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ColePak Comfort Reusable Gel Ice Packs Hot or Cold Packs

ColePak Comfort Reusable Gel Ice Packs Hot or Cold Packs

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Here are a few main benefits of ColePak Comfort Reusable Gel Ice Packs Hot or Cold Packs.

  • ‘ IDEAL SET – ICE BAG for KNEE & ICE BAG for BACK. HOT or COLD. Suffering from back or knee pain? Our reusable ice bag for injuries will stay in location while remaining cold and easing pain. The ColePak Comfort Knee Ice Pack will mold and target the impacted knee with better comfort and versatility. Outstanding for: knee replacements, back injuries, post-surgery, ripped ACL & meniscus tears, runner’s knee, herniated discs, muscle pains, stretched muscles, or sore knees.
  • ³ 2 FOR 1 DEAL: Consisted of are 1 knee ice wrap and 1 back ice bag, with application guidelines. CONSERVE TIME and concurrently bring relief to hurting backs and sore knees throughout activity or simply relaxing.
  • — A “HANDS FREE” SOLUTION: No requirement to hold your ice wrap for knee or back in location. Why? Due to the fact that each reusable gel pack comes with user friendly large flexible hook-and- loop fastener straps that can be quickly changed, protected and conveniently used while you continue your typical activity.
  • ‘ FREEZES FAST & REMAINS COLD LONGER: Toss those knock-off knee ice covers & drippy freezer bagsout Simply wrap our knee ice bag around your whole knee and feel safe understanding our ice bags are leak- resistant and made with a non-toxic medical grade gel to provide resilient efficiency for everyday usage. SUGGESTED BY SPECIALISTS – Physiotherapists, doctors, and chiropractics physician. Produced with high quality products.
  • FULFILLMENT WARRANTY – Order with self-confidence. Attempt our ColePak Comfort Ice Packs today. If you are not pleased, we will honor our No Trouble Return.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ColePak Comfort Reusable Gel Ice Packs Hot or Cold Packs.
COLEPAK COLD or HOT BACK & KNEE COVERS Consists Of 2 Reusable Therapy Gel Packs which can be used HOT or COLD. Essential emergency treatment parts to any home, school, sports or workplace emergency treatment kit. Elastic Secure Straps keeps Gel Packs in location & accommodates most sizes. Affordable – usage over and over. LatexFree Non- Harmful. Microwave & FreezerSafe Flexible when frozen. Outstanding for pains & discomforts, swelling, joint pain, sprains, stress, arthritis, post-surgical recovery. Utilized by doctors, fitness instructors and professional athletes. The Pain of Back Pain 4 of 5 adults experience neck and back pain at some point in their life and for some, neck and back pain can end up being incapacitating, impacting the lifestyle. Common symptoms of back pressure are: pain, swelling, muscle convulsions or cramping, weak point or loss of function. For numerous common back injuries, doctors suggest instantly using ice to the hurt location in 20 minute increments for 48 hrs to reduce or decrease inflammation in the afflicted location. After the first 48 hours, using heat to the hurt location can assist ease pain by unwinding tight muscles. The ColePak Comfort Back Wrap functions as a HOT or COLD compress that relieves pain and pain. ( If symptoms continue or increase in seriousness, look for medical attention instantly) Sore & Achy Knees/ Knee Joint Pain & Inflammation With today’s progressively active society, the variety of knee issues is increasing.Knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal grievance that brings individuals to their physician. ‘RICE’ – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation are suggested techniques by leading doctors as the first action for knee injuries or knee arthritis flare-ups. WHEN TO UTILIZE COLD vs. HEAT- Usage Icefor fresh injuries, swelling or inflammation. Heat is for stiff or hurting joints & muscles that increases flow and the shipment of nutrients to the afflicted location. COLD or HOT THERAPY FOR BACK & KNEE PAIN Outstanding therapy and pain management for: back sprains and stress, back herniated disk, degenerative disc illness, element joint dysfunction, back stenosis, osteoarthritis, compression fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, post-surgery, muscle convulsions, bulging or burst disks. Whether using HOT or COLD therapy, ColePak Wrap’s flexible gel style can be conveniently used throughout typical activities. Protect- straps securely hold covers in location above and below the knee cap. Got both back & knee pain at the very same time? ColePak Back & Knee Covers can provide double therapies to back and knee pain concurrently for a much faster recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ColePak Comfort Reusable Gel Ice Packs Hot or Cold Packs.

Question Question 1

It States Qty 2Is This False?

There are 2 ice bag however only one with hole for knee cap, the other one is strong for other usages.

Question Question 2

Do You Get 2 Knee Packs Or 1 With Order?


Question Question 3

Are The Straps In Fact Connected To The Knee Pack?

Yes, the straps are connected to the knee pack.

Question Question 4

Do The Packs Stay On If You Walk?

we utilize the knee pack (not the pack for the back) and use it standing/walking in the cooking area while cooking. It has actually never ever slipped at all.we usage if frequently and might get another.

Question Question 5

What S The Inches Of The Back Brace?

Great question. The length of the ColePak Comfort Back Wrap is 42.5 inches.Since the straps are flexible, you will have the ability to extend a few more inches around the waist.We hope that assists.

Question Question 6

We Required Another Knee Pack?

Does not get cold. Very inefficient.

Question Question 7

Size For Knee?

we are sorry we purchased it for our Father and we put on t keep in mind

Question Question 8

Passes Away The Gel Harden In The Freezer Or Stay Plyable?

It does not end up being rock strong – it stays flexible so you can ‘mold’ it around the body part requiring treatment.

Question Question 9

Can We Purchase The Knee Wrap Only?

Do not understand. Knee wrap did not get cold in freezer. It was ineffective at all.

Question Question 10

Are The Ice Packs Around The Entire Knee?

Sorry we didn’t get the knee ice pack.It appears like it is.

Question Question 11

Will This Work For 20-22 Inch Around The Knee?

we do not referred to as our knee is not that size.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ColePak Comfort Reusable Gel Ice Packs Hot or Cold Packs, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Have both chronic and acute knee damage. We have actually attempted numerous ice bag for many years. This ice bag is without a doubt the most comfy (very pliant when frozen) and lasting (ex= lasts over 25 minutes in automobile in summer season). It is so cold that you require to be cautious to use 1-2 protective layers under it when you first put it on. The back ice bag is likewise great for neck, shoulders and back. The velcro straps are very safe and packs are simple to tidy. Highly suggest these products.

Pro: after our adjustment, this worked to get rid of knee pain as planned. We offered 5 stars for efficiency. We wished to subtract stars since we disliked it a lot however can not provide less than 5 star since it exceeded other products that we simulate. Cons: 1. It is ineffective as a stand alone product versus bare skin. The velcro hurts unless there is material in between the skin and knee chill pad. 2. We were dissatisfied in the feel of the product. 3. We might only utilize the product sitting or resting. We did not like whatever about this product and still have it 5 star, since when utilized in the way that is comfy. It is the most effective product we have. We are competent nurse and all we can state is, “overcome it” this product works. So, we can only provide it 5 star. Lesson found out in perseverance and humbleness. Buy it.

These gel ice bag are ideal for swelling or inflammation due to overuse or stress. We have old knees however still workout and stroll intensely. These ice bag are all we require to eliminate the short-lived pain, work great, get used to fit perfectly, and come in handy.

Got this for our partner since he s had bilateral knee surgical treatment and enjoys icing hisknees Freezer bags simply weren t working. This is great cause it doesn t leak anywhere and straps around while we remain in bed or enjoying television. Even utilized the low back one on his knees too.

Like: conveniencedislike: size/fitwe are utilizing this product for our knees after working out. We just recently had knee replacement surgical treatment and require to utilize and ice bag after our daily workouts. We bought this product since of the fitted knee pack (the backpack was a plus as we likewise have celebration for one). The product showed up as assured and works as assured, nevertheless we find that both gadgets are little on the little side. Although they’re a little small they contour enough to do a sufficient task.

This was a remarkable find. These, icepacks are great qualityand this cost for 2 ice bag was even bettervery delighted with purchase.

Offered this a 5 star evaluation since of a mix of things. We desired this for the sole purpose of icing ourself, however one night we believed it would be good to warm it up and utilize as a heat pad. We had the ability to utilize it about 3 times prior to it began to leak. Nevertheless, we reached out to the provider and they quickly solved the problem and sent us the very same product. We went out and purchased a real heat pad and will utilize these particularly to ice ourself. Due to the fact that of the cost, what it does while icing, and customer care – we offered this a 5 stars.

It is extremely well built and not large. It does stay soft and cold while other gel product harden after while. We do not understand must we constantly keep in freezer, that may alter the gel structure after extended time period. We believe it is better have in space temperature. Then freeze or heat it as required, to preserve the stability of the gel.

We have actually bought 4 of these gel packs given that april of2018 We have actually utilized a gel pack every day on one bad knee for 15 minute sessions, two times daily, for 16 months. They work great and are simple to utilize. Terrific product with one downside. The velcro pad on completion of the strap un-attaches comes totally off after numerous weeks of usage. Otherwise the gel pack would still be functional other than there is no other way to keep the strap connected. Thus, we have now advertisement to acquire our fourth gel pack in 16 months.

The hole for your knee assists, it keeps your kneecap from freezing and assists the remainder of the pad lie versus your skin. The bands hold the pad firmly. The pad remains cold enough time. This is a good product.

Of the 3 ice packs we purchased, this one is the very best since of the 2 velcro straps. Great contact all around our knee and very cold. The ice bag with only 1 velcro strap do not work also.

They are shaped effectively and work well. His knee is much better with ice bag and elevation. Delighted with purchase. He utilizes this whenever his knee breaks down.

We utilize this all the time works aeesome for lower back and even needed to utilize it for upper back in between shoulder blades and worked perfectly. Great for ice or heat.

Flexible when frozen, the flexible straps with velcro work great. So happy to have this on hand for icing our bottom knee.

Great product and great service. These gel paks do precisely as marketed. Just recently having knee issues. Utilizing the wrap after an exercise or long walk really minimizes any swelling. We likewise like that as soon as the wrap is on you can still walk around without it falling off. Extremely suggest this product.

Works as marketed though we want there weren’t a hole over the knee cap.

Makes icing our knee so simple and less uneasy.

This is precisely what we were lookingfor Great, resilient quality and it freezes quickly. It s been so practical to have the opportunity to be mobile as we ice our knee and not awkwardly attempt to stabilize a pack on our kneecap.

Truly assisted after knee replacement surgical treatment.

Works as planned, and remains in location well.

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