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Chattanooga ColPac - Reusable Gel Ice Pack - Blue Vinyl - Standard

Chattanooga ColPac – Reusable Gel Ice Pack – Blue Vinyl – Standard

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Chattanooga ColPac – Reusable Gel Ice Pack – Blue Vinyl – Standard.

  • Patented design of the Chattanooga ColPac gently delivers soothing chilly remedy and stays pliable throughout remedy
  • Supplies immediate ache aid to deal with fever, bruises, sprains, strains, and helps to handle swelling
  • Every chilly remedy pack is latex-free and is crammed with non-toxic silica gel, so it is secure for all ages to make use of
  • Simply apply instantly after an harm to regulate the irritation of sentimental tissue; Delivers as much as 30 minutes of soothing aid
  • ColPaC is most serviceable when stored in a freezer set at 12 ° F (-11 °C)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Chattanooga ColPac – Reusable Gel Ice Pack – Blue Vinyl – Standard.
Dimension:11 x 14 InchChattanooga ColPac – Reusable Gel Ice Pack – Blue Vinyl – Standard – 11 in x 14 in (28 cm x 36 cm) – Cold Therapy for Knee, Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Back for Aches, Swelling, Bruises, Sprains, Inflammation. Don’t warmth for sizzling remedy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Chattanooga ColPac – Reusable Gel Ice Pack – Blue Vinyl – Standard.

Question Question 1

How Do You Maintain It On Your Back?

Use an ace bandage to carry an ice pack anyplace in your physique.Realized this in PT.

Question Question 2

Whats The Distinction Between Black Or Blue?

Is there a patch that works on blue massive Colpacs? now we have had Three leak to date.

Question Question 3

How Do We Entry The Guarantee? We Have Had Mine For Four Months And Use It Possibly As soon as A Week And It Has Started To Leak Its Gel/Fluid. Please Exchange.?


Question Question 4

How Long To Re Freeze After Use?

we put mine again within the freezer till we have to use it once more.

Question Question 5

Is The Gel Pliable Or More Inflexible For Cold Therapy??

It stays pliable when chilly

Question Question 6

What Is The Distinction Between Blue And Black Colpac?

The blue one could be very low worth proper now at $13.49 from Movement Retailer (solely approved reseller for Chattanooga ColPac on .com different than .com the vendor) and makes use of vinyl. The black is thicker, however value more.

Question Question 7

How Long To They Take To Freeze?

We measured ours with a scientific thermometer in the midst of an 11″x14″ pack folded in half each 15 minutes from Room Temperature (74°F) to Freezing (32°F) and it took 75 minutes.

Question Question 8

Does It Wrap Round The Knee?

we guess that is dependent upon the scale of your knee. now we have a number of sizes of these ColPacs (Love them.). This specific dimension is not going to go round our knee. we apply it to high of our knee, nevertheless it does go comfortably down all sides of it. we additionally us it on our shoulder. It is a very nice dimension, however they do make a large again one which I we guess that is dependent upon the scale of your knee. now we have a number of sizes of these ColPacs (Love them.). This specific dimension is not going to go round our knee. we apply it to high of our knee, nevertheless it does go comfortably down all sides of it. we additionally us it on our shoulder. It is a very nice dimension, however they do make a large again one which now we have as properly, that may go round your knee. When you have a small knee, it will wrap round it. Hope we did not confuse you an excessive amount of :-)These ColPacs are value having.

Question Question 9

Neck Contour Cold Pack – How Is It Stored In Place?Does It Get Actually Cold?How Long Will It Be Effective?

This ice pack could be very versatile. Despite the fact that it is for a neck it may be used on shoulders, knees, ft, and so on. The weight of the ice pack holds it in place. A barrier needs to be used between the pores and skin and ice pack for safety. It stays chilly about 40 minutes however most individuals will use it for 20 minutes at a time.

Question Question 10

Our Colpac Was Changed In March Due To Leaking.The Alternative Is Now Leaking. How Can We Get A New Alternative?Thank You.?

we’d contact the corporate.

Question Question 11

Why Cant We Return This Order?

Don t know why it could possibly t be returned , if it might have been returned we definitely would have returned .

Question Question 12

We Simply Acquired Our Cold Pack And Haven T Opened But However We Can Inform It S Too Massive And Heavy. We Would Like To Return It.?

All you should do is log Into your account;lookup previous orders and choose the cool pack.Look for the return button and let know you d prefer to return it.As soon as the vender approves the return, you may be notified by e-mail to print out your return handle label and different directions about crediting your acco All you should do is log Into your account;lookup previous orders and choose the cool pack.Look for the return button and let know you d prefer to return it.As soon as the vender approves the return, you may be notified by e-mail to print out your return handle label and different directions about crediting your account.It s a reall6 good gel pack.nice to retailer in freezer and use for again or knee ache.

Question Question 13

We Want For Neck And High Of Arms. Will This Work And Long Sufficient?

Sure, we use it for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.we will wrap it round our knee or cowl our neck and a part of our shoulders.we like it and would buy it once more.The rehab we went to used an identical one.

Question Question 14

Is There A Cowl?

No there is no such thing as a cowl.

Question Question 15

Our Colpac Arrived With Small Beads Of Moisture And Was Damp Inside Zipped Package -Is This Regular?

Whats up Beth D.We’ve addressed your query with our Chattanooga division, they’ve knowledgeable us that that is regular for the package deal to be a moisture attributable to a condensation course of, we advocate simply to dry with a material or towel, and use as instructed. Whats up Beth D.We’ve addressed your query with our Chattanooga division, they’ve knowledgeable us that that is regular for the package deal to be a moisture attributable to a condensation course of, we advocate simply to dry with a material or towel, and use as instructed.We hope that this Solutions your query, have a blessed day

Question Question 16

How Long Will They Stay Cold?

Very chilly will final most likely round 20 to 30 minutes, nonetheless chilly for one other 20 minutes, then barely chilly for one other 20 minutes, then it can stay chilled previous that, does not take too lengthy within the freezer to refreeze. works nice for us.

Question Question 17

Nylon/Vinyl Cowl?

No cowl included, we make our personal covers or use a towel to wrap round it. The ColPac are reusable.

Question Question 18

Anyone Know How Many Ounces Of “Gel” In The Small Col Pac (5.5X7.5). Would Like To Carry-On With Us On Airplane?.?

The small ice pack we ordered is so heavy, approx. Three or Four lbs, now we have by no means even opened the producer’s packaging. It’s an excessive amount of weight to put onto our neck. we missed the return date by at some point attributable to being on a trip.

Question Question 19

Does It Leak?

we use these recurrently and the supplies that have been used to deal with the gel could be very sturdy and thick.now we have had no issues with leaks what so ever.

Question Question 20

Can We Use With A Pillow?

sure. Simply slide it into pillowcase with pillow. Be sure that to have an honest cotton or flannel thread pillowcase to keep away from chilly burn

Our Insights:

See our insights (primarily based on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or primarily based on some research work) on Chattanooga ColPac – Reusable Gel Ice Pack – Blue Vinyl – Standard, these could be helpful for better understanding.

This product carried out properly within the first few weeks, it cools quick and we will use it more than 5 instances a day. We purchased a smaller black one and a barely bigger blue one. The blue colpac began to leak after Three weeks at one spot, in one other week, it leaked at two more pin holes alongside the seam of the pac. This rendered the pac fully ineffective. We’ve giving it three stars and holding our fingers as a result of the smaller black one didn’t spring any leaks and continues to be working completely. It provides us a good cooling impact on our quads and knees. Djo buyer care refused to exchange it initially and withdrew its return button. After posting a one star assessment, doj referred to as the following day providing to exchange the product. Ready for directions to return as of 8/21/23018. Added one star again whereas we’re ready ready.

We’ve had this product for 1 mo now. Following rotator cuff restore surgical procedure amd returning to work 3. 5 weeks later we wanted one thing moveable, to be stored within the freezer at work. This after using an rx ice machine we rented at large value post-surgery. Our pt workplace makes use of this model and regardless of some evaluations on the positioning the place individuals have had packs leak we determined it was value the associated fee to present it a shot. We could not be happier. The pack has a great weight to it and the rounded edge folds excessive of your shoulder/bicep. The ends present a lot wanted chilly remedy to the areas on the entrance of the shoulder/arm and armpit which change into infected after surgical procedure and from pt. The pack has good weight to it and it sinks proper in, conforming to your shoulder all the way in which down the entrance and again. One thing you completely don’t get with normal onerous or tender packs. No points with leakage as of but however we’re taking excellent care of them. We’re storing them flat within the freezer as instructed (not folded) contained in the freezer door; we do not lean again in a chair or mattress whereas now we have it on thereby placing stress on the seams, and we do not squeeze the pack into form when it is proper out of the freezer. We expect some of these destructive evaluations are from people simply not taking correct care/precautions and are additionally probably buying counterfeits. All in all that is properly definitely worth the quick change. Get a number of so that you just at all times have one readily available to make use of.

We ordered this earlier than our knee substitute. We purchased the bigger dimension and was very glad we did. These refillable baggage they ship you house with from the hospital are lumpy, too small, they leak, they do not keep in place, and are merely nugatory. First: this pack has some type of gel inside that will get ice chilly however stays versatile. Second: it simply conformed to the form of our knee in any place and keep put – no ‘attempting’ to get the chilly the place it was wanted. Third: it stayed chilly with no dripping such as you get from typical ice packs. Fourth: it has lasted and lasted. Six months in the past we had one other main again surgical procedure. This ice pack was a godsend as soon as once more, conforming completely to the curvature of our again, no matter our bodily place. No sliding off like we had with different forms of ice packs previously. Fifth: now we have extreme points with our ft. This pack wraps our foot with the identical becoming we acquired on our knee and again. Backside line: in the event you want or could also be needing an ice pack that delivers, you can’t beat this one.

We’ve two of these-this one, and one a bit smaller and black that we acquired on the hospital. Our docs and bodily therapist all recomend that we ice our low again as now we have a herniated disc (really reherniated, we had surgical procedure june 2017 felt superior for 2 months then the ache began creeping again and mrwe confirmed a reherniation so we’re having a 2nd surgical procedure 4/9/18 and we might be icing rather a lot throughout restoration. So these ice packs-the good is that they get chilly quite rapidly, particularly in comparison with different manufacturers now we have tried (and now we have tried many). The bad-they free their coolness considerably rapidly. We’d say it is nice for 10 minutes, and simply good to okay the following 10 then it is heat sufficient to not serve any profit. We see complaints that individuals have had these break. Like we mentioned, now we have tried quite a few manufacturers, sizes, and so on and the colpac has been probably the most sturdy. We’ve a Four 12 months previous nonverbal autistic son who has loads of sensory variations and for some motive he likes to squeeze these. And he squeezes onerous and nonetheless no breakage. We would buy one other one so now we have a great provide of these to rotate in and out of the freezer. The lack of star was as a result of it looses its coolness so rapidly.

We ordered two of these for our whole knee substitute on the recommendation of a bodily therapist. We’ve pudgy granny legs, so we ordered the biggest out there. What we did not anticipate is how heavy one very massive chilly pack is. It is too heavy for the basket on our walker; our walker needs to tip over ahead, and it is heavy for us to push, too. Additionally, for a really sore knee to have that a lot weight lowered onto it’s no joke. Our recommendation for every other fats ol’ grannies (or others) considering a complete knee substitute or one thing related is to think about who might be carrying this pack. When you have household there and will principally not should get your personal pack out of the freezer, then high-quality. Get the most important one. Simply be certain it is lowered gently, gently onto your leg, and then you possibly can prepare it in order that the load is distributed. But when you must go get your personal pack out of the freezer, we’d go with the second-largest, the usual dimension, even when it means you must sometimes shift it round to cowl your swollen knee. We tried happening to the very small ones, pondering possibly we might use multiples at a time (we blame the remedy for this silly thought), however really the small packs soften and get heat so quick it is hardly value hobbling to the freezer for it. Do buy this model; it is not good, nevertheless it’s the sturdiest, most versatile pack sells. However do not buy the very largest except you will have a sherpa at house to hold it to you and then again to the freezer. Really, buy 2 in order that one could be within the freezer when you’re utilizing the opposite one.

We purchased 2 of these to make use of after whole knee substitute. At instances, we alternated (1 within the freezer, 1 on the knee) & at different instances used each on the similar time (one on high of our knee & one on the underside). They labored properly each methods. The massive dimension allowed us to wrap it round our knee. We used it with a towel between the pack & our pores and skin & one other over the pack & that was comfy. The dimension additionally provides weight to it & that weight urgent down on our knee really felt good. Due to the scale, weight & flexibility we have been capable of drape it over our walker we used proper after surgical procedure which made it straightforward to hold hands-free again & forth to/from the freezer.

After having purchased a few icepacks the final 12 months we found this was the one we favored the very best. Large dimension and straightforward to wrap round a knee or get on the again. Feels top quality. It has held up properly over a couple of 12 months of fairly good utilization. That is the one we appear to make use of probably the most in our household. The weak spot is that the plastic could possibly be bit thicker. We have not had any points, however we’re cautious. Additionally we observed that some greater finish packs have a facet that has some insulation to maintain the temp secure. This does not so you will want to make use of a towel. Given the scale we’re certain it’s a value difficulty. General a terrific ice pack. Observe we had ordered a few and most got here wanting low-cost, or smaller than anticipated, and had some points. That is the one one we personally ordered that we favored, so we’re fairly choosy.

We’re so glad we found these. We performed school sports activities and had a coach that despatched us to the ice whirlpool after we had minor-moderate accidents. So we like our chilly remedy very chilly. We purchased 2 of these to ice our foot after pt (recovering from foot surgical procedure) and these infants are chilly. We at all times really feel superb after utilizing them. Do not take this as gospel, as a result of physique/pores and skin varieties differ, however they do not get so chilly that you must fear about ice burn or frostbite. We mistakenly/stupidly left one on for 40 min as soon as w/ direct pores and skin contact and did not get ice burn.

We’ve tried many alternative ice packs over the past 12 years – now we have suffered from many accidents and power joint pains (knees, hips, shoulders, wrists), and have had 2 again surgical procedures (fusion). Now you possibly can think about with so many accidents, surgical procedures and extreme power joint ache, that now we have most likely tried many manufacturers of ice packs – we positively have. Years in the past a bodily therapist used this model of icepack and we have been amazed by it. We might by no means keep in mind the identify, and as soon as we lastly did, we solely found them at very excessive costs and could not decide to spending a ton of cash on them. Then we lately determined to verify (do not ask why we hadn’t considered that but. Haha), these have been a very reasonable worth, so we purchased 2 of them. We had lately bought the black, medical grade ones as properly. The black ones have a bit more flexibility to them and the fabric is barely totally different (medical grade, polyurethane), however we really needed one other ice pack for our hip & needed it to have barely more firmness to it. These have been good. The materials is easy, versatile and comfy (just like the black, polyurethane ones). They get chilly quick, and even when ice chilly, they nonetheless are versatile – we love that they’ve the proper quantity of flexibility to them in order that they relaxation comfortably on our hip, however aren’t so versatile that they flop over. We’ve used them 2-Three instances/day since we purchased them a few weeks in the past (alongside with the black, polyurethane ones), and they’re nonetheless in good situation and work simply in addition to day 1. 100% definitely worth the little extra cash vs some different manufacturers (ace, and so on. ), as they’re much better high quality and we will inform will final for much longer. Do not even suppose twice, buy these. (we are going to put up this assessment underneath the opposite sizes we purchased as properly. ).

We use this on a regular basis after pt on our ankle. Why did not we buy this earlier than? that is the biggest we might discover. It wraps our ankle plus. Somewhat overkill for simply our ankle. However we plan to make use of it for different bigger wants. We won’t consider we did not get certainly one of these earlier than. We’ve used so many zipper sort plastic baggage and ice. We use it with an previous pillow case to guard our physique from freeze. Additionally advocate wiping down the pack with pillow case earlier than placing again within the freezer to maintain from icing up the pack and additionally including frost to your freezer.

We bought this for our canine who’s having some main sizzling flashes. We did not suppose that was potential for canines. We weren’t fairly certain the way it was going to work out however allow us to inform you, she loves it. She is a reasonably good canine and she even tells us now when she needs it. Principally round bedtime for her. We simply put it underneath her blanket and she goes and lays her head on it straight away. We put within the fridge and it cools fairly quick. Put it away in the course of the day and give it to her at night time. It’s a pretty first rate dimension and being a canine is utilizing it day by day now we have had no points with snags or holes or punctures of any variety so it is extremely sturdy. We’re very glad a member of the family advisable this product to us :).

We found these chilly packs to be glorious after we first began utilizing them. Good worth, good high quality, and the combination inside freezes properly whereas staying very versatile. General now we have been impressed with the standard with regard to how lengthy they keep chilly, in comparison with different main manufacturers. We’ve used it principally to assuage our pelvic area after pelvic pt periods. We additionally use them after we get complications and discover the flexibleness to be very useful in having the ability to form the pack to our physique and be comfy on the sand time. Nevertheless, we have been very dissatisfied when after 1 12 months of standard use, each packs burst inside weeks of one another. Globs of muddy paste comes oozing out on the seam the place it tore. We tried fixing it with shoe goo as advisable by one other assessment of this product not didn’t discover that it helped. So irritating. We anticipated it to final for much longer than 1 12 months.

These are nice, straightforward to make use of chilly packs. The chill in a few hours and keep chilly a very long time in use. The 5 begins for ache aid is because of the truth that they’re pretty much as good as any ice/chilly pack out there, nonetheless don’t anticipate opiod stage ache aid. Lets be sincere. Its a chilly pack. The solely motive we gave Four stars is as a result of after frequent use (our relative used a number of instances day by day for 1-2 months following a surgical procedure) they did develop leaks of the gelatinous goo inside. To be truthful our relative did throw /drop them to the ground every now and then, however they nonetheless developed leaks which required us to buy 2 more previous to her subsequent surgical procedure.

Simply had hip substitute, solely want 2 of these to ice total high half of our leg. Changed Four conventional ice packs which solely lined half our leg without delay, leaked, and have been an in depth quantity of labor for the ppl caring for us. They’re cheaper than shopping for ice. They’re very top quality. They get very chilly very quick regardless of dimension (we acquired 11″x14″) about 30minutes in an previous fridge. They keep chilly for 30-45minutes. Additionally, they’re fairly thick – approx . 5″ to possibly . 75″ – which makes them very straightforward to mould round areas like the highest of the hip. Our solely grievance is rarely figuring out about these. We dont suppose most ppl even know gel packs this dimension even exist. We had no clue till our bodily therapist advised us about them. Kudos to the vendor for getting our expedited supply to our home inside 20 hours. We would have liked them badly. Buy them, you may be glad you probably did. If youre simply out of surgical procedure like us and some has that can assist you, they are going to be very glad too.

We’re in love with the scale, the flexibleness and the way in which this pack holds the chilly. It really works nice inside a pillowcase to keep away from a bit little bit of the direct chilly. Its virtually large enough to wrap round our total ankle, go throughout our total again, or unfold throughout one facet of our leg. What else is there to say aside from now we have gone by loads of ice packs. Some do not get chilly sufficient and some break very simply, and this one is each sturdy and chilly sufficient to ice for at the very least 20 min.

We bought the colpac within the neck contour after a bodily therapist advisable that we buy a chilly neck wrap. We use this to forestall migraines, to deal with migraines and to deal with muscle cramps in our left trapezius. It’s fairly chilly proper out of the freezer. We use a towel between the wrap and our pores and skin for about ten minutes and after that put it immediately on our pores and skin. Often if we all know now we have to be outdoors within the warmth we are going to take it alongside in a cooler and put a few ice packs on it to maintain it as cool as potential whereas nonetheless within the automobile and put it on earlier than going outdoors within the warmth nevertheless it solely retains us cool about an hour after we do that. It stays cool longer indoors. We bought the colpac within the neck contour to exchange our previous one which we had bought a number of years earlier than. We typically use it every single day, typically we do not use it for months. Our previous one ultimately developed a small leak. After utilizing it with a small leak for a couple of 12 months it instantly began leaking throughout the perimeters. After we went to reorder we realized that we bought the previous one in 2013. Seven years put on is not too unhealthy as we do use it rather a lot.

These ice packs are nice. Bodily therapist advisable: it’s the model of ice pack our mother’s bodily therapist makes use of, and our mother favored them so properly that she asked for the model. They’re the very best ice pack for her shoulder and hip – they wrap round these areas and are large enough and heavy sufficient to ice totally. Our dad additionally wraps his foot in a single at night time. Not too long ago, we had a hip and knee harm and purchased two sizes for ourself, and they’re additionally, hands-down the very best ice pack now we have ever used.

That is good for our wants. (we noticed some individuals have been complaining about it dripping water, it is an ice pack people. Should you put it within the freezer with condensation on it, the condensation freezes, so whenever you take it out once more it melts – therefore the water. It is referred to as science. ) this pack is sweet and thick and a great dimension for higher again or decrease again. (if you would like each, we advise you go with the bigger pack which we additionally bought. ) it is holds it freeze longer than different packs and is properly made. We’ve used it a number of instances already and do not understand how we went with out it earlier than.

Superior product. Bought after utilizing the identical one throughout bodily remedy. We anticipated it to value a lot more. We’re so glad it was so cheap. Gel crammed so it doesn t change into onerous. Very straightforward to kind/mould to no matter form wanted. We used it to wrap round our elbow. Our relative has used it on her again. We advocate utilizing a pillow case as it will permit the chilly to switch a lot better than a towel. We felt nothing after 20 minutes with a towel. Skin was nonetheless heat. If you need a deep cool, use a pillow case. You possibly can at all times add a towel if it it too chilly.

This ice pack has been an actual life saver for the previous three months or more since we had our knee substitute surgical procedure. It’s an absolute should for all sufferers who should have put up surgical procedure physicial remedy and who should interact in private workout routines at house. This ice pack is important to scale back swelling after a exercise and has been nothing wanting relieving particularly after a grueling session. We advocate this ice pack for any one who has had main or minor knee surgical procedure or who want to scale back swelling of any type. It matches properly in your feeezer and is prepared for use inside a brief time frame. It s reusable and a cos saving to sufferers who could also be contemplating disposable types of ice packs. This ice pack is definitely worth the funding and will certainly be an enormous financial savings over time as knee restoration can final more than 7 months and as much as a 12 months. A should for sufferers who’ve had knee surgical procedure.

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