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Here are a few main benefits of Bonjela Adult.

  • Sugar Free
  • Effective Pain Relief for mouth ulcers

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IngredientsContains 8.714% Choline Salicylate and 0.01% Cetalkonium Chloride as actives Likewise includes Ethanol (Alcohol) See brochure for more information Product DescriptionBonjela. A clear sugar free, aniseed flavoured, pain alleviating oral gel utilized to;. Alleviate the pain and pain of common mouth ulcers and fever blisters. Aid the healing of sore areas and ulcers due to dentures and braces. PLESE READ THE CONFINED BROCHURE CAREFULLY BECAUSE IT INCLUDES ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR YOU. Active Components: Choline Salicylate 8.714% w/w, Cetalkonium Chloride 0.01% w/w. Other Active ingredients; Ethanol, glycerol, menthol, hypromellose 4500, aniseed oil, sodium saccharin and water. (Glycerol can be damaging in high doses and can trigger headache, indigestion and diarrhoea). * DO NOT PROVIDE TO CHILDREN OR TEENAGERS UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE. This is due to the fact that there is a possible link in between Salicylates and Reye’s syndrome when offered to children. Reye’s syndrome is a very uncommon illness which impacts the brain and liver and can be deadly. DO NOT USAGE if you are suffering from a stomach ulcer. DO NOT USAGE if you dislike salicylates or to any of the other components in this product. STAY OUT OF REACH AND SIGHT OF CHILDREN Instructions: For topical oral usage. Examine that the cap seal is unbroken prior to first utilizing this product. Mouth Ulcers and Sores; Massage around one centimetre (half an inch) of Bonjela onto the sore location. This can be duplicated after 3 hours. Denture Sores: Massage around one centimetre of Bonjela onto the sore location and leave a minimum of 30 minutes prior to reinserting the dentures. Do not use Bonjela straight to the dentures. Do not surpass the mentioned dosage as Salicylate toxicity might take place as an outcome. If your symptoms do not disappear after 7 days of treatment, you ought to see your Physician or Dental expert. See all Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bonjela Adult.

Question Question 1

Ok To Utilize On Your Tongue?

Yes. It will tingle a lot in the beginning, however it quickly passes and is not unpleasant. Attempt a little in the beginning to check what is the correct amount for you. This CONSERVED our life when we remained in England and broke a tooth throughout a weekend, established an abscess and unpleasant. we are so delighted to have found it here.

Question Question 2

What Is The Expiration Date?

It’s on the tail of television or other end from the cap

Question Question 3

What Is The Expiration Date??

Yhe Expiration on the 2 we purchased was Feb 1, 2018

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bonjela Adult, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We checked out online that this product might be used to the skin around a nose piercing if a little bump/infected pore continually surrounds the piercing. We purchased this on an impulse, and we are delighted that we did. It does precisely what individuals online stated it would do and our piercing appearances better than ever.

Bought this to assist with tooth pain as our knowledge teeth began glimpsing through gums (however inadequate to have them eliminated in the immediate future). Actually the only disadvantage was needing to wait for it to come in given that there was no alternative for prime shipping. It has actually worked marvels on numbing install pain and making swollen gums more workable. In addition, attempted this out on a fever blister that simply wouldnt leave us alone and it likewise kicked that suckas a **. Unlike abreva or options, it numbed the pain in addition to eliminating the flaky dryness. Bonjela will certainly be a staple in our medicine cabinet for dealing with any type of mouth sores/soreness.

Since becoming aware of bonjela from some english pals of mine we have never ever let it leave our side. We suffer from fever blisters throughout the year, and constantly at the worst times, and we have never ever found any other medicine or topical cream that works in addition to bonjela does. If we begin to feel one beginning we quickly run some bonjela on the area and more times than not the sore does not blister huge or does not blister at all. We have actually utilized numerous otc drugs here in america (abreva, and so on) and have actually continuously been dissatisfied in contrast to our experiences with bonjela. If you resemble us and fever blisters afflict your life we would extremely advise you buy some of this and offer it a shot, we guarantee you will be impressed like we were.

We can not state adequate about bonjela. Since of a medical condition we are on a medicine that makes our tongue truly dry. When this occurs we get incredibly unpleasant sores on the sides of our tongue that can last numerous days. We have actually attempted every product under the sun and none worked. We are continuously online looking for remedies. We checked out bonjela on a site and individuals were raving about it. However alot of the other remedies we check out had great evaluations likewise. So we stated what the heck, we will attempt it. We got it relatively quickly and followed the directions. After simply our 2nd application we saw a big enhancement. Then on the 2nd day the pain was totally gone. Now whenever our tongue begins to injure we utilize bonjela and the pain disappears and keeps away for a long period of time. If we might offer 6 stars we would.

We enjoy bonjela. We have actually been utilizing it for years and order from uk. Somebody informed us that we can get it from now and we quickly bought it. It s great for canker sores. It tastes great too. It does sting when you at first put the product on however we put on t mind it due to the fact that it works.

We have actually utilized this things back in the uk when we were maturing, and now lastly in the us. It works. It works better than anything we have actually ever had the ability to get our hands on and cleaned up a mouth ulcer in two days. Absolutely nothing works in addition to this as far as we can inform. Now if only we might get covonia over here.

Easy to utilize. Assisted clear our ulcer after one application. Alleviates the pain too. The taste can be a little odd however manageable.

We checked out online that this product would be excellent for the prevention or clearing of nose piercing bumps. We took our opportunity and purchased it on here due to the fact that it s not offered in the us. It works like an appeal. If we see a keloid coming, we put it on and within 24 hours our bump is either gone or practically gone.

Exceptional, we truly enjoy and require it, we attempt to state you can’t find this product in seattle other than.

Love the product.

We are old customer of bonjela and it worked finest. A little bit of guidance: we were having great deal of mouth ulcers for several years, and we continued utilizing bonjela. When things got worst, we were identified with ulcerative colitis. So if somebody has such issues he/she need to right away get his/her colonscopy.

Very great product.

Good rate – free shipment from uk.

Great medication. Super fast shipping.

Immediate pain relief and quick healing. We have actually utilized this product for over 25 years and have found nonebetter We stumbled upon this product in uk. Pleased to find from.

This works marvels. It alleviated pain instanty, although it seems like it burn a little in the start.

All we required was something various. And this product was it. Objective achieved.


This is without a doubt the very best product for mouth ulcers we havefound Worth shipping it from the uk to the us.

Bought this in the uk – works a lot better than abreva.

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