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Boogie Mist Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids

Boogie Mist Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Boogie Mist Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids.

  • ASSISTS CLEAR AND MOISTURIZE: Boogie Mist Saline Nose Mist assists hydrate dry, inflamed, stuffy noses and flush dust, dirt, and pollen from nasal and sinus passages
  • NATURAL SALINE FORMULA: Non- medicated sterile saline mist is natural, hypoallergenic, and works quickly inside the marine cavity to ease congestion.
  • GENTLE: Gentle enough to utilize as typically as required everyday or when cold, flu or allergy symptoms are at their worst.
  • CONVENIENT & EASY-TO-USE: Gentle, kid-friendly saline mist is a user friendly alternative to saline spray or drops.
  • SCENTED SCHNOZZLE: No scent contributed to the natural saline formula however comes with a Fresh scented applicator suggestion (Schnozzle) that kids enjoy.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Boogie Mist Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids.
Boogie Mist Sterile Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids Delicate Noses Clear Congestion, Fresh Fragrance, 3.1 Ounce

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Boogie Mist Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids.

Question Question 1

Baffled. Does This Truly Have Some Sort Of Scent Added? “Fresh Fragrance” Is Mentioned Here, However The Active Ingredients Make It Look Like Simple Saline.?

It has a scented disk below the nozzle. It can be gotten rid of however the aroma remains and it is strong and terrible. we didn’t understand about the aroma prior to bought since we only checked out the components in which it is not discussed. Good for you for taking note (unlike me.)

Question Question 2

Would This Be Handy For An Adult?

Yes, however it is more expensive than nose mist products made for adults.

Question Question 3

How Frequently Can This Be Utilized?

As typically as required, it s simply saline

Question Question 4

Does This Come Without Fragrance? Or How Is The Fragrance “Optional” As Somebody Had Pointed out?

The suggestion is scented, not the spray

Question Question 5

Is This Refillable?


Question Question 6

Does This Come Sealed?

Yes, it does come sealed

Question Question 7

Can We Utilize This On A Newborn Baby?

we utilized this at 4-5 weeks baby. She didn’t like it however we would ask your medical professional

Question Question 8

If Utilized Every Day, How Long Will One Container Last Me?

Depends upon for how long you hold the mist and the number of times.Mine lasted months however we did not utilize it every day.

Question Question 9

How Old Does Baby Need To Be To Utilize This?

We have been utilizing it on our baby because she was an infant. However we utilize it in combination with a suction bulb and the Baby Frieda, Nose Frieda (which is among the very best innovations ever).

Question Question 10

Is This Able To Be Continue In The Plane?

we have not been dropped in TSA when we have taken it in our diaper bag.

Question Question 11

The Active Ingredients State Only Water AndSalt How Is That Possible If It Is Scented? We Are Trying to find A Pure Product Without Any Other Components.?

we are not exactly sure precisely, however we do understand it’s not scented unless/until you shake it.

Question Question 12

What Should We Do If It Inadvertently Gets In Baby S Eyes?

we have mistakenly done this as baby was wiggling excessive. we do not believe it harm his eyes at all, we simply cleaned it off the very best we could.

Question Question 13

Can You Start Selling The Odorless On On As Well Please?

we second this.

Question Question 14

What Is The Youngest Age That This Product Is Suggested For?

we would ask a physician

Question Question 15

What Is Utilized To Develop The “Fragrances”?

The suggestion is scented, not the real spray

Question Question 16

Is This Aerosol? Don’T Wish to Utilize A Spray With Chemicals For Our Kids.?

It isn’t a pump and it does not spray out, it sprays a great mist so we think it is thought about an aerosol however it does not contain any chemicals and is totally safe due to it being simply saline water that remains in a can under high pressure. If it is a substantial issue of yours, there is plastic bottles of saline that you a It isn’t a pump and it does not spray out, it sprays a great mist so we think it is thought about an aerosol however it does not contain any chemicals and is totally safe due to it being simply saline water that remains in a can under high pressure. If it is a substantial issue of yours, there is plastic bottles of saline that you in fact squeeze and the pressure of it coming out a small hole makes it spray a great mist however we do not believe this specific brand has that. we hope this assisted.

Question Question 17

What Is Utilized To Include The Grape Fragrance To Your Nasal Spray? We Attempted To Search The Active Ingredients List However Didnt See Anything.We Are Hyper-Conscious Mom?

The suggestion is scented, not the real spray

Question Question 18

Can You Eliminate The Scented Disc Prior To You Utilize.?

we do not believe so, it is all one piece. The aroma has faded after a number of usages.

Question Question 19

Can The Fragrance Be Gotten Rid Of In Some Way?

This isn’t scented. It s simply saline mist. It s not like the wipes.

Question Question 20

Can This Be Utilized For A Baby With A Cleft Pallet?

Truthfully we are not exactly sure however we will state that we didn’t care for it. our baby disliked it, we wld hardly squeeze it otherwise the spray was too extreme.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Boogie Mist Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our 2 months old baby had a stuffy nose for a month. We have been utilizing saline drops with her and the frida, however the boogies didn’t disappear. In truth, they got so even worse at the point of her nose being so inflamed that it was bleeding. And at?? it was hard for her to breathe even if we suctioned the mucus each time she nursed. We started utilizing boogie mist 2 nights back. What a substantial distinction. Throughout the opening night, we discovered a considerable modification in the way our baby breathed, and throughout the 2nd night, she was breathing usually, no indication of mucus. Her little nose is healing thanks to this terrific product. We can lastly sleep well again too.

So we believed that saline drops were great. Sure we needed to hold our baby down and place them in her nose while she shrieked however eventually she relaxed since she liked her nose cleaning up. This spray is a wonder. Our baby sits silently while we place this in her nostril and spray. Unsure how or why she likes it and is so calm however it is seriously incredible. Clears her nose and she hasn’t had a crusty nose after a few days of usage. We utilize it two times a day as soon as in the early morning and right prior to bed.

Lost without this things. We keep one in our living-room and one in our space. Our little young boy was born towards completion of september and a great deal of nights we can herd him breathing through dried boogers. We offer him a spritz of this when we feed him in the evening and then generally in the early morning. It assists loosen up things up so he can breathe when he consumes. There have been some enormous dry boogers that have shot out when he sneezes and it s likely due to utilizing this to dampen up the edges. Absolutely nothing scarier than a baby who can t breathe. * upgrade – we still enjoy this things. It s christmas break with a lot household around and our baby is 3 months old. He was having a tough time consuming tonight since of a lot snot in his nose. We reside in a very dry environment so without this we think we would remain in the er tonight. We sprayed two rounds of it and when he sneezes both nostrils had substantial boogers shoot out of them. This is without a doubt our finest baby device.

When snot takes control of that stunning young children face, you understand what requires to occur. Saline spray. Ugh, and that draws as a parent. For some factor nasal spray is scary. It generally winds up with us in some uncomfortable position (as if im playing tornado) holding down a 3 years of age in which we swear has super human strength and blindy squeezing a bottle hoping some of it wound up in his nose. We saw this a chosen it deserved a shot as our body doesn t bend like it utilized to. He likes it. Its like concealing their veggies in their food. Simply the re-design of the standard bottles intrigues them. Our kid now pleads me, momour, let us do it. And he does. Genius.

Bought it to keep on hand for our 3 year old granddaughter simply in case she got a cold. Finest choice. She got a cold. We taught her how to utilize by letting her assistance us utilize our own simply saline spray. She would assist us; then, we would assist her. She got a kick out of informing us how to utilize our spray, then how to utilize her spray. It assisted her head congestion. We believe it might have likewise assisted to keep congestion from entering into her chest. She began to ask for the spray. She likes her having her own “boogie spray”. We enjoy it trigger it’s natural. Do not need to stress over over-medicating. Now, she has one in your home, and we keep one here at gramma n papaw’s. Simply in case. Worth it.

We provided this 4 stars rather of 5 even if of the sprayer. This shoots out quite hard for our infant kid. We spray this in a little shot glass and utilize an eye dropper to get this in his nose now as we seem like the spray was too difficult for him. That being stated, this product does it’s task. We enjoy that it has two components, and we understand what they are. We will continue to utilize this product in the future and would buy it again. We make sure as he gets a bit older the spray will not trouble him as much.

We got this for our 4 mo old baby when ill season came rolling in hot. He was all sorts of packed up and we had a system of utilizing this and waiting simply a few minutes and then suctioning all the scrap out so he might breathe. We would lay him down on his table and spray this in each nostril and then hold him (cradle or upright – never ever leaked out) and would offer it a little time to work and then the nose sucker came out and pulled out the slime way much easier than if we would have utilized strickly the sucker. Fast forward a few days – we get ill. We get assaulted by the mucus and can’t breathe out of our nose. We got this spray and utilized it and then went and set in bed. Within a few minutes there was an opening that we might breathe through. This things is a little shocking when you at first utilize it, however then you understand what to anticipate and it’s amazing. We suggest this for kids and adults alike.

Our 3 months old kid typically has stuffy nose around morning (3am to 8am) because he was a newborn, and we do not understand what triggered it. We asked his medical professionals however they all stated he is great and that is typical however the stuffy noses trouble him. So, we purchased this because it is inexpensive (does not harmed to attempt, right?). It is sort of offer him an alleviate right away everytime we utilize it on him. It absolutely does not absolutely clear it, however. The bottle is likewise much larger than we believed it would be. It is practically the very same high like a water bottle. What we do not like about it is the aroma. It is a very good aroma however we do not see the point of including the aroma to something you expect to spray on a baby/child nose. It is simply very unneeded to include something affritical to it. We would offer it 5 stars if they get rid of the aroma.

We have two young children so we constantly have few extra bottles of this mist in our home because our kids are too young to discover how to blow their nose. We utilize this to assist soften the dry boogers prior to we suction them out (good to set with nose frida or occobaby.) in addition, this mist assists with stuffy nose. Would absolutely suggest this product to moms and dads with infants.

Our little woman definitely dislikes whatever and anything near her nose these days (she’s practically 8 months) however we were getting desperate since her bad little nose was so congested it was impacting her sleep. It took us a few attempts to in fact get it close enough to her nose to spray it and we weren’t holding our breath since we could not get the nozzle totally therein, however within 5 minutes it was cleaning up. Dislike her weeping, however the product works. We will be purchasing more and extra for any baby showers we get to. The only problem we have is the aroma. It’s strong. Baby woman didn’t care for the odor either. We hope they come out with the very same product, minus the aroma. There is zero requirement for it. At this rate our child will dislike the odor in the future and not understand why.

Our child has a cold and this is great to assist get her boogersout We do a little spray in each nostril to assist loosen up the boogers then we utilize the nose frida to draw them out (works way better than the bulb). We like that the only components are water and salt. We were going to buy the little remedies brand initially however discovered they had extra components that weren’t required. Our child is 3 months old.

Our baby (now 11 weeks) has been crowded because he began day care at 7 weeks old and this spray assists to keep his little nasal passages clear enough to consume conveniently and allows him to continue breathing through his nose. We simply spray into his nostrils at the start of a diaper modification and utilize a nasal suction tool to get the softened snots out at the end. We do this prior to bed and right prior to bringing him to day care in the early morning. The scented nozzle is totally unwanted however it doesn t appear like there is a scent-free choice. The odor passes away fade after a couple days.

Incredible. Our newborn woman wound up with an awful cold at a few weeks old. She was sooo packed up. After attempting whatever we might consider for 4 days directly (consisting of saline), we lastly bought this and a nose frida after an awful night of her not having the ability to nurse since her nose was so packed up. This things worked surprisingly.

This is best for dampening nasal passages to aid in booger elimination. Likewise good for calming inflammation, stuffiness, and dryness in little noses. The container appears to last permanently and the infant safe suggestion is a good function. Some nasal sprays have lots of scrap so we enjoy that this one only includes saline. The truth that the top is scented is ineffective to us and we would choose odorless however that’s small.

So pleased we acquired this. Dream we had acquired quickly. Prior to acquiring this, we had a hard time for over 30 minutes attempting to get rid of booger s from our babies nose. She shrieked, squirmed and wept hysterically. We acquired this product hoping it would assist and make the procedure of unclogging her nose much easier, and young boy did it assist. So simple to utilize. Even with a small moving head, we had the ability to spray each nostril quickly. And the difficult difficult booger s came out quickly in less than 30 seconds. We couldn’t think we were done so quickly. Dream we had acquired this faster. A half hour weeping experience became a less than 2 minute task.

Bought this product for our newborn. It assists clear out that congestion that infants can t get out of their noses by themselves. We like it a lot more than the drops since it appears to trouble him less. When we attempted the drops, it would decrease his throat and make him mad. Given that this is a mist, we put on t have that issue any longer. We are thankful we attempted it. We may need to get some for ourself to attempt out throughout this winter lol.

This is such an easier product than what we utilized for our other two older kids when they were infants. Our latest baby still dislikes having her nose suctioned (they all do.) however the boogie mist is simple to utilize when holding a having a hard time child, simply 1 quick squirt in each nostril. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Lol. It’s odorless and tidy. We would absolutely suggest to other mommies.

This sprays so simple. Our little person (6 months) does not even appear troubled by this nasal spray. He utilized to dislike the other brand. This has a good light mist. The more difficult you press, the more you get. And in 2 days, its considerably enhanced his nasal drain from allergic reactions. And its an outstanding cost for the size.

Truly like this spray, our sinuses have constantly been an issue and we now have copd so in some cases we get stuffy. This is not a regulated spray so we can utilize as much or as low as we require. We have utilized it as a complete rinse and as simply a spray when sinus is running. Pointer has an enjoyable odor and is incredibly simple to utilize and control. We can see that it would be simple to utilize on a child. Good value.

We have purchased 4 saline nasal sprays for our senior mother. This is the very best one up until now since it sprays a great mist rather than a stream or spray. The fresh aroma smells terrific. It’s not too strong of an odor either. Only down part is it’s hard for our mother to push the spray button. If boogie might make it much easier to push the button then it would be best.

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