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Clarks Women's Everlay Heidi Slip-On Loafer

Clarks Women’s Everlay Heidi Slip-On Loafer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Clarks Women’s Everlay Heidi Slip-On Loafer.

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel height 1.37″
  • Clarks cushion soft comfort

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Clarks Women’s Everlay Heidi Slip-On Loafer.
A simple slip on with a lot comfort. clarks cushion soft innovation and an ortholite footbed bring comfort to your feet all day. tidy uppers and soft stretch to get this simple shoe on with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Clarks Women’s Everlay Heidi Slip-On Loafer.

Question Question 1

Do Size 6 B (M) United States Method 36 European Size?

we use a 8 1/2 and the conversion chart for European sizes states39 They fit us perfectly.we hope this assists.

Question Question 2

Are These Shoes Made From Cow Leather Or What Product???

Leather – we presume it is cow leather – definitely not alligator or something like that.

Question Question 3

Is Theaubergine Leather A Real Purple Or More Burgundy Color?

more of a burgandy color, regrettably we needed to return them a little too tight ugh.very quite though.we figure if we kept them perhaps we could extend them out, did not wish to run the risk of it.:(

Question Question 4

Is This Non Slip?

Yes. These shoes are very comfy and elegant.

Question Question 5

Is This Airport Friendly?

Yes we believe it would be very airport friendly.If you indicate, comfort when on your feet throughout the day and simple on and off.Love this shoe.

Question Question 6

Does This Shoe Have A Large Toe Box?

we wear t understand what you think about a large toe box. we find that they fit well

Question Question 7

Is Comfort Shoes Too?

Very comfy

Question Question 8

Does It Have Velcro Or Something To Change?

Yes, it has Velcro with restricted capability to change

Question Question 9

Sizing M Or C/D?

we would state a generous M. Absolutely not a wide.So if your foot runs a “little” large, you need to be good.

Question Question 10

Our New Set Of Everlay Shoes Simply Arrived.We Can’T Get The Cardboard Out That It Wedged Versus The Upper Part. It’S Too Tight.?

we would thoroughly cut the cardboard with a set brief bladed scissors utilizing little cuts each time so you wear; t cut the shoe’s leather. You might likewise dip the shoes in warm water to soften the cardboard enough to eliminate it or simply spray the cardboard with warm water till it softens.

Question Question 11

The Last 3 Or 4 Pairs We Have Actually Bought Have Actually Peeled At The Toes. We Do Not Drag Our Toes, We Are An Accounting professional. We Desired Guarantee Prior To Purchasing Any More?

we have bought numerous pairs of clark shoes however this is the very first time for this style. we have not had any issues up until now.

Question Question 12

Is The Insole Removable?

No the insole is not detachable however you will never ever find a more comfy shoe. we purchased 2 pairs so if one woreout we would have an extra

Question Question 13

Are These Water Evidence?

we think it depends upon just how much water you prepare to stroll in with them. They are leather so they would be as water evidence as leather can be however we would not over expose them to a great deal of water or you will destroy them like any other great shoe would be.

Question Question 14

Can The Insole Be Eliminated?

It can not. Very thin sole. we put in an insert– a lot of space for this.

Question Question 15

Are These Slip Resistant?

Yes, the bottom of the shoe is made out of a rubberized product.

Question Question 16

Are They Real To Size?

Clark s are constantly an ideal size 7 for us. we can purchase clark s without attempting them on due to the fact that for us a 7 is a size7

Question Question 17

Good Afternoon If Our Foot Steps 26.5 Centimeters What Would Our Size Be? Thank You?

we do n’tknow. Ask the seller?

Question Question 18

Do They Have Arch Support?

They do not have a real “arch support” however they are so well made there is a kind of arch inside the shoe.we have used this brand of shoe for yearsand have neverhad an issue every set no matter what the design Is comfy in addition to good looking.

Question Question 19

We Are Trying To Find A Shoes That S Airport/Tsa Safe, In Another Words, Do You Know If This Shoes Has Metal In It? Thank You Very Much.?

Not favorable however we wear t believe so.

Question Question 20

Wide Toe Box And Good Arch Support For High Arches?

The large size is comfy however the shoes does not have a real box toe construction.It’s tapered however still comfy. The arch support is regular. You ‘d require to include support if you required them.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Clarks Women’s Everlay Heidi Slip-On Loafer, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We enjoy these shoes. Bought them in black, navy and brown. It is tough to find shoes in dark navy and dark brown that are one strong color with no contrasting colors and no metal silver or gold hardware. These have one little metal loop on the side that links to the gore stretch piece, however the metal is passed away to match the shoe leather color which is great. We were looking for great looking shoes to use to work with trousers that are comfy to use throughout the day and these are. The toe location is rooour so they do not crush or pinch your toes. The heel is cushiony. The soles are rubbery and flexible. The shoe needed definitely no burglary duration. They are not large and cumbersome. We are regularly a size 6. 5 in us women’s shoe size and the 6. 5 healthy completely. Our feet are someplace in between and narrow (aa) and a medium (b) width. We purchased these in medium width and they are comfy and we can use thin socks with them. The cost for these is a lot less than purchasing from other shoe sellers. Get some now prior to we buy them all up.

We have an exceptionally tough time discovering a closed shoe that fits completely, in length and width, and does not injure our bunion. We use a 9 to 9-1/2 medium or large, depending upon the brand and whether it is a shoe or closed shoe. We attempted these on in the shop in 9-1/2 large and we were strolling out of them. So we attempted the 9 large and they were ideal, however they only had the 9 large in brown, so we were so pleased when we got home and found them on in black in 9 large. Simply gotten them and attempted them on with socks and they were ideal. Good appearance, makes our feet look narrow. We can dress them up a little. We like the little heel lift. We bought these to require to europe for holiday. We desired a good comfy shoe however not a tennis shoe. We feel that these shoes are quite elegant and will have a good appearance however will still be comfy for walking. We ranked them “rather large” due to the fact that we generally require a 9-1/2 in a closed shoe. Good quality, great cost, love clarks.

These are great. We have severe plantar factitious and these are real assistance. They were comfy straight out of package.

We simply got these shoes today & they are so gorgeous we needed to use them instantly. Right out of package they felt so comfy although we have a bunion on one foot & typically utilize a stretcher to make a little extra space because location. Yes, it did injure a bit however we kept taking a look at them and chose it deserved the small pain to use these children. We got the aubergine and the color is an ideal neutral, we can use them with any fall colors. We walked a members club shop, and you understand just how much walking that can be, we weren’t unpleasant adequate to even take them off as soon as we got home while we put away our purchases. We bought our routine size and they fit like a glove. Or shoe, lol. You will not be dissatisfied and the cost was likewise incredible compared to other locations we inspected.

Precisely what we have pertained to anticipate from clark’s. Quality, comfort, and design. Fits real to size. We use a 9m although we are flat-footed and feet are little broader in the center however not large adequate to use a “w” shoe. Great for those who are someplace in between or not above avg large at all. Great information and quality craftsmanship. May sound odd however we enjoy how black these are. A deep dark black. We required to change our existing clark “go to” shoe for when we toss on a set of denims to run errands, casual friday, a journey to the museum, and so on. We used for a few hours up until now and very comfy. We intend on using these for household getaways that need a lot of strolling. We can’t stand to get rid of our clark’s so the old ones transfer to the “got ta run out to the cars and truck” “require to take out the trash can to the curb” classification.

These shoes are so comfy. We had been looking for a good loafer that would provide support and be comfy to use when we are on our feet throughout the day. And these were shockingly comfy from the very first time we put them on. In reality, the first day we used them, we kept thinking of how good they felt on our feet, and when we went outside at lunch time, we were amazed to find out that they were in fact blue. We believed we had bought black ones, and simply didn’t discover in the dim lights inside your home. However that’s ok, we browsed the web right now and bought the black set and we are keeping the blue set too.

We bought numerous set of clarks however they were all a little large in width and length. We typically use a 9 c/d or 9. 5 m (b) in other brand names. We purchased a 9 cd for all the shoes. All pairs were too large and long. We likewise attempted the 8. 5 cd in a shop and they were a little too little with thick socks. We are returning and re-ordered the 9 m and the 8. 5 w to attempt due to the fact that we prepare to use these with much thinner trouser socks. We had formerly bought a 9w and used them to stroll all over New York City. They were very comfy and we had no pain for the entire weekend of walking (even with the plus size). Nevertheless, we wound up putting an insole on top and that assisted a little. With a heel grip pad they need to be good with thin socks.

Got these shoes in brown from an outlet store and found them to be very comfy. Went to and bought the navy, to change our 2 years of age clark’s esha essy navy loafers– which looked great with denims and navy gown trousers. However these are much brighter color and do not look good with any trousers we own. Purchaser beware.

We have attempted a lot of expert shoes we believed blisters were something you needed to do as a grownup so we purchased all type of blister band help and attempted adulting sooo hard. It was terrible all the expert matured shoes were an overall problem on our feet. We liked our clarks turn flops and wanted they made an expert shoe and on a desperate impulse one day googled clarks work shoe and it was as if the angels of paradise heard our sobs and we found out clarks does a work shoe so then we were all like do not get too thrilled we bought them and they are simply the very best most comfy most non blister forming throughout the day on your feet work shoes we have ever owned. When it is cold outside we even use them on weekends. We are so happy to own a set of these they are surprisingly comfy.

This is the 2nd time we have purchase this design shoe from clarks in the shop. The comfort of clarks puts us at eaze it is long lasting. We do a great deal of strolling every day. When we do our walking in clarks, we look good, its a clever design. Eighteen hours and they keep looking and sensation great. We value the workmanship. We have operated in them, dance in them and match them with our church clothing. A little shoe polish and we are off again, again and again. Thank you a lot clarks.

First time we in fact worked with no foot pain. Very great looking shoe and so comfy however it looses 2 stars from us due to the fact that after simply 2 months the “tough suede” looking things has peeled the toes and spread parts of the sides. They are still comfy today we can only use them around your home. We did use them to work daily however. Can’t pay for a new set every 2 months for work so now we are on the hunt for something else.

Gorgeous shoe, appears very long lasting. It runs a complete size little – fortunately for us we had the ability to provide these to our sweetheart who uses a 10 (we bought an 11). She enjoys them, uses them throughout the day at work and they look great with whatever. Update: 6 months after acquiring the sole begun leaving from the side of the shoe and established a hole. She used them nearly every day so we still believe that’s respectable. She goes through shoes fast. We reordered them again, due to the fact that she enjoys the design and comfort.

We operate in hospitality market and it was a should to have nice work shoe. When they arrived we put then on and the squeezed our feet to death, the first day was painful lol. We brought a shoe widener and let them set for 48 hrs. Putting them on again wasn t so bad and it s been a week given that we began using them regularly and have broken them in. They are great looking and we have gotten a compliment or more. We likewise feel great strolling visitor down corridors in a complete head to toe appearance.

Great shoes. Our only problem is that the leather on the front top of the shoe has numerous marks like we stubbed our shoe rather of our toe. It in fact has nicks where the leather has bunched up however they are very little and we use these comfy shoes all over. Congratulations to clark for another great style. Advise to all.

Simply gotten these shoes and we should state they fit so completely we wish to purchase every color in this line. This is the most comfy shoe we have ever purchased. And to buy online without attempting them on is incredible. They fit like a customized made shoe.

We like these shoes. These are our winter comfort shoes. They re constantly very comfy and we can use them for hours at a time. We like the appearance it nearly appears like a boot. We constantly buy clarks and this set is as comfy as the others that we have bought in the past.

The shoes fit like a glove. We used these all over italy on the cobblestone streets and they were very comfy. They supported our flat feet and made them feel fresh throughout the day. They re charming and elegant. We extremely advise these clarks at any cost.

These very comfy clark shoes are real leather, not the ‘nearly’ leather we have inadvertently purchased the previous year. They do not scratch as quickly as some products. We believe they will last us a number of years and we are tough on shoes. Although a conservative design, they still look fashionable. They fit as anticipated.

We have long feet, 11 n, with a high instep, and these shoes fit completely. The reality that they have a little bit of flexible on both sides of each shoe is exceptional. And apart from that they are rather stylish and do not make our feet appear like weapon boats.

Charming shoes. They felt so comfortable when we first put them on, we didn’t wish to take them off. Actually gorgeous. We are size 8. 5 though often we require to buy a 9. These fit magnificently. We do not believe we will ever buy shoes that aren’t clarks any longer. Okay, we may be overemphasizing however clarks are definitively in our future.

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