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Bamboobies Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed

Bamboobies Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed

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Here are a few main benefits of Bamboobies Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Velour Side: 65% Bamboo Rayon/25% Cotton/10% Polyester|Jersey Side: 95% Bamboo Viscose/5% Spandex
  • Imported
  • PAIN RELIEF: Assists soothe and comfort sore nipples and breasts to provide various levels of temperature level control
  • DOUBLE-SIDED: Rayon Velour (65% Bamboo Rayon/25% Cotton/10% Polyester)/ Rayon Jersey (95% Bamboo Viscose/5% Spandex)

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Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed, Heating Pad or Cold Compress for Breastfeeding

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bamboobies Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed.

Question Question 1

So You Put Nursing Pad Versus The Breast And After That The Breast Pillow On Top? Can You Feel The Heat/Cold Thru The Pad Still?

Yeah, the factor you wish to utilize the pad is so you do not leak onto the pillow. However you still can feel the heat & cool temperature through the pad.:-RRB-

Question Question 2

We Acquired These, However Recommendations Are Minimal. Which Side(The Fleece Side Vs The Jersey Side) Breaks Your Breast When Heated Vs When Cold?

Fleece when warmed, and then once they begin to cool down we will often turn them.

Question Question 3

Are These Oeko-Tex 100 Qualified?

The material utilized for the therapy pillow is OEKO-TEK Qualified.

Question Question 4

Has Anyone Acquired These To Utilize Why Laying Face Down While Getting A Massage?

Have not attempted that. However we believe that would be very soothing.

Question Question 5

Is It Okay To Leave Them In The Freezer When There Not Being Utilized?

If you are speaking about leaving it in the freezer for more than 24 hrs without utilizing, we would state it is safe. It doesn t get frozen in the freezer unless your freezer is way down the -20 below zero

Question Question 6

We Do Not Have A Microwave Exist Any Other Ways To Heat These?

We have screening for the microwave, so that is our suggested technique. You are definitely welcome to attempt other techniques, however we can not ensure the product quality after utilizing those techniques.

Question Question 7

How Long Do These Keep Heat For Around? Typically More Than Gel Pads?

we have never ever timed it however appears as though they do keep heat long than the gel.

Question Question 8

So Why Can’T You Get Them Wet?. Technically Couldn’T You Simply Dry Them Later on?

They are cloth.not sure what would take place to them when wet.

Question Question 9

Can These Be Cleaned?

These are filled with flax seeds, which would make them tough to wash. The seeds may sprout or rot. They do come with little heart formed pieces of material to keep the nipple part tidy from milk or lanolin. The product is still effective with a t-shirt on, so it does not get unclean.

Question Question 10

If You Don’T Have A Microwave Can You Heat Them In The Standard Oven?


Question Question 11

How Long Do You Microwave These For?

That would depend upon your microwave.In our microwave, 45 seconds was typically enough.

Question Question 12

How Do We Shop These In Between Uses?

we simply keep them in our restroom closet with other heading pads, and so on. They can be out outdoors and put on t requirement to be saved an unique way

Question Question 13

How Long Do You Heat Them In The Microwave For?

Depends upon your microwave power. we would heat them for 30 seconds to start with and touch them to see how they feel. You desire them to be rather hot to start with as they will cool off – and you desire the heat to last. we warmed mine for an entire minute and in the beginning didn’t put them straight on our skin. Once they cooled d Depend upon your microwave power. we would heat them for 30 seconds to start with and touch them to see how they feel. You desire them to be rather hot to start with as they will cool off – and you desire the heat to last. we warmed mine for an entire minute and in the beginning didn’t put them straight on our skin. Once they cooled off a little we put them on skin. we would not suggest heating for more than a minute as you do not wish to run the risk of any burns.

Question Question 14

How Long Does The Heat Generally Last?

Type of depends upon for how long you heat them up. we believe my own lasted for 15 minutes when we did it

Question Question 15

Our Pillows Can Be Found In A Clear Plastic Bag However Absolutely Nothing Else. It Appears A Bit Informal And We Are Anxious It’S Been Utilized, How Was Your Product packaging?

The pillows must come packaged as they are visualized the the listing. A plastic bag with 2 card inserts, one in front and one in back. Likewise, there is a clear sticker label seal that reviews the opening. If you think you got an utilized product, please reach out to customer support for more help.

Question Question 16

Don’T They Smell After A While If You Can’T Wash Them?

Not , however we do not pull down much when we are utilizing them.They have a strong, however pleasing odor to them that masks anything else.A friend informed us to put wax paper in between them and me. Works great. No spots and can still feel the relief. Utilize a little paper simply for the center of the pads, that’s all you require.

Question Question 17

We Acquired These, However Recommendations Are Minimal. Which Side (The Fleece Side Vs The Jersey Side) Breaks Your Breast When Heated Vs When Cold?

we do not believe there is a right or incorrect response to this question. Go with whatever feels finest.

Question Question 18

Size? Inches Acrossed?

Bamboobies Soothing Therapy Pillows step around 7.5 inches in size. There might be a minor variation in size (7.5 – 7.75 inches) due to the filled nature of this product.

Question Question 19

We Do Not Have A Microwave. Exists Any Other Way To Securely Heat Up The Pads?

In a clothes dryer?

Question Question 20

Do These Fit Under A Bra, Or Would They Be Too Big? We Are Dd And Don’T Want Our Bra Getting Any Larger.?

They do fit under a bra however it would make your boobs considerably bigger, nevertheless, they were super good when beginning breastfeeding.Before a child we were a B and right after we had her we were an F so we can comprehend not getting bigger however we like them for heating breasts as much as get the milk being available in the first few weeks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bamboobies Soothing Nursing Pillows with Flaxseed, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These have been on our wishlist for some time now so when they returned in stock we bought them instantly. While developing milk production in the first few weeks of nursing a newborn, it can be tough and sometimes very sore. These soothing therapy pillows are great and simple to utilize. We are not a fan of utilizing these for a cooling result, however that’s simply due to the fact that we do not like cold things touching me. We did attempt it, nevertheless, and it remains cool for a bit while in location. So if you’re looking for cooling relief, these absolutely get the job done. We choose to utilize them for a warming relief and to get our milk streaming. We put them in the microwave for about 2 minutes so they ‘d get good and warm, and we need to state, it felt great when we put them in location. On one celebration we had simply ended up pumping and then utilized these for about 5-7 minutes. We returned to pumping right after and in fact revealed an extra half an ounce. If you’re a nursing mom, you understand how important even an extra half an ounce can be. We were super delighted about this. The warming result should have opened some blocked milk ducts or simply assisted to get the milk streaming. The pillows are large, a lot bigger than we anticipated, however it’s a good idea due to the fact that they are sort of like one size fits all. We are constantly around a c/d cup and the pillows do a great task of entirely covering whatever, making sure all or a lot of milk ducts are impacted. Considering That these can’t be cleaned, to avoid dripping on the pillows we utilized the bamboobies nursing pads that came with them, in between the pillow and our breast and didn’t have an issue. When we are not utilizing the pillows we keep them saved in the plastic bag they were packaged in. We would dislike for them to get unclean because they can’t be cleaned. In general, we would extremely suggest these soothing therapy pillows. They have absolutely assisted me.

Once we recognized that our very very unpleasant nipple pain wasn’t thrush however the outcome of wicked vasospasms we bought these pillows. They are definitely extraordinary. We packed them into our bra after pumping sessions at work to ease the pain. We suggest covering with something baggy due to the fact that your boobs will unexpectedly appear substantial, hah. The heat lasts a long time and they are oh so soft. The pain from these spams was even worse than natural giving birth for us, we most likely would not have endured nursing without this product. These pillows likewise are available in useful when attempting to clear a blocked duct. What works for us: location these pillows on the duct for a few minutes, massage a vibrating tooth brush over the location and then get on all fours and nurse baby. This works 90% of the time for us. Pleased nursing.

At this moment, we have only utilized them to cool. Breastfeeding has continued to be a rather unpleasant procedure for us, long after the majority of people have either changed or quit. These are great to utilize after an especially long nursing session. We believed that these were going to be little, however they’re in fact rather large. We would state that they have to do with 6″ in size and large enough that there is no slipping these into your bra without individuals seeing. Given that we have utilized these only in the house, that hasn’t been an issue for us. We enjoy that they’re reusable, unlike the gel soothers. The material is soft on our skin and we do not wrap them in anything prior to tucking them in our bra.

Our preferred to utilize we exhausted few other kimds prior to. All is good however we discovered if left too long the material part will melt thats what occurred to our other ones so we got these here to change em. We simulate 30 to 35 seconds max in microwave. Likewise not waterproof so do not get wet they be destroyed. Will def buy these again. We only attempted heat not in cold we be frightened to put these in our freezer as our freezer has problems.

They are expensive however worth it to assist ease the pain of nursing and blocked ducts. We have raynaud’s syndrome that makes breastfeeding and pumping very unpleasant if we get cold. So this heating pillow is a lifesaver. The product is very soft, and they are large enough to cover the breast. We likewise purchased the “lansinoh breast therapy” gel pads and choose the boob-ease because they are a lot softer and the heat lasts longer. Only drawback is that lansinoh pads are better shaped for pumping. Extremely suggest if you are dealing with the pain of engorgement, obstructed ducts/mastitis, or raynaud’s. We likewise enjoy the bamboobies over night nursing pads – we utilize them day and night. Super soft and comfy.

We enjoy the bamboobies therapy pillows. They are super soft and comfy to utilize. We have raynaud’s syndrome from breastfeeding and require to continuously warm our breasts. The pillows are great for heating and keeping our nipples warm. Due to the fact that of the raynaud’s we do not utilize them cold so we can’t discuss that. The pillows are large that makes them great for a bigger bust, however we would not use them out of your house other than under a winter coat when we take our baby on strolls. They fit under our soft cup nursing bras, however do not believe they ‘d fit under a moulded cup. The only drawback is that you can’t rea wash them, however we simply use the bamboobies nursing pads beneath so no milk leakages on them.

We have fibroouralgia, and our pain throughout pregnancy hasn’t minimized much, however there are new mother discomforts like breast pain and these work best. Conventional heating pads are rectangular shape and it doesn t feel comfy to put those in your bra. These leave space for your bits and cover your whole breast (for us a minimum of, we were a 32 c pre-pregnancy). We would suggest for any mama looking for some heat relief.

Terrific for nursing mothers to sooth sore breasts. We purchased these soon after our child was born. We were dealing with blocked ducts and these were so terrific to have for reducing the pain. Any mama that has breastfed understands that those first weeks can be attempting as your milk can be found in and your supply works to level out to match baby’s requirement. They are good and soft and heat quickly in the microwave. They are good size, which is great if you resemble us and have bigger breasts. We do want that you didn’t need to stress over not getting them wet considered that they are made for usage on lactating breasts, however it isn’t an offer breaker due to the fact that they likewise come with a set of breast pads so you can position those in between you and the pillows. We would definitely buy these again and suggest them to nursing moms.

We utilized these mainly for eliminating pain of blocked milk ducts, however they are likewise a relief in basic when you seem like your breasts have had a long day of nursing or using an uneasy bra. They warm up well and hold heat for about 10 minutes. The choice for utilizing a knit or terry side can assist change simply just how much heat is passing to you. We did not utilize the heart shaped protectors.

Lovethese Hot or cold they work great and they hold their temperature level for a while compared to conventional ice bag or heat packs. And we like that it doesn t get the extreme temperature level due to the fact that ice bag are too cold to utilize right out of the freezer or you need to wrap them up where these are comfy right when we took them out of the freezer. However you can continue to utilize them even when you re not breast-feeding we had a stye on our eye and utilized the warm variation of it and put that on our eye to assist eliminate the pain from a stye and it worked great.

As a lactation specialist, we keep a set of these in our bag for when working with new moms. They re great when milk can be found in to eliminate engorgement. They re great to assist eliminate plugged ducts. And when utilized 10-15 minutes prior to pumping can assist you empty more milk (as much as 30% more). Extremely suggest to have them useful.

We are solely pumping and these are lifesaver for blocked ducts. We heat these up till they are good and hot and then utilize our hands to do circular movements of massage with the pillows on the blocked location for a few minutes (a good quantity of movement, not too gentle). Then we put the pillow partly into our hands free pumping bra around the blocked location and continue to massage and press on it while pumping. The combination of the heat while pumping appears to be the only thing that worked for us for launching a blockage.

Love these? why? they’re soft. They hold heat in well. They’re resilient. They fit well in any bra. They relieved us when we had mastitis and required to utilize warm compresses prior to and after pumping. They even have a soft side that guards your breasts from the heat a bit, or if you desire it warmer, you can utilize the opposite.

We enjoy these super useful, multi-use pads. We bought them due to the fact that we required a hit compress to eliminate a blocked milk duct and they worked splendidly. We quickly found they likewise work well for soothing and calming our picky baby. We warm them up a bit and put them on her chest for a bit and the small weight and included heat appears to relax her (constantly monitored, obviously). We have the snoo and among the suggestions to assist soothing baby was to include a bag of 1/2 cup of rice on their chest (to mimic the weight of a hand to soothe) however found these to work for that simply as good. Would suggest and buy again.

Spouse bought these for us when we simply began nursing our kid and they were a life saver. We utilized them every night. They felt so good and are so soft, and we loooove the way they smelt. They hold up well too. We have even utilized them for our necks when we have neck pain. Great purchase, we will be conserving them for our next baby.

We find this product so practical and not untidy to do anything that requires heat pack. It assists with engorged breasts as developed. We likewise utilize them to relax our gassy baby s stubborn belly. Works the wonder.

Actually good for soreness. We utilized them when our milk was available in and our boobs were sore. It assists with pull down prior to feeding also. We microwaved them for about 45-60 seconds and they would be good and warm.

These are substantial and cover whole breast. Worked better for heat than cooling. Utilized for both throughout engorgement and mastitis. Found the when cooled in freezer it didn’t stay very cold for long however way more comfy than sticking bags for peas in your bra. Love the softness and quality.

We are so thankful we purchased it. It conserved us in the first postpartum days when we got a great deal of milk coming. We utilized it both: warm and cold and it was a lot relief. Absolutely get it ahead of time, put it in the freezer so you have this lifesaver prepared. Extremely suggest for new mothers.

Our relative breastfeed our two and a half month old baby. She had mastitis two times ever since. She had attempted numerous methods to tidy obstructed milk like warm water shower, message however absolutely nothing worked proeprly. She was quite disappointed and in great deal of pain however didn’t quit on breastfeeding. We speak with with lc numerous times however absolutely nothing worked up until she found this product. It worked well on her. She still gets duct milk and swellings in her breast more typically however she warms this product and usage for 10 minutes and she feels no swellings. Her milk production went low due to mastitis however with fenugreek seeds and bamboobies she is producing enough for our child. We do not need to worrie any more for milk production:-RRB-. She likewise freezes this often and usage after feeding. No doubt this requires great deal of care however its worth it at the end. We will absolutely suggest this product to all the new mothers who are suffering from this scenario. Simply provide a shot you will not be sorry for.

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