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Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip

Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Product: AUS 8A
  • Handle: 3 1/2″ Long Griv-Ex Red
  • Blade Density 2. 75 mm
  • General Leght: 6″

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip.
It’s reproduced for work and uses a remarkably good grip due to its wonderfully crafted Griv-Ex handle that uses a huge strength to weight ratio and includes our cutting-edge Tri-Ad lock, which provides it impressive muscle for its size.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip.

Question Question 1

Where Is This Knife Made?

we have actually purchased several knives from cold steel, although they are made in Taiwan they are as genuine as any American made knife and more so thansome its an American based company however so you still put cash into the American econoour somewhat

Question Question 2

Can The Belt Clip Be Changed To The Reverse Side For Left Handed Carry?

Yes it can, it’s a strong clip and a great knife

Question Question 3

What Steel Is It?

the AUS-8A is most likely among the more capable budget plan steels out there.we have knives varying from 8crmov13 thru s35 v steel. Takes a wicked edge and holds it well.we consider it to be superior to the 8crmov13 that is on the majority of the budget plan Kershaws out there. The contrast above to 440 steel only uses if the 440 i the AUS-8A is most likely among the more capable budget plan steels out there.we have knives varying from 8crmov13 thru s35 v steel. Takes a wicked edge and holds it well.we consider it to be superior to the 8crmov13 that is on the majority of the budget plan Kershaws out there. The contrast above to 440 steel only uses if the 440 is 440 C, the only 440 series we would considere bring.The remainder of the 440 steel is crap (to me, however we are spoiledon good steel and good coffee now). You cant fail with ANY Cold STeel product and the majority of them are left or right handed functional (we are Southpaw). They develop STRONG knives of any ilk repaired or folding.Carried lots of versions of Cold steel overseas.

Question Question 4

Just How Much Does It Weigh Precisely (In Ounces Or Grams)?

we simply attempted to weigh it on our fishing scale and it does not even register.It is very light, strong and the sharpest out- of-the-box knife we have actually ever owned.

Question Question 5

On A Scale Of 1 To 10 How Tough Are The Serrations To Hone?

For the record, you can send your knife into Cold Steel for honing. They will hone the blade & serrations and send it back to you for around $8. we asked when we acquired the Reconnaissance 1 Tanto since the serrations were so great (1/32″) and we could not find a tool to do the honing ourself.

Question Question 6

What Kind Of Lock Is On This Blade?

It would seem 2 hook like ends on the blade and lock that snap together. Very strong up until now. Opening you require to press hard in the center of the handle. The stress on the lock is great strong pressure.

Question Question 7

How Long Is The Cutting Edge Of The Blade?

2.5 inches or 6.35 cm

Question Question 8

What Does The 20 Lts Represent?

That’s simply the part number. we looked at the Cold Steel site

Question Question 9

Is This Blade Hollow Ground?

Yes, Blade steel is AUS-8A with a razor sharp hollow ground edge.

Question Question 10

What’S That Little Hole On The Heel Of The Blade Called?

Thumb hole for opening instead of a thumb stud

Question Question 11

Is This Built Similiar To The Spyderco Yojimbo For Fighting?

This knife is created as an energy EDC blade and is much shorter than the Spyderco that you referenced.

Question Question 12

Is The Cutting Edge A V Grind Or Chisel Grind Like The Pointer Of The Serrated Variation?

It is a hollow grind finest seen by bring up a grind list, not a chisel grind.

Question Question 13

Is It An ‘Helped Opening’ Knife? Ty?

No it is not “helped open”.

Question Question 14

Do They Make One With A Orange Handle?


Question Question 15

Exists A Service warranty On The Tuff Lite Knife?

Yes, the Cold Steel service warranty is on this page: https://www.coldsteel.com/Warranty.aspx

Question Question 16

What Is The Angle Of This Knife?

we do not comprehend what you are asking do you suggest the angle of the grind on the blade if so it has to do with 15 degree angle

Question Question 17

Exists Any Capability To Stab With This Point At All, As In, To Do A Comma Cut?

You can certainly stab with this knife however provided the blade length we would rule out this a combat/self defense knife.we utilize it mostly as an EDC energy knife.

Question Question 18

How Do The Handle Scales Fit?

we are unsure what you mean.If you suggest is the knife well made and do the manages fit the frame well, yes.The knife is smaller sized than we anticipated however the handgun grip is relatively comfy even in our rather large hands.

Question Question 19

Is Not.Please Stop Stating “Made In U.S.A. Or Imported” – To Misguide Users When They Browse Online.Made In Taiwan.?

Love the knife do not even understand its in our pocket its very sharp it is marked on knife made in taiwan

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip, these may be helpful for better understanding.

First, this knife develop is shockingly superior to our all metal little knife, so unfortunate when we got it since it was more affordable in expense and developed two times as strong. The general grip in your hand will leave you out of breath in pure happiness, it simply feels outstanding. The weight is extremely light and we can not assist however to bring this knife everyday, where our other very carefully associated all metal knife is left in your home, again, so unfortunate that a knife at the rate point has a quality of a200 00 or greater expense. The handle is of an unique plastic type with a sure grip with no offer into weak point. We have actually utilized this two inch blade knife for almost whatever cutting packaging tapes to boxes and it only gets sharper. When you open the knife with one hand, yes its simple to do securely it has a loud commanding breeze that will undoubtedly get you observed ought to you require to get that point throughout, atleast up until they see the two inch blade and can not stop chuckling like we did and do-hehe. The quality is outstanding in every classification and we pressed the knife to what we however was its limitation with no failures at all. We would never ever had actually believed that a two inch blade would be so extremely great like this knife with a box type blade or razor blade which is strong. Simply beware this blade is no joke needs to you ever make a mistake-ouccccch. On the other hand we would feel the pain that if required for self protection it may not end anything quickly however it will provide a major keep away from you point. The clip is great for right handers like me. A knife is only as good as the one you bring and this one will be with you everyday up until you pass it to your children when they mature, its that good. This knife is legal to bring in all us states consisting of california and ny as the blade is only two inches and thats where size does make an effect lawfully. You will not be dissatisfied we understand, we are very fussy.

Amazing value for $25 Entirely strong secure in every instructions and best blade focusing. A great deal of much more costly knives can t state that. The plastic handle doesn t feel inexpensive and the blade came shrieking sharp. Cold steel is an outrageous company however they do a great task on their aus-8 steel. We have actually heard individuals call this an overbuilt box cutter and we would state that s precise. The wharncliffe blade especially stands out at draw cuts. Quickly 5 star.

This has actually turned out to be a very useful and helpful blade. We tuned up the knife by polishing the cut end of the spring, greasing pivot and contact points with lubriplate, and deepening the handle scallop for the lock release bar to make it m-u-c-h much easier to unlock for folding. Deepened the scallop for the large finger rest to provide a more safe and secure hand grip. Easy to do with disassembly and a half-round bastard-cut file. We want this was offered in a 3″ blade edge length to make it even more helpful. This blade edge is 2″, not 2. 5″ as marketed. We bring this with all of us the time now.

We purchased this knife for work. Our task is not a weapon friendly environment, so we desired something that looked as non-threatening as possible. Pros: we like wharncliff blades and this is a good one. It came rather sharp and the blade is thick enough on the spinal column to feel considerable for something so little. Jimping for the thumb is a good touch. The knife is every ergonomic, and when opened, the finger choir permits you great deals of control of the blade. Cons: we do not have specifically large hands, and the knife feels great in mine, however if our hands were much larger, it would feel too little. The clip is established for tip-down bring, right-hand man side. No other opens to customize it. We actually choose idea up bring. We like our folders to simple and quickly be drawn and opened with one hand without much effort, or needing to take a look at it. We find a lot of tip down established to make this more difficult. Likewise, it has a little thumb whole to open one handed. It is not the simplest to utilize, often we would have chosen a stud. All in all it s a good knife. If you require an edc knife and reside in a location with severe blade length constraints, this may be a good alternative. It s a good knife to include the tool kit or center console of your automobile. All in all, we would suggest it.

We have actually owned and brought well over two lots blades in our life and this one is by far our and so on. It comes razor sharp and it is the best style for and edc. The performance of the blade is actually what it boils down to and this blade can take a pounding and continue kicking. We likewise feel 100% safe and secure with the saftey lock on this blade. Some other brand names. Even popular brand names. Do not have trustworthy safteys on their folding knives. Cold steel on the other hand provides the most trustworthy safety lock without jeopardizing performance or safety. After we at first acquired on for ourself we purchased two more for good friends who were drooling over mine after utilizing it. Highlight about it is cold steel puts by far the sharpest edge on this knife that we have actually ever seen strait from the factory and the steel actually hold the edge for a long very long time too. Oh and we do not frighten the daytime out of anyone when we pull this blade out either. It’s the best size so you can hold it companies and still work with it. What ever you where thinking about purchasing rather of this do not trouble simply buy this knife rather.

One of lots of cold steel knifes acquired and the one we bring all over. Little sufficient not to use up area in your pocket however strong and huge enough to be helpful. Came very sharp out of package. Wound up purchasing a 2nd as we were so amazed with the first. Operation was a bit stiff for first 20 opens, however flicks out and closes as good as any knife we own now its broken-in. Full marks – we often get this over our $200 benchmade knifes – its that good.

We utilized to bring a bucklite, which we enjoyed in every regard, other than for the shape of the blade. We recognized that 95% of the time we utilized our knife for opening boxes or cutting cardboard, and the bucklite blade was quite bad for that job. We essentially required an energy knife. After attempting the folding energy knives, which cut great however were awful (too large) for edc, we attempted the gerber e. A. B. Lite, which utilizes a sturdy energy knife blade. The gerber was very compact, and the energy blade was great, however the ergonomics are awful. Opening and closing the knife bored, and did not have much to keep when cutting. When we saw the cold steel tuff lite, we believed it appeared like a great edc knife with a blade that would work like an energy knife. In general, it works extremely well for that purpose, however it has two small problems and one substantial concern. 1. Minor: as other customers have actually kept in mind, the pocket clip is not very simple to utilize. It is relatively stiff, which along with the shape, needs either very stiff trousers pocket, or need us to utilize one hand to hold the pocket material while the other presses the knife on to the pocket. We have bent completion of the clip upwards to attempt and make it much easier to pocket. 2. Minor: when folded, the tuff lite is reasonably “large”, from the top of the closed blade to the back of the handle– nearly 1 3/4″. When brought in our pocket, it obstructs. 3. Considerable: while the blade is razor sharp (as others have actually kept in mind), the very shallow angle of the refine and the reasonably thin edge makes it incredibly weak/ delicate. We attempted to carefully pry some soft plastic, which bent the idea of the blade edge. After that, we only utilized it for basic cutting– opening boxes, and so on. After a few weeks, we saw the edge of the blade was covered with noticeable nicks. We do not understand how we harmed the blade– our only guess is that we may have cut a zip tie at a lot of. Anyhow, this blade is so delicate that it isn’t ideal for anything more than paper, packaging tape, and maybe cardboard. Anything harder will nick the blade. We simply honed it with our lansky stone set. Eyeballing the blade vs. The lansky sharpener angles, it appears like the edge of the blade is 17 degrees or shallower. This discusses why it is so sharp out of package, and why it is harmed so quickly. 17 degrees is simply too shallow for us for an edc– it simply does not hold up. We honed it utilizing the 20 degree setting on the lansky, which we have found to be the minimum for holding an edge. Ideally the edge holds up better at 20 degrees. However the edge of the blade is still reasonably thin, so we will still beware with what we cut. Update feb 2015: (upgraded from 3 stars to 4 stars) after bring this knife daily and utilizing it frequently, we are more comfy with it and actually like it. The bend in the pocket clip assisted, making it much easier to clip on our pocket. The 20 degree angle refine has actually worked well and the blade has actually held its edge better while still being extremely sharp. We enjoy the shape of the blade– the flat point works great for opening boxes, product packaging, and cutting cardboard boxes. We are more mindful with it than our bucklite, however we actually like the cold steel tuff lite.

We wish to begin by stating we gather knives, anything from high-end custom-mades to swiss arour knives. Our regular edc knife is a sebenza, and this thing has actually encouraged us that a little energy style like this can be a remarkable bring knife. Pros:- size and weight. Cant barely see it in your pocket at all-blade shape and style, best energy style for opening boxes, store tasks, slicing rope/tape/cord/ mule line, cutting up garbage, and so on -the handle is difficult and the plastic feels high quality. -triad lock is expected to be actually good. It hasn’t closed up on us so it need to be quite tough-came sharp if that matters to you. Cons:- the lock is a bit sticky initially, breaks in respectable after a while. -aus8 steel is meh. If you’re on the fence about this knife we state buy it for sure. It actually is a quite incredible little blade.

Pro’s: the steel utilized is a popular, simple to hone, reputable type (aus8a); it takes a great edge too. The spinal column preserves its complete 1/8″ density for 1-7/8″ of the 2-1/4″ of the blade’s general length. The wharncliff blade shape and 2″ cutting edge length are simply outstanding for most of everyday cutting jobs (opening bags, boxes, blister packs; cutting rope, cable, cardboard; peeling back and scraping up tape). Regardless of its modest size, the knife locks extremely well into our large hands; the general open shape offers finger holds and complies with the hand, supplying a safe and secure and focused grip for cutting. The oval cutout offers simple one-hand opening in either hand. The lanyard hole is an extended oval, sufficient in size for paracord. Issues: for some, cold steel’s ultra-strong triad lock might be hard to push totally to open the lock. Likewise, on mine, we kept in mind a sharpness to the oval cutout thumbhole only on the right side, which would be an issue for opening one-handed with the left hand, however quickly solved with a common little diamond-rod sharpener. Bottom line: great value for a combination working cutting tool/ everyday swiss army knife with a lock that will not fail you and a blade product and style that will do the job.

We have the serrated design, it remains sharp permanently. We honed it two times, however we only did to experiment with honing serrations. It honed fine with a sharp maker. This blade is insane difficult. We have actually cut through the following products: heavy cardboard, tape, wood, heavy plastic, rope, soda cans, blue denims, and bean cans. We have actually not experienced any blade play, damage or contortion. We see some folks have actually experienced cracking. Possibly it was a fluke bad heat treat? perhaps it was twisted on a tough product? this isn’t our first aus-8 cold steel knife we have actually utilized and we have not skilled cracking ever, fortunately. We dropped an old vaquero grande idea down on cement from about 4 feet when and only got the smallest of idea rolling. We are very amazed. These are not costly knives either, for $23-24 you are getting significant value. In a nutshell, you re getting a lightweight, beastly strong blade with difficult steel, and the very best locking system in the world for almost absolutely nothing when compared to other makers. Likewise, it s a very comfy knife in hand. We believe it might accommodate different hand sizes, even larger hands due to that great choil. And it carries out precisely as a knife should, it cuts like a buzz saw. Even harder products like wood and heavy plastic. Buy one, beat it up and we wager you ll fall in love and buy another.

We ended up being mindful of cold steel when we were a kid and a friend of our papa’s got an xl tanto by them. We were encouraged we would one day own one however as time went on our knife interest altered. We are typically not a fan of cold steel since of the marketing; simply not our thing and there are great deal of things stated about the owner that will leave a bad taste in your mouth whether it holds true or not. With that being stated we were looking for something light-weight to bring around your house in fitness center shorts or when workingout We typically bring a chris reeve large inkoswe and it does not work well in those scenarios. We discovered this knife and we will confess, we are sucker for a wharncliffe. We started since of the low rate and we are truthfully stunned at how great this knife is. We actually take pleasure in bring mine and other than no “idea up” alternative we would state this knife is a best style.

Cold steel constantly produces high quality products and this is certainly among them. The rate is stealthily low since this knife comes incredibly sharp and the handle is made from cold steel s signature griv-ex product which is lightweight however very resilient. The blade steel is aus-8a which holds a good edge. This does include the tri-ad lock which is among the greatest locks on the marketplace, making this one monster of an edc knife. We call this our pocket razor since of it s edge. It is best for light jobs such as package opening, box cutting, and yes, even shaving if you re into that. In general, wonderful knife for the rate.

We are still not sure if this is the right knife for us, we choose stylish knives, that have an ambidextrous opening and closing system. This was not that for us, nevertheless other elements of the knife we simply can not reject would be the comfort and sureness of the grip you can get on this knife, nevertheless we wish to keep in mind that the within the handle product along the edges are little rough, the lock while one if not the very best in business needs two hands and general sluggish s us down. Cold steel need to heat treat there aus-8a rather well since we have actually had no issues keeping our copy shave sharp and would state that for anyone that may be wanting to utilize this knife for work, mostly for breaking down cardboard boxes that this simply may be the important things for ya if you put on t mind retouching the blade every when in a while with a strop or honing stone, all stated and done this little light-weight knife is a workhorse and an amazing deal for the rate.

These are need to have razor knife. We have ridiculous variety of high dollar knives & these are at home.

Wow. We are southpaw and found this knife to be best for our hand. Whatever remains in the right (well, left) location. This knife feels natural to hold and turns into one with me. Boxes and clamshell product packaging do not stand a possibility. For the rate, the steel is actually good. The blade is sharp, locks very safe and secure, and has no wiggle. If we were required to find a con, it would be that you require strong fingers to open the knife. However we actually believe that’s a pro. No unintentional opens with this man.

Love this little knife since it’s similar to the description states: it’s little, light-weight, and super difficult. Absolutely nothing about this little knife is inexpensive, plus it’s not made in china, it’s made in taiwan, where real good production can be found beyond the us.

Damn these tuff-lites are sweet. Finest swiss army knife ever. Flies in the face of all cold steel criticism. Good task, lynn thompson. Utilizing the tool only makes itbetter You ll see if you purchase one and utilize it. Remarkable style. This most likely the closest any of us will get to the best swiss army knife. Thank you cold steel style group. It resembles if wham-o were finnish, and finland is at war, and this was the troop knife they released.

This is great, if you desire a little strong edc knife. It s very light-weight, however still has a thick strong blade. It came very sharp. Cold steel s aus8 steel is great for an aus8. The triad lockback is very strong. We like the brown handle, nearly a dark fde color. The grip is very comfy. The finger choil & jimping are actually good functions too. It s not d2 steel on bearings or g10, however it s $30 Spyderco type opening with the little thumb hole works ok. Negatives: the lock is tight & rough sometimes, however hear it will get better with usage; there are few sharp edges & the pocket clip is tight.

We are blown away by this little knife. We have a great deal of knives and have actually owned lots ofmore However, this tuff lite is most likely the very best value in any knife that we have actually or have actually owned. It is strong, well made, and practical. It feels good in our hand and it is simple to grip. The blade shape works for basic cutting. We utilize it for cutting up cardboard and other different packaging and unloading tasks. That is what we purchased itfor It rests on the counter where we do it and does not get lost considering that it is brilliant red. Constantly all set to do some work.

Another wonderful knife from cold steel. Finest value in knives ever. Finest ergonomic grip and simply enough cutting edge for everyday bring. Truly lightweight too. They re things is constantly razor sharp right out of package. Simply want they would provide in a better steel. Aus8a is okay however s30 v isbetter Possibly g10 grips and cts-xhp steel on a sprint run. C mon lynn, you d offer a million.

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