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Blistex Medicated Lip Balm

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blistex Medicated Lip Balm.

  • MOISTURIZATION: Seals in wetness to avoid drying of lip tissue.
  • RELIEF: Assists ease chapped or broken lips.
  • PROTECTION: Temporarily safeguards lips ¦ 3 lasting protectants reduce dryness and avoid reoccurrence.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION: Glides on conveniently to provide complete protection.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Blistex Medicated Lip Balm.
Size: 0.15 Ounce (Pack of 3)Blistex Medicated Lip Balm has 3 lasting protectants ¦ it seals in wetness to avoid dryness, and relieves inflamed lips. It slides on conveniently to assist provide complete protection and prevent more irritation of chapped lips. It offers SPF 15 sun protection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blistex Medicated Lip Balm.

Question Question 1

Is This Better Than Carmex? We Have Actually Been Utilizing Carmex, Now That Its Winter They Don’T Work AsWell Is This Better?

we have actually attempted them all, and Blistex is far superior to the others.It is really medicated and appears to recover and soothe dry chapped lips better than any we have actually attempted.

Question Question 2

We Simply Returned From 10 Days At The Beach And Our Lips Are So Burned & Look Like We Have Actually Been Stung ByBees Does This Work To Secure The Lips From Sun?

It has an SPF of 15, so some protection from sun. we constantly keep a tube of it in our beach bag and reapply every number of hours. Very moisturizing too.

Question Question 3

Don T Usage This More Than 4 Times A Day? What S That All About?

Hey There Alliot, There is no such guidance.As showed on the package, it is advised to reapply the product a minimum of every two hours to get the SPF advantage.

Question Question 4

Is It Safe To Utilize It Prior To Going To Bed? Spf Is Not Required At Night Right?

thank you for your question relating to Blistex Medicated LipBalm Yes it is safe to utilize prior to going to sleep, simply ensure to keep out of eyes and keep out of reach of children.SPF assistance safeguard lips from the sun. thank you for your question relating to Blistex Medicated LipBalm Yes it is safe to utilize prior to going to sleep, simply ensure to keep out of eyes and keep out of reach of children.SPF assistance safeguard lips from the sun.Have a great day and please let us understand if you have any other questions.

Question Question 5

Is This Flavored Or Unflavored?


Question Question 6

Can We Include This To Our Subscribe And Conserve Shipment?

Questioning the very same thing and it doesn t appear like it

Question Question 7

Is Each Tube Individually Sealed?

All 3 tubes comes together in the single package

Question Question 8

Is This Gluten Free?

we do not understand.

Question Question 9

Does 3 Count Mean 3 Bundles Or 1 Package With 3 Tubes In It?

you get 3 packs.

Question Question 10

Do You Have Any Of Their Older Lot Numbers From Earlier This Year? They Have Actually Altered Their Formula And It Is Horrible. Tastes Like Sun Block?

we do not, this brand variation works for our needs.We are all unique. Good luck in your search for a great fit for your requirements.

Question Question 11

One Location It States You Get 3 Tubes Per Order And Another Location It States You Get 9 Tubes.Which Is Correct?

One package, 3 tubes.

Question Question 12

Is This The Green Color Tube Or Mixture Of Other “Flavors”?

Simply the green one.

Question Question 13

Is This Better Than The Burt S Bees Medical Lip Balm?

It works better for us.

Question Question 14

Does This Variation Has Cooling Felling?

No – not truly unless your lips are exceptionally chapped then you may feel a little cooling. It is a lightweight moisturizing sensation.

Question Question 15

What Are The Active Ingredients?

Thank you for reaching out about the Blistex Medicated Lip balm.The active ingredients are as followed: Thank you for reaching out about the Blistex Medicated Lip balm.The active ingredients are as followed: Active Components: Dimethicone: 2.0% – Lip Protectant Octinoxate: 6.6% – SunscreenOctisalate: 4.4% – SunscreenInactive Active Ingredients: Beeswax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, cetyl paimitate, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, flavor, isopropyl ourristate, lanolin oil, menthol, methyl salicylate, mineral oil, ozokerite, paraffin, petrolatum, phenoxyethanol, polybuten, red 6 lake, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, titanium dioxide

Question Question 16

Is Blistex Gluten Free?

we would think it most likely is, however it is not identified as such, potentially since it’s not planned for intake.

Question Question 17

What Does It Odor Like?

Very little of an odor.

Question Question 18

Are All Of The Packs Currently Being Sold Past Their Expiration Date?

The last 3 pack we bought is good up until 9/2020

Question Question 19

Are They Thin Tubes?

Thay In tubes

Question Question 20

Is This Product A Strong In A Round Tube (Like Chapstick)?

Yes.And in our viewpoint much better than Chapstick.Chapstick is dry, Blistex is moist.we love it.And so do ourlips.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Blistex Medicated Lip Balm, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the only lip balm we utilize. We keep one in our nightstand, in our handbag, and with our makeup. Our spouse even brings one and he normally declines to bring anything that’s not strictly “manly”. ?? this is great things and you can’t get more affordable than this cost. Will absolutely be a regular purchase.

This is the only product that we can utilize in the winter to keep our lips from being chapped. We have actually invested a fair bit of cash on other lip moisturizers however absolutely nothing works other than the medicated blistex. Luckily we like the flavor (hardly obvious) and the way the medicated blistex makes our lips feel. The medicated moisturizer lasts for a number of hours which keeps our lips from ending up being dry and broken. We keep them all over your home, in our pockets and handbag. We have actually mistakenly cleaned our trousers with the blistex in our pocket. The leading remained on and there was no dripping of the medicated blistex in the wash. Nor existed soap from the washer in our blistex. The medicated blistex comes with a safe and secure top. What a great product. This product has actually constantly shown up quickly and in good condition.

We reside in a damp location that sometimes our lips will get truly chappy and fracture. Our lips likewise get truly bad in dry desert hot weather condition. It’s an uneasy sensation in our lips when it gets like that, and the only thing that will work are these blistex medicated spf lip balm. This 3 pack is a great value and lasts us a long period of time since we do not utilize these daily. We only require to utilize this throughout severe weather and no other lip balm however these will assist our lips. Our only grievance is we want it would keep our lips hydrated for a longer time period.

We are trumpet gamer and blistex is the only lip balm we utilize. It’s vital when we are playing a lot, particularly in the winter. It is very affective and does not trigger us to have small pimples on our lips, as chap stick does. We are now beginning to lather our kids with it in this freezing cold we’re having. They’ll grumble in the evening, we will put it on them, and they’re great the next early morning.

Our preferred lip balm. We dislike that flavored things, the sweet taste makes our lips feel sticky and does not do anything for our lips. This things is the shiz. It’s smooth, and keeps our lips super soft. Given that we began utilizing the blistex medicated kind we have not had a lip fracture when. (and we have actually discovered our spouse has actually had less too.) likewise little note, if your going to be consuming banana’s or cucumbers or such shaped products;-RRB- this is the very best imho. It’s super smooth and remains on. Oh truly great for papercuts too.

This is our diehard preferred chapstick of perpetuity. We constantly get the 3-pack and hope they’ll last us the month. It’s great have as an add-on, since now we can get them more affordable on than at walmart. We constantly require a handful of these simply in case.

We purchased this by error since we typically buy their medicated mint lip balm which we enjoy and is our preferred lip balm. We didn’t observe we were purchasing the incorrect one given that their product packaging is very comparable however the mint product packaging is an intense green and not dark green. We offered it 4 stars rather of 5 since the mint variation provides our lips a small tingly sensation when we first use it that makes us believe it’s workingbetter Hahabut this lip balm works simply as well as the mint variation.

Product provided to us by meals on wheels motorist and not the provider who ought to have provided it. Individuals from throughout the street watch others do as they will not do when the shipment is made to me. These individuals who blistex medicated lip balm spf 15, 0. 15 ounce (pack of 3) re my next-door neighbors are losers. They do not think in doing unto others as you ‘d like done to you. Blistex medicated lip balm spf 15, 0. 15 ounce (pack of 3) is a superior product and is medicated. We enjoy it.

Finest things ever to keep our lips safeguarded. We enjoy this things and it is the only lip balm we utilize all year long. It is not colored or tinted however there is a wee small color of balm-not shiny-a bit more matte– however it is best in its look. We have actually attempted practically whatever under the sun and this is our outright favorite and favored lip balm to utilize. We have actually been utilizing this for about 5 years and it is still the very best things we have actually ever utilized.

We are grateful that we picked to buy this product. We constantly use chapstick & we use it a number of times a day. We are type of choosy when it pertains to chapstick & we have actually absolutely had some that made our lips chapped. Crazy right?we wished to wait to compose an evaluation up until after we attempted it out for about two weeks. We truly like this product. It goes on very efficiently (which we have found to be rather crucial). We did not provide it a ranking on taste since we do not lick our lips, so we do not understand how it tastes. This product lasts a truly good quantity of time. When we use it, we do not require to reapply for a number of hours (unless we consume or consume) so that’s great. Plus, its a pack of 3. You can not fail with that particularly since it’s such a good product that you do not require to continuously reapply, so 3 of them ought to last some time. We would advise this product to friend or family. When we run out, we will absolutely buy again. If you’re type of on the fence like we were, proceed & get it.

Our partner and we purchased this chapstick to safeguard us from the cold that dries out lips. We have actually been utilizing it consistently this winter and it appears as though it is continuous. It has a minty taste, simple to utilize, and has a great consistency. We typically utilize a fruity flavor so this is a huge distinction however we do believe that it is making a distinction in keeping our lips moist.

For christmas, we got all our colleagues those neoprene crucial chain lip balm holders and put blistex in all of them. Ever since, we have actually had numerous discussions with colleagues about how they are changing to blistex for their lip balm requirements. We concur that it goes on truly efficiently, smells great (not as medical smelling as carmex for example), and does it s task.

Pretty legit. Buy a few packs. All of us require a work chapstick, home chapstick, cars and truck chapstick, coat chapstick, other coat chapstick, trousers pockets chapstick, home chapstick, boyfriend/girlfriend (or both. No judgment) chapstick, backup chapstick, winter sports chapstick, summer season sports chapstick, oh hey do you have some chapstick? chapstick. Buy a few of these packs. You ll be set. It s legitimate.

Our lips are simple to dry, particularly in texas at this time. It is very dry, peeling and wrinkles appear on the lips. We instantly opened as quickly as it was gotten. After using it, we do not feel the density. It is very moist and comfy when used, and has a soft sensation of water. The only frustration is that the taste is not very regular, and it is a bit punchy.

Our buddy is a nurse who offered us among these chapsticks. We were initially utilizing o’keefs chapstick since our lips breakout with the modifications of weather condition however after we changed to this one, we have not needed to utilize it very frequently since it works and assists recover the dry scab symptoms. And after that we found this pack for super inexpensive.

Only product we utilize to protect/heal our lips. When had mouth corner skin breaks from dryness and utilized this product/ recovered in a number of days. A relative had some lip soreness and this product assisted within a week. We do not anticipate to utilize any product other than biltex medicated lip balm, it is so good.

We have actually attempted it all, burts bees, chapstick, medicated lip balms, and so on. Absolutely nothing, and we suggest absolutely nothing, beats blistex. We are on accutane and we reside in the desert, and let us inform you, this is the only thing that works.

This is the very best of all the blistex. It has the mint zing without the taste, it slides on real smooth, and it has spf15 Regrettably, the shops stopped bring it., you have actually come through for us again.

This 3 count is best– we can leave a stick in our handbag, the bed room, and on our desk, and never ever need to go browsing for some chapstick. The product is very moisturizing, however it rubs off quickly. When our lips feel extra dry, we typically require to re-apply the chapstick numerous times throughout the day. However, when we use it prior to bed, our lips will feel soft in the early morning.

It s lip balm. It isn’t excessively melty. It tastes like wax, cuz guess what.?. That s what it s made from. It isn’t flavored, so you won t sit there licking your lips, and it ll assistance recover broken lips.

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