actually been utilizing nasalcrom for years and these are simply as good.

Cromolyn sodium nasal solution simply as good as the name brand however much better value.

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