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Liquid Glucose Glycerol.Soothing relief of dry coughs and sore throats.NON DROWSY.IRRITATING DRY COUGHS. An oral solution for the relief of symptoms of coughs and sore throats.COVONIA is a signed up Trade Mark. Product DescriptionCoughs Coughs & Colds Gl

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What Size Is The Bottle?

There are two sizes to this bottle.There is the 150 ml and the 300 ml. we believe this was the 300 ml bottle.

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What Are The Ingredients?Especially The Sweetener.?

Active component: Glycerol 1.36 g,. Other component: Honey capsicum tincture( capsicum oleoresin ethanol menthol peppermint oil anise oil citric acid( e330) caramel( e550) liquid glucose blackcurrant flavor( consisting of ethanolprppylene glycol, liquorice liquid extract and cleansed water.

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Why do not we have this here in the states ???? it’s the only thing that repairs the cough for 4 – 5 hours.

This is our preferred cough syrup. It is the only product we have found to alleviate our irritating cough that strikes at bedtime. We have had no side-effects or concerns with this cough syrup.


Works well for dry, thickly cough. Dream we might get in u. S. Only issue we bought 2 bottles and one was broken.

Only cough syrup we have ever utilized that in fact relieves our throat and stops our coughing. We are an allergy patient and this syrup makes our throat feel a lot better.

Remarkably good. Better than the majority of the things found in regional drug stores. Our spouse swears by it.

Was on time and what we asked for.

We were provided this by a chemist when we were checking out the uk and was very pleased. It does peaceful a worthless cough; typically the only way cough syrups peaceful our coughs is by knocking us out, too. Am pleased to see we can get it in the us.

Tastes revolting however suffices.

Only thing that relieves tickle cough for us. Obviously it’s the glycerol. Huhhh.

Work as anticipated. Love it.

Well we bought this whilst in U.S.A. it pertained to late for us, we have this cough medicine and it is good.

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