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  • Compeed Cold Sore Patch, 30 Patches (2 Packs of 15 Patches)
  • 2 Packs

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Heals fast & hides; Decreases scabbing; Scientifically shown to provide 7 benefits; 8hrs Protection;30 Spot (2 Packs of 15 Patches)

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Do These Have An Expiration Date?

Yes, situated on the back, year first then month.we got my own this month and it’s expiration date is 2020-04 Hope this assists.

Question Question 2

Can You Blend Makeup On Leading Of These?

Yes, we had the ability to put makeup on top of the patch so it was simple to conceal.

Question Question 3

Does Anyone Know The Precise Active Ingredients In These Spots?

There are no ‘ingredients.It s simply a cover to keep the fever blister from dispersing and proving.

Question Question 4

Are These Waterproof? Would They Work Well For Tongue Ulcers?Thanks In Advance For Your Aid.?

The spots are not waterproof and uncertain if they would work well for tongue ulcers.( we do not believe so.)

Question Question 5

Are They Medicated?

They re not medicated however the environment they develop assists recover the fever blister quickly.

Question Question 6

How Do These Differ From Hydrocolloid Patches? That S What We Normally Usage For Our Cold Sores However We Simply Became aware of These.?

We do not understand how these vary from hydrocolloid spots.All we can recommend you is that we have actually had excellent feedback from consumers who have actually utilized these spots. A great deal of them have actually commented that they are far superior to other fever blister spots that they have actually utilized.

Question Question 7

Could We Utilize This Product For Very Little Blisters On Our Feet? Or, Exists A Better Product To Utilize?

This product is particularly for fever blisters. It might not appropriate for little blisters on your feet.You can, nevertheless, usage Compeed Blister plasters which can be found in Little and Medium sizes.

Question Question 8

Can Kids Usage It?

we wear t see why not. It is not truly medicine; it is a clear colloidal band aid. It keeps the fever blister from drying and scabbing, and is all however undetectable. Plus it keeps the triple hazard triangle from combining. Great product.

Question Question 9

Where Do These Patches Ship From? United States Or Uk?


Question Question 10

What Are The Active Ingredients?

There is no medication, they are simply spots to keep the fever blister from dispersing and it s a great cover in the meantime.we put makeup over it and nobody can inform we have one.

Question Question 11

Can We Utilize These Beyond Simply The Lips? We Primarily Get Cold Sores Below The Lips However Above Our Chin.?

Yes, they can be utilized practically anywhere on the face, they stick effectively. It assists to be very gentle when eliminating the backs and sticking half of the sticker label at a time so that you can have the best flat surface area with no wrinkles or air bubbles. You’ll see what we indicate when you get them. They truly are lifesaver.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Compeed Cold Sore Patch, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually checked out compeed spots however no shops offer them. We bought from about 6 months earlier after we had the worst coldsore of our life. We had actually been doing a daily routine of taking 1 1000 mg of lysine and a tb of coconut oil to prevent an outbreak. It worked till we had actually oral work done and witness the awful tingle began the other day along with an inflamed lip:( we rushed and stuck the patch on which we halved since it was simply on our real lip. It was simple and we could not see it. By today(12 hours later on) the swelling is totally gone. We chose to use a complete one this time to cover all possible locations. Still, we can hardly see anything. Usually whenever a coldsore occurs, our self-confidence is shot. We simply wish to huddle and conceal from the world. Our centers notifications our unhappiness prior to we even inform him one turned up. Now, with a compeed patch, we feel a lotbetter Our life can go on like regular and nobody even understands that a devil is on our lip. We are sooooo pleased we purchased these and will keep them around permanently. We extremely suggest.

These are remarkable. Cold sores draw, however a huge part of what worries us out about them is fretting that we are mistakenly spreading out the infection while it’s shedding. These cover them up, eliminating that concern, and they likewise assist prevent the gross scabby amount of time, too, given that they’re covering the sore and keeping it moist. The bandages aren’t completely undetectable, however they look much better than exposed sores, and they keep your lip essentially lip-colored, and not mad and red. Lipstick goes on quite well over them, however concealer is type of hit-or-miss. While these are great, if you get substantial sores with swelling, lymph node enhancement, and so on, you will absolutely wish to integrate this with acyclovir. The spots alone do not do much to reduce the time of the fever blister for us. Last but not least, the package suggests altering them every 12 hours – we suggest doing it less typically, given that pulling a patch off of the vulnerable skin of a healing blister can trigger problems by itself. If you do wish to eliminate it prior to it’s gotten a bit loose, it’s most convenient to do after a hot shower or after utilizing a warm compress on your lip, because that’ll assist the adhesive release.

We wear t get fever blisters all that typically, typically due to tension, however when we get one it is truly bad. They normally lasts for 2 weeks and looks terrible and are exceptionally unpleasant. We typically take oral prescriptions and utilize abreva and other topicals, however after finding these, we wear t requirement anything else. Definitely unbelievable. Our fever blister was totally recovered in 4 days utilizing these spots 24 hrs non-stop. Only time we took it off was to alter it. We extremely extremely suggest. We have 2 packs on hand, constantly.

We are another individual who sadly have actually had fever blister for years. We have had it for over 20 years, and we utilized to have them regular enough. We could not do anything about it, or didn’t understand what to do about it. Then advanced thing occurred. We purchased this, l-lysine/ vehicle max completely. So this is what we do. When we get that tingly sensation, we take l-lysine (3000 mg daily), then utilize carmax prior to it forms the bubble, then often it simply disappears without beginning. However if it forms bubble, we simply use this little thing over cleaned up lips, then, it makes it sort of ‘undetectable’. We indicate it shows up, however the color isn’t as strong, so it mixes in. Then we continue to take l lysine (2000 mg -3000 mg a day), use this one (do not use carmax at this moment when you have bubbles). Ultimately it’ll brighten up and simply vanish. Magic.

We will never ever stop purchasingthese They are actual lifesaver. You put them on and they are undetectable for one of the most part (some parts of the mouth are more hard than others to hide– like the within the lip)– however you can use lipstick on them, and they obstruct that gross “rough” sensation of a fever blister– not to point out boost healing time given that they are medicated with zovirax. We have actually discovered to prevent acidic foods/drinks if we get a breakout also, which cuts down on sore time.

We have actually suffered from fever blisters given that a very young age. They are awkward and unpleasant. We want we had actually understood about these a long period of time earlier. We have actually attempted practically whatever you can consider for fever blisters consisting of prescription medication. A lot of treatments do not truly assist that much. These are various. As quickly as we begin to feel a fever blister forming we put one on. Often we do not get one at all and even when we do, utilizing these avoids the fever blister from getting huge and they disappear much faster. Prior to using, we dry our lips with a paper towel to assist the patch stick. We then leave it on till it begins to get loose which typically does not take place for 8-12 hours. Anyone who gets fever blisters absolutely need to provide these a shot.

We have actually attempted whatever for fever blisters, and absolutely nothing has actually assisted that much. For some dumb factor, we constantly get fever blisters prior to our cycles and even if we can feel them coming no other remedies have actually assisted. This last month, when we felt the tingle, we utilized a qtip dipped in apple cider vinegar on the area that was harming till the burning stopped, and then after it dried used this patch. Legitimate by early morning it was gone. We needed to do it on another area that wished to turn up a couple days later on and we attempted the exact same regimen, and again, it was passed early morning. If you get fever blisters, you understand what a disappointment they can be, specifically when things stop assisting. We are truly thrilled we have found something that works for us.

We have actually been suffering from fever blisters given that we were a young child. We have actually had regimens a penny a lots. We have actually browsed natural remedies and utilized prescriptions drugs, and up until now absolutely nothing has actually offered us the self-confidence to go out in public like these spots. It never ever stops working that our fever blisters spread like wildfire even when we capture them from the first tingle. Now they will not go even more than the patch, if they even spread at all. They likewise disappear much faster. We do take lysine or valtrex at the exact same time.

The reason we provided 4 stars since it does stay effectively. The reason we didn’t provide 5 stars since it doesn t work out with structure or lipstick comprise. It won t stick with anything. So they have the ability to acknowledge a thing on your mouth however a minimum of it is flat, less unpleasant and less scratchy. We would state this clinically works, not appearly works.

We wear t suffer from regular cold sore/fever blister/hsv -1 break-outs, however when we feel one beginning we reach a compeed patch right away. We keep a container in our handbag along with in the house. The earlier the patch is put in location the less most likely there will be a big blister. The patch keeps the the outbreak from ending up being that glow-in-the-dark lip beast we fever blister victims fear. They can be challenging to put in location, however with practice you ll have the ability to slap one on no issue. Why can t we find these in the states?.

This thing is remarkable. We acquired it months ago believing it will end prior to we get to utilize it and kid was we incorrect. We began to feel one coming, we remembered we had these and right away put one on, awakened next early morning, eliminated it, we had no bump, despite the fact that we had some pain, we changed it with a new one, oh yeah, it harms when you peel it off however the great thing is we wear t have a nasty fever blister that we need to conceal from and our self-confidence is up high since you can t inform exists, 2 days later on and our lip looks regular, the sore is concealed, some pain, well perhaps some tingly here and there however we like it. Not even an everyday using abreva might do this. Life saver. We are gon na make certain we have bonus as a backup. Get it. Oh. Simply make certain you put it one when you seem like it s coming.

Listen, we have actually been dealing with these nasty buggers for a couple years now. We get mine right under our nose and often into our right nostril and they destroyed our self-confidence for a strong week to a week and a half. We are talking rescheduled visits, calling into work, and missing out on social engagements. We dislike that something that, in the grand plan of things, is so little has the capability to totally ravage me, however we appreciate our look and it is what it is. Get in the compeed fever blister patch. Did it amazingly treat our cold sore?no, absolutely nothing we have found on the marketplace does that, and if anyone discovers something that does let us understand. Did it totally conceal our cold sore?also no, however it made it much less noticeable to the point we had the ability to continue with our regular life – no more hiding in the house and missing out onout We even went on a getaway (with these reliable spots in our carry-on) that we formerly would have thought about canceling. Did it reduced our healing time?for me, not truly, we used these spots continuously for about 12 days prior to lastly seeming like we might go without. They did keep our sore from crusting and scabbing, which is significant for us as that part is what we find the most undesirable of the entire procedure. A couple things we discovered: given that our sores are right under our nose and not on our lips, we were quickly able to use these for 12+ hours prior to changing. We cut them in half to get a better fit, that made it a little more hard to put them on and would often lead to a curl where the patch adhered to our finger. In general, not a big offer. They did stick so well that towards completion the fragile skin beside our sore that was not troublesome would often be detached with the patch and bleed a little also. Again, not a big problem and our fault for not eliminating correctly. In addition we believe the spots likewise assisted soothe the skin they at first inflamed. We can t discuss how well makeup complies with the patch, as we attempted that for the first day and found we didn’t even truly require it. To sum up, fever blisters draw and we will continue to hope to amazingly never ever have one again, however we will be keeping these in stock simply in case since they absolutely made the suck much less for us. We had the ability to work all our set up days and even go on holiday without consuming over the truth we had a sore on our face.

Thankful we found these on. Our residents shops stopped offering all brand names of fever blister “clear” spots. They work well effective, tough to find specifically the “clear” spots. This is not the brand we at first utilized however were very delighted with compeed brand.

We do not travel without a pack of these, in case we get a fever blister. These things substantially reduce the duration and likewise conceal the fever blister itself. Often we werete one when we can’t get the sticker label to work together with us however it’s still well worth it. We utilize a little nail scissors to cut them in case they are close to the edge of our mouth. These, super lysine plus and liquid lemon balm extract from herbpharm is our secret dish.

We have actually been getting fever blisters given that we were 3 years of ages and have actually done hours and hours of research looking for something, anything to assist eliminate these undesirable sores. Ive attempted zovirax, abreva, valacyclovir, l-lysine, and so on. And absolutely nothing has actually worked as good as compeed spots. We put these on as quickly as we feel one coming and change it about two times a day till the sore is gone. Not only does it assist accelerate the healing procedure, however it conceals the sore so you wear t spread it and it s far less noticeable/embarrassing. We have no concept why they wear t offer them in the us however we make certain we stockpile so we constantly have extra. Absolutely suggest as these are life savers.:–RRB-.

We are truly shocked at how well these worked. We have actually had fever blisters stick around for near to a month utilizing the cream, this one had it entered a little over a week. We initially got these thinking at the least they would keep the blister covered however the medication on them makes a distinction. The staying time is a little overstated if your blister is anywhere towards the inner lip. We went through 3-4 a day depending upon consuming and drinking, however they remained quite fast when they didn’t need to contend with food (didn’t budge all night) and they can be a little challenging to place on in the beginning, however fortunately there sufficed in the package to figure everythingout We do not get fever blisters frequently, however when we do we intend to have these on hand in the future.

Lovethese A bit challenging to place on fever blisters that are half on/off lips, once on it absolutely remains on throughout the day. We frequently get fever blisters due to being on methotrexate, so these spots can be found in convenient and assist us cover the location and keep it secured. They wear t totally blend in as they are bit glossy, however it s absolutely better then taking a look at a big red sore. Worth the cash.

We want this was offered through prime. It’s super sanitary and cuts the duration of outbreaks by 3-4 days. It camouflages the sore too, although not totally. Great product.

Our relative first found these in australia however had a hard time when we transferred to the us. Thanks to we are reunited and these have actually conserved the day. Our relative gets routine fever blisters near her mouth, as does our child, and these sticker labels do marvels. They are medicated so as quickly as a fever blister arrives you put them over it and it stops itching, stops dispersing, and they appear to recover quickly.

These are great. We wouldn t state they do a good task hiding sores trigger the they re quite visible, however they truly assist avoid them from getting huge and assist them disappear quicker. We likewise like to use them in the evening so that we wear t infect our pillow cases and such. Remarkable buy, super pleased with them.

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