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BC Sinus Pain & Congestion Powder

BC Sinus Pain & Congestion Powder

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BC Sinus Pain & Congestion Powder.

  • Acetaminophen powder with an antihistamine and nasal decongestant
  • Temporarily relieves allergy and cold symptoms: nasal and sinus congestion, runny nose, sneezing, small pains and discomforts, headache, scratchy, watery eyes, itching of the nose and throat
  • Temporarily decreases fever
  • On-the-go powder stick packs
  • 4 powders; 6 pack

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BC Sinus Pain & Congestion Powder.
BC Sinus Pain & Congestion Powder has an effective painkiller, decongestant, and antihistamine. Get fast relief at the speed of powder from the pounding sinus headache and congestion that can accompany allergic reactions, a cold or the flu. Back in 1906, BC Powder was developed to bring you that quick headache relief you trust and have handed down since. BC’s effective mix of active ingredients relieves your difficult pain fast. Put BC powder into a glass of water or location it right on your tongue. Any way you take it, BC stops pain fast. Whether you pick Original Formula, Arthritis Formula, great tasting Cherry, Sinus Pain & Congestion or Daytime Cough & Cold, trust BC to look after your pain fast. BC is the main painkiller of Southern League Minors Baseball.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BC Sinus Pain & Congestion Powder, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like how fast acting it is. You should have something to consume or you’re going to vomit. If you ascertain it’s completely worth the experience.

Amazing sauce. Similar to we hoped it would. Very very pleased. Tanks a lot.????????.

Tastes revolting, however it works so great.

Work better for sinuses than goodys.

Stopped the sinus drain well.

Truly aid with our sinuses.

Very affective for the pain and sinus concerns.

They are our preferred bc sinus and congestion we acquired 4 count 6 pack they are great for sinus and headaches.

Works incredibly.

This is great. When we had a sinus infection it was the only thing that made our tooth pain disappear.

We enjoy the fast acting, pain relief.

Works well.

We have been a very long time user of bc powders for headaches. Works when other things does not. So familiar with their powderproducts As another person pointed out, we weren’t sure whether this was implied to be put straight on the tongue or mixed in a beverage, till opening package and reading that it is created to place on the tongue. Several years ago we stopped liquifying bc headache powders in beverage and began putting it straight on the tongue then swallowing with a soda. So we understand not to breathe in while it is on your tongue. That will constantly trigger you issues as some of the powder will stay with the back of your throat. Constantly swallow quickly with something that tastes good. 1 out of 100 times we do not swallow efficiently. For the relief bc offers, we will take those chances. We found the powder does alleviate our sinus headache in addition to any other product and works much faster than most. We cut the package, rather than ripping it open, given that we understand powder is simple to spill. If you can discover to take powders rather than tablets, this is a good alternative for you to attempt.

Wow. Fast relief. We purchased this product throughout the summertime and didn’t have much of a modification to examine it. However, fall allergy season is now upon us. We simply had our first severe sinus headache associated to allergic reactions. We were stunned at how quickly this bc powder offered relief. Each powder pack is pre-measured. You can either put it straight on your tongue, or include it to a glass of water and consume it. In any case, it is simple to take. Caution: we choose to include the powder to a little glass of lemon water due to the fact that the powder is quite awful tasting. The powder is unflavored and bitter. However, we aren’t taking it for pleasure, right? note: we are unsure why the description states, “each powder pack includes 2 doses.” we have been utilizing one complete powder pack as directed.

This is a good alternative to take a cold medication, and we like that the sticks can be utilized to take less of the advised doses if required. In our case, we are too practical to this kind of cold medication, so we can only take half of what other individuals require, and we only take it when we are feeling so ill that we should in order to breath and get some sleep. In the past, we needed to cut a pill in two, now with the powder, we only take half of the stick, and conserve the rest for later on. These bc sticks are likewise very simple to bring, so we can have them in our bag, or in a drawer at the workplace.

We attempted great deals of various products from sudafed, to benadryl to dayquil. This one works better than benadryl and dayquil. It does not have the very same outcomes as sudafed however it likewise does not have the negative effects. This is a tasteless powder. Simply put it on your tongue. Considering that it is a powder, we have a glass of water useful as it can have a little a drying feeling in the back of the throat. Outcomes were within about 30 minutes. Considering that our throat was inflamed from post nasal drip we believed we may prevent putting the powder straight into our moth by blending it with water. Sadly, this does not mix with liquids at all. So, quick outcomes without negative effects.

We like bc powders due to the fact that we seem like they work quicker than pill types of painkiller. This cold/pain powder resembles the routine bc powder we have utilized prior to. Nevertheless rather of blending it in a liquid you’re simply expected to take it to the head straight and then down a beverage. While that is the quickest way to consume it, the taste is absolutely not something anyone would find pleasurable. The pain relief fasts like routine bc powder and it did aid with light congestion. This would not be our go-to for cold relief, however if you’re having a little sinus congestion and a headache, this will most likely assist you feel better.

Incredible product. We had running noise and sore throat in the midnight and could not go to sleep. After taking one pack of bc, the pain was nearly gone and we can sleep through the remainder of the night. Such a life saver. The package is simple to bring and open. We put it under our tongue and consume a lot of water to swallow it. It in fact took us two times to end up the pack- not due to the fact that the bitter taste, however the package is hard to put. This is our only grumble, other than that, it deals with us and relief our sore throat in very brief time. We would continue purchasing it as a should have one in our home.

We have been a substantial fan of bc powders for a number of years now. They are incredible in how wuickly they work however being a powder and blending it in water or juice indicates that it soaks up into the system more quickly than when your stomach acids need to work to break down tablets and tablets and does the job. So naturally that bc now makes a gormula for cold and sinus congrstion is amazing, espicially sonce it is every bit as quick and result as their bc headache powders. These are not except great.

These packages are practical due to the fact that we can slip a few in our bag when we are out and about. It would be even more practical if the packages had a little slit for tearing them open. Without scissors, the only way we might figure to open the package was to pull it apart at the back joint. Since it’s powder, we do not need to wait for a pill to liquify prior to it begins working. The powder tastes nasty, however it begins working as quickly as we swallow it. A quick swallow of water eliminates the taste.

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