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Ayr Saline Nasal Gel with Aloe

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Ayr Saline Nasal Gel with Aloe – 0.5 oz, Pack of 5

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We have had remarkable nose bleeds. Our ent physician has stated some of the vessels in our nose might be drying out and ending up being more fragile. They break and produce the nose bleeds. She advised utilizing this gel and we are grateful for that. We utilize this every eve retiring and have had no issues given that utilizing it.

Our spouse takes blood slimmers which trigger his nose to bleed. When he utilizes this gel it decreases these bleeds by keeping the nose lining moist. Great product.

Have been utilizing this product for couple years now to keep our sinuses moist, can t go without it. Works to keep you at your finest.

Great product assist when dry weather condition and your sinuses dry up.

Ayr is the very finest way to keep infection of the sinus’s down. It is practically a wonder drug. It does burn a bit, however well worth it.

Bought this for our mom. It assists her breath during the night when she is sleeping.

We utilize this product to assist with our dry nose and it assists ease the issue.

Our ent advised this product and we utilize it all year.

For crusting nose due to oxygen. Huge imorovement.

Nasal moisturizer.

It works and relieves dryness fast.

We were outlined this after we had surgical treatment and was on oxegon. It assists to eliminate the dry nostrils. Mine would bleed practically every day. When we began utilizing ayre the bleeding stopped. The within our nose feels a lotbetter We want that medical facilities brought it for usage on all clients requiring oxegon. It is certainly worth the cash. We purchased a 5 pack for $20 00, that works out to $4. 00 a tube. A tube can last for months, depending how frequently and just how much you utilize.

We are huge customer of this magic saline nasal gel – we reside in arizona. A little dab during the night and another in the early morning, and throughout the day makes life a little better while delighting in a low humidity environment. It assists us sleep, sot that makes it valuable.

Think we are old and our sinus track is thinner. The gel appears to adhere better to sinus location than simply liquid spray. No bleeding given that utilizing gel, would recommend you attempt it for yourself.

This gel assists eliminate any dryness in nostrils when utilizing a cpap. It was likewise advised by leading sleep condition medical professional in kansas city. By purchased the 5-pack there suffices to last numerous months by utilizing a percentage as needed. Ayr is the brand that you can rely on.

We reside in arizona, require it to keep our nasal canals moist. Assists a lot.

Great for your nose dryness.

This is the very best solution to combat off nose bleeds. We reside in a dry environment.

Works great and simple. Little adequate to put in handbag or diaper bag to utilize whenever you require it.

The only thing that assists our dried out nasal passages due to autoimmune illness.

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