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Broncochem II Expectorant Syrup

Broncochem II Expectorant Syrup

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Broncochem II Expectorant Syrup.

  • The most complete, Safe and Effective Expectorant, deals with most symptoms of colds. It is a bronchial
  • decongestant, phlegm loosening up representative, looks after your bronchial, sinus congestion, watery eyes,
  • nose dripping., irritation of the respiratory passages.Helps loosen up phlegm (mucus) regarding
  • water down bronchial secretions to make coughs productive. Antitussive temporarily relieves allergy

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Broncochem II Expectorant Syrup.
The Legend Continues The earliest tested formulafrom Broncochem, Expectorant has made its credibility as one of the best and the most effective over the counter medications for clearing out phlegm and minimizing chest and nasal congestion. We thoroughly produced this formula to provide a detailed expectorant cold & flu solution that will conserve you from needing to take more products than you should. Strong Expectoration of Phlegm Guaifenesin assists thin and loosen up mucus in the lungs, and lubes the inflamed respiratory system, making it much easier to spend the mucus. Read more More Than an Expectorant We wear t stop atGuaifenesin We comprehend that mucus is only a little part of the entire therapy for congestion. We included the right dosage of Phenylephrine HCl, which works as a decongestant by reducing swelling in the nose and ears, and makes it much easier for you to breathe. We likewise included Acetaminophen, an active ingredient that assists eliminate pains and discomforts and lower possible fever triggered by many cold and flu. Another active component a small quantity of Dextromethorphan HBr utilized in the suitable dosage in mix with Guaifenesin, ends up being an effective way to eliminate ineffective coughs triggered by acute rhinitis, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions. Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressants: it acts upon a part of the brain (cough center) to lower the desire to cough. And last, a percentage of Chlorpheniramine Maleate, helps in reducing symptoms such as watery eyes and sneezing, by obstructing the action of histamine. Read more Alcohol & Sugar Free When you have a cold or flu, you wear t need to include unneeded sugar to your diet plan. Sugar assists develop more mucus and phlegm. While numerous cold and flu syrups contain sugar, and numerous other sugar-free products contain sugar alcohols, Broncochem Expectorant prides itself in being free of alcohol and sugar. This makesBroncochem Expectorant a much more secure product for you to utilize. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Broncochem II Expectorant Syrup.

Question Question 1

Is Broncochem Made En Ethiopia? Please Recommend?

No, It is made in the Dominican Republic.

Question Question 2

Does This Have Dye In It? Please Let United States Know The Non-active Components, We Have A Lot Of Allergies.Thanks.?

Broncochem expectorant has a very little quantity of organic food and drug color aprooved by the Food and Drug Administration. It s likewise alcohol and sugar free. The remainder of the non-active active ingredients might be found in the officialwebsite Broncochem dot com. Please let us understand it this assists.

Question Question 3

Is It Gluten Free?

Yes, Broncochem Expectorant is gluten, sugar, and alcohol free.

Question Question 4

It Would Be Handy To See Just How Much Guaifenesin Remains In It Per Dosage, Could You Post An Image Of The Component Label?

Thank you foo your question. It s on the label and package sides. According to Guaifenesin (Expectorant). 200.00 mg per 10 cc or ML. We provide with the right mix of other components that develop the sinergy to improve the Broncochem efficiency. Thanks. The Broncochem Group

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Broncochem II Expectorant Syrup, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This expense a lot however, we have a bad cough from chronic copd phase iv. It is the only things that works, attempted nearly all other various brand names, no luck.

Absolutely nothing worked with or without prescription, this is wonderful, we have asthma. R.

It will take your breath away and you will be gasping for air, however it gets the job done of getting that mess to come out.

We had the flu and then a sticking around cough later on which became bronchitis. None the prescriptions we attempted worked up until the medical assistant at our physician’s workplace informed us to attempt this. We did and we felt better the next day. We have not coughed given that.


Its a great sirup it assist to expell phlegm and outdoors passage, we utilize it on our boy who is asthmatic and he seldom was wheezing,, good to ha e in the house.

Showed up quickly in the middle of a pandemic. Thank you.

Will buy it again.

Swe us agrado.

Que swe es bueno es bueno, para el catarro y para la gripe.

Great product & customer support- consisted of samples of comparable products w/ the original order throughout the covid 19 pandemic as a reward. Very pleased w/ their generous gesture.

Con gusto seguire comprandolo excellente.

This is wonderful. The finest for cough and lungs.

Great product.

A colleague who heard us coughing suggested it. We were happy to find we might get it on. The cough medicine assisted us eliminate a sticking around problem of a cough. We would buy it again in a heart beat.

The package was opened.

We enjoy it is great.

Mama likes it.

We have attempted utilizing numerous products for many years to eliminate congestion throughout a cold or allergic reactions. One day we saw this in a drug store in a dominican community and chose to provide it a shot. It does what it states it does. We suggested this to a friend who had overcome a cold however still had the sticking around congestion and she thanked us the exact same week due to the fact that she was lastlybetter I. Dream they had this at at target, walgreens, and so on

This is a staple for our household. We sent this all the way to a member of the family in missouri. Whom felt better by the next day.

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