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Ballston 4 Pairs 86% Merino Wool Socks for Winter & Outdoor Hiking and Trekking

Ballston 4 Pairs 86% Merino Wool Socks for Winter & Outdoor Hiking and Trekking

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ballston 4 Pairs 86% Merino Wool Socks for Winter & Outdoor Hiking and Trekking.

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY BLEND – Only utilizing the greatest quality yarns, our medium weight wool socks contain 86% Merino Wool, 13% Nylon, and 1% LYCRA Spandex.
  • MADE FOR COMFORT – Developed to make the most of comfort and fit, each sock is wool cushioned from leading to toe, has LYCRA spandex for arch support and a great fit and enhanced toe to guarantee long-term usage. Likewise device washable and clothes dryer safe however air dry is suggested.
  • BEST FOR THE OUTDOORS – Great for both men and women whether you are hiking, trekking, running or strolling for everyday life. Our classic Ballston sock includes soft itch-free merino wool which assists manage your skin temperature level whether you wish to stay warm in the winter or fresh and cool throughout summertime.
  • NATURAL WICKING PRODUCT- Merino wool’s natural residential or commercial properties make it wicking, anti-microbial and smell resistant throughout hot or winter. Naturally wicks away sweat which quickly vaporizes to leave you easily dry.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ballston 4 Pairs 86% Merino Wool Socks for Winter & Outdoor Hiking and Trekking.

Are you looking for a long-term medium weight merino wool sock that keeps you comfy while hiking and trekking? Here at Ballston, we have actually created a great looking merino sock made for both men and women. Our unique blend will provide you a comfy experience whether you’re taking off throughout winter or summertime or keeping your feet warm and comfortable around your home.

Here is What Makes Our Medium Weight Merino Socks so Unique

* BUILT FOR THE EXPERIENCE – These classic lasting Ballston socks are great for trekking, hiking, running or everyday walking. Made from 86% Merino Wool, 13% Nylon, and 1% LYCRA Spandex with arch support for extended usage.

* EXTRA COMFORTABLE AND ITCH FREE – Utilizing the finest quality Merino wool that is extra soft with extra arch support to keep your feet comfy all day throughout those long strolls or treks.

* SMELL RESISTANT – Merino wool has natural anti-microbial residential or commercial properties that assist combat smell. It likewise works to keep your feet dry by taking in sweat from your skin and launching it to the air. Maker washable and clothes dryer safe however air dry is suggested.

* MADE IN THE U.S.A. – Unlike some rivals, we have actually made ours right here in the United States. We only utilize minimalistic and eco-friendly product packaging to guarantee you get a top-notch product utilizing imported and domestic yarns.

* 100% CUSTOMER FULFILLMENT WARRANTY – You’ll be backed by our no questions asked Ballston cash back warranty.

CLICK CONTRIBUTE TO CART NOW to get a great set of medium weight merino socks for your next huge experience. LYCRA is a hallmark of Invista.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ballston 4 Pairs 86% Merino Wool Socks for Winter & Outdoor Hiking and Trekking.

Question Question 1

Would Thesebe Good For Summertimes?

we personally believe they would to warm to use in summertime

Question Question 2

Which Sock Size Fits Men’S Shoe Size 12 Better, L Or Xl?

we use a size 14 extra broad shoe and the XL socks are good fit for us.If your feet are an a size 12 of typical width we would believe the L size would have to do with right. You may wish to email the seller.

Question Question 3

We Looked For Non- Limiting Socks And These Came Up.Are They Tight Around Ankles?We Can’T Usage Them If So.?

Not tight like compression socks however not baggy and dropping. we like them for fall golf & hiking. Enough wool in them that if our feet get wet they still stay warm.

Question Question 4

Has Anyone Bought The Youth Size For Women S Feet? What Are The Sizing Like?

we have actually purchased both the little and medium size. we use a female’s size 7 shoe and both pairs of socks fit well. we would state the medium fits the very best though.

Question Question 5

How Would These Compare To Individuals Socks?

we can’t inform you that however these are very great socks. we have a size 9 shoe and were justa huge large however after the first cleaning they fit perfectly.So shrinking was minimal.They are even more fluffy now.we would compare the percent of merino wool we believe these were the greatest of the ones we took a look at.

Question Question 6

The Number Of Pairs In An Order?

we got 4 set, as advertised.we got these for our partner for Christmas.We have actually acquired them previously, and will again.

Question Question 7

What Is Sock Height From Base Of Heel?


Question Question 8

How Thick Are They?

They are medium weight not to thick however keep our feet warm when weather conditions remains in the teenagers and simply leather boots on.

Question Question 9

Are They Itchy?

No they are not scratchy very great socks

Question Question 10

Does The Label Specify How To Wash The Socks? Do They Need to Be Turned Inside Out?

They are great quality. we began cleaning by hand however then began putting them in the washer with cool water on fragile cycle. we do not put them in the clothes dryer. They are outstanding socks.

Question Question 11

How Wide Are These Throughout The Toe? Step In Cm Or Inches, Size 12-15?

4, after they ve been cleaned

Question Question 12

Is Cost Per Sock?

we do not understand./

Question Question 13

We Need To Use Socks Inside Out, Would These Still Have The Wool Benefits Of Wicking Away Wetness If We Did?

we would need to state do not buy them not due to the fact that they do not wick however wear out very quickly on heals. If you have a Costco subscription or understand somebody that does buy theirs.

Question Question 14

What Is Length Of Sock?

Typical Crew sock length, about midcalf. Ps they are outstanding quality

Question Question 15

Do These Socks In Fact Have A Cushion- Y Sole That Would Be Good For Long Hours Of Hiking?

There is no extra cushion in the sole however the socks themselves are rather thick all over. we find they provide a little extra cushion. If your shoe or boot is currently tight on your foot we would not advise these socks. Nevertheless we definitely enjoy these socks, they provide that extra little heat and fit effectively. They There is no extra cushion in the sole however the socks themselves are rather thick all over. we find they provide a little extra cushion. If your shoe or boot is currently tight on your foot we would not advise these socks. Nevertheless we definitely enjoy these socks, they provide that extra little heat and fit effectively. They likewise wash well.

Question Question 16

We Werehed Socks In Cold Water And Hung ToDry They Had A Cool Odor When Wet, Which Decreased WhenDry However Odor Lingers. Regular?

we simply wash on warm and dry reguarly with no damage to the efficiency or wear of the socks, and no odor either.

Question Question 17

Would These Socks Be Warm Enough For Snowboarding?


Question Question 18

Will They For A Size 12 Way Foot?

we do not understand.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ballston 4 Pairs 86% Merino Wool Socks for Winter & Outdoor Hiking and Trekking, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Well made and comfy to use. We were hoping they ‘d be a little warmer for usdium weight socks however truthfully we do not have anything to compare them with because regard. We reside in fl and a few nights ago it came down into the 30’s. We were outdoors for 5 hours sitting by a fire using colombia redmond path shoes and near completion of the 5 hours our feet were beginning to get cold. We weren’t active at all, simply getting up periodically to feed the fire and grab another beer and it’s not like floridians accustom to the cold effectively. Lol the only other wool socks we have are light-weight ankle high hiking socks and the ballston’s are certainly thicker and warmer than they are. We have not cleaned them yet so if we have any concerns we will upgrade our feedback. In general, we more than happy with them and we paid practically as much for a single set of our other wool socks than this 4 pack expense, so that’s a lot. If they hold up, we will be purchasing ballston again.

This is the very best quality winter sock out there and we are repeat purchaser due to the fact that the quality of this sock withstands and has actually not broken down with time like some other brand names have. We use a set of these every day from december thru march under bean boots and riding boots and for farm work throughout which we stroll a minimum of 5 miles a day. The blend of artificial to wool is simply enough to keep warm however insufficient to be sweaty in temperatures from 10-40 degrees, though we are stating this as an individual who tends to have cold extremities. These wash and wear like iron: no holes, no thin areas, no distortion, no shrinking. They enter the routine wash and dry with whatever else and do not diminish despite the fact that they are part wool. We are going to look for a heavy-weight design for even chillier temperatures. These have actually lasted longer than by several years carharts at two times the cost, and which were done after a single season.

These are truly great socks. Soft, good density so that you can likewise use them in boots. The photos make the sock appearance type of beige colored, however the ones we got are more blue/gray than anything else. Finest portion of wool that we havefound When it’s cold and we use routine socks to sleep, we normally awaken in the middle of the night due to the fact that they get too hot. We did not have that issue withthese They kept our feet warm without overheating. Absolutely a good value getting 4 pairs for this cost.

Extraordinary quality, excedded my expextations, purchased xl length and fit my size 13 foot with a little space to extra for shrinking, these are medium weight however hot, were a little tight in foot width initally, however after an hour they extended to fit foot perfectly, finest medium weight wool sock we have ever purchase, competitors ll bean socks costing more than two times this cost, great value for $5. 00 a set, “happy”, tough to dind a good quality sock nowadays, 5+ stars.

These socks are remarkable. We have actually operated in steel toed boots for the last 30 years, and these are the very best socks we have actually ever owned. We initially purchased these as work socks. We have actually used wool socks prior to for hiking, so we figured they would be good for work boots also. They have actually far surpassed our expectations. We use these socks daily now due to the fact that they are so comfy. They are incredibly long using also. We purchased our first 8 pairs two years back now, and we still do not have any holes in them; and they still keep up too. No quitters. A year later on, we purchased 8 more pairs and you can only see a little distinction in between the ones that were a years of age and the new ones. They take simply a little bit of extra care: wash with a routine load of clothing as typical, however avoid the clothes dryer and hang them as much as dry (hang them over a towel bar or something comparable, no requirement for an outdoors clothing line). These socks keep your feet warm in the winter (even in steel toes) and wick wetness away in the summertime, keeping your feet comfy. If you are questioning whether the cost is with it, wonder nomore Get a set for yourself. Your feet will thank you. The photos reveal how the socks were packeged on invoice, and contrast of new socks got, and 1 years of age socks.

We acquired these for elk searching. Our feet sweat very severely. At first the wool odor was very strong, however after about 3-5 cleans the odor dissipated. They carried out wonderfully throughout the open season. Now we use these socks whenever we use boots. They fit great, have truly good cushioning, and remain in location. (size 11 shoes with large calves) our feet are much drier than with cotton or merino acrylic socks we had actually been using. These are well worth the cash and we extremely advise.

We simulate these, they are little bit tighter around the foot than anticipated however that’s not a bad thing, ive used them and can state that they do not move down our leg over the day. We enjoyed the 100% wool socks we had as a kid and young person for that matter, maturing. However, the main disadvantage was that they would not keep up without garters or an elastic band. Our dad work sock garters. No requirement these days. Elastics spandex or whatever holds the socks like glue. We do miss out on the all, complete, 100% wool, all the itch, moving down and require to use 2pair to keep from getting blisters. Long gone are the type we keep in mind. We forgot the shrinking in hot water and early clothes dryers. These are all those weren’t. An advantage. However pricey, arethese 2x as much as an equivalent set with very same or comparable merino wool material. No chance to inform whether these will last longer than those others though. We believe they will. Time will inform.

We were looking for warm woolen socks for our boy this christmas and came across the ballston socks. Our household has a long history with the ballston knitting mill in ballston medical spa ny (the biggest sock maker worldwide at one time), which closed years back. We had not understood that they ‘d moved production to north carolina and kept the name. Our boy enjoyed the socks, he stated they were hot and comfy, so we purchased some for our daddy. Our daddy was enjoyed see the ballston name and even more so when he understood that they’re still utilizing his uncle’s loop style for warmer yet less large socks. Daddy liked the socks a lot he had us send out a package to his brother (in ballston medical spa). It’s great that we might provide a little piece of their youth today.

We have actually only hardly ever examined any product or purchase. So we are shocked at ourself for composing an evaluation about a thing as ordinary as socks. However we are amazed with simply how comfy these socks are. They are simply the correct amount of warm. And there is a cushiony sensation. They are thicker than our typical day socks, however they fit rather easily in all our day shoes. We would think, nevertheless, that the density would potentially be a problem in a tighter set of gown shoes. Have actually simply purchased more.

Our shoe size is11 5 to12 Many large socks are noted as fitting “sizes 9-12” and these normally wind up being too little for us, especially after a cleaning. That is especially real of wool socks, which tend to diminish even if you’re super cautious with them. These socks are available in extra large, which is a rarity for numerous brand names and a super rarity for wool socks. They fit rather well, even after several washings. They are likewise thick and well made. Extremely reccomened for those of you who may require a size 12 or above.

Bought our first 4 on october 15,2018 Have used them practically solely and still good on march 1,2019 Bought another 4. Ideally get the very same outcomes. Mistakenly had a set find their way into the clothes dryer. May have actually diminished them a little however they aren t warped and are still beautiful. Have actually been on one trip with them. Took 3 pairs. One to travel in. Two tidy and oversleeped them. It was 30 degreesout The external set we oversleeped we used trekkingout 3. 5 miles each way plus checking out on website. Have read bad evaluations and am a little worried of quality assurance. The next set we get will inform the tale.

These socks feel great and appear well made. What we are extremely dissatisfied in is the sizing. We are female who uses size 11/12, so following directions we purchased a large. Well, a female’s 12 is very various from a male’s12 How can they both be the very same large?? so the large is too large and now we need to go through the trouble of choosing what to do. If they wish to offer socks they need to do a better task at providing signs on the sizing.

Finest thermal socks we have actually ever purchased. Ensured for a year. Time will inform how they use, however for now we enjoy them. Its been a year. We still enjoy them. They fit your insole and do not spread at the toes. Only disadvantage is they pill however we can live with that. Unfortunate that we wished to buy more and the cost went from $19 to $31 We anticipate and boost from year to year however over 50% is a lot.

Very well made hiking socks. They truly keep your feet warm and dry. They are very thick too and contributes to more cushioning on walkings. We like utilizing boots for every day usage and these socks go when we go locations. Very comfy. We will be purchasing more in the future.

We keep in mind wool socks from when we were young, scratchy and hot. These socks are anything however. They wrap your feet in warm soft comfort. Our first real walking with them was the white mountains of new hampshire, 9 miles of rugged surface. No blisters, no chafing, simply delighted feet albeit tire feet. Worth every cent and more.

What more can we state? not the very best wool sock we have actually owned, however not the worst. Low expense, middle of the roadway quality wool socks. *** fyi *** these socks definitely stink and will make anything cleaned with them stink also for the first 2-3 washes. We extremely advise cleaning these on their own the first 2 or 3 times.

A while back we acquired the merino unisex rag wool’s and they all diminished (which we offered to the better half) other than for two set. So we acquired the “mid weight’s in a bigger than we required size, anticipating them to diminish to our size. Think what? they didn’t diminish. Go figure.

The socks aren’t rather as thick as we anticipated, however they are warm. Being a size 15 shoe person, it’s difficult to find a best fit? these sox are practically a best fit and definitely appropriate.

We enjoy these socks. They re simply the best weight and heat. The style might be a little better, however whatever. One thing though they do diminish a bit with time. We were in between sizes, so we got the bigger size. They were too huge the first few uses and now they re best. So good, we purchased another set.

Isn’t it great to place on sox, bigger than those ‘one-size-fits-all’ (no they do not)?. And, the only thing more comfy than merino wool sox in winter is. Taking them off for bedtime. And, no, we do not sleep with them ‘on’.

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