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Children’s Dimetapp Cold & Cough-Congestion

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  • Value Pack
  • two of 4 oz bottles of Dimetapp Children’s Cold & Cough
  • among 4oz bottle Dimetapp Children’s Nighttime Cold & Congestion

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Dimetapp Children’s Nighttime Cold & Congestion Dimetapp Children’s Cold & Cough For ages 6 years and over

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Is The Cold & Cough Formula Non-Drowsy?

Sleepiness is among the Sid impacts.

Question Question 2

How Way Out Are The Expiration Dates, About A Year Approximately? Scared Purchasing 3 Bottles We May Not Utilize In Time, And Wouldn’T Wish to Toss Them Out.?

December 2020 expiration

Our Insights:

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Conserved the day. With 3 ill kids in the house we understood it would be difficult to get to the shop to get more cold medicine. Fortunately conserved the day and provided prior to we ran out of what we had at home. Dimetapp works marvels for our children. Symptoms ease within an hour of taking, and all 3 get much better rest when offered dimetapp.

This line of cold medicine works actually well to ease our kids cold/flu symptoms when they re ill. Very effective at supplying relief from congestion & coughing so our kiddos can rest. Our kids likewise like the taste, which is actually handy for getting them to take it when they require it. We ve attempted other brand names that tasted so horrible our kids gagged & spit the medicine out, so it did them no usage. This is our preferred.

First delivery although product was jam-packed firmly it had a leak, sticky package. Called and they sent out out a replacement and it remained in good condition. They did not req6me to returned due to mess and safety problem. Tossed it away. Does assistance our grand son when his allergic reactions make him cough a lot he cant sleep.

Our household has actually utilized dimetapp for 40+ years and it works great for the kids. Tastes sufficient for them to take it and it works. Sadly the package we got june 2020 ends november 1st2020 Looks like they are moving older product through. We make certain it isn’t “bad” by the expiration date however understand it isn’t going to keep as long as the product you may buy in your area.

This is the only product that assists our child with a spastic cough. We normally stay with only natural products, however last winter she had a hard time a lot, we chose to offer this a shot.

For the winter we needed to evacuate on medications. When we got the packaged we saw among the bottles had actually spilled. Appears like the seal broke. We simply descarded that bottle and kept the others. We still believe it was a good cost for the pack. This is the only medication that deals with our children so we will continue bought.

This is a wise and practical product packaging ofcough syrup. Its in a perfect amount to minimize the requirement to run back and forth to the drug store to buymore Taste is great and it works.

This product is our go-to when our kid is ill. It works great.

We have actually utilized this product given that we were a kid. Now we offer it to our kids. It actually assists kick the symptoms of a cold. Works great.

Quick shipping and a great value.

Taste and impact.

Exceptional assisted 3 various ladies with 3 various symptoms.

Keeping this on hand simply in case.



We buy this on to conserve some cash purchasing in a set. This assists our kid through the winters. We have actually attempted it prior to and will continue to buy it, as suggested by his physician.

This is ideal to have on hand throughout winter. The quality of the product was great, good cost, and we certainly advise purchasing from this seller. Thank you.

For a runny nose this is fantastic. It stops sneezing and it stops a runny nose.

Boy enjoys this medicine.

This was suggested by our physician. Relieves our cough and we do not feel drugged in the early morning.

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