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Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 Punch and Chisel Set

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 Punch and Chisel Set

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Main Benefits:

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  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Taper Punch: 3/32- inchby5-1/ 4-inch, 1/8-inchby 5-3/4- inch, 5/32- inchby6-inch, 3/16- inchby6-1/ 4-inch, 1/4-inchby 6-3/4- inch
  • Cold Chisels: 3/8-inch by 5-1/2- inch, 1/2-inch by 6-inch, 5/8-inch by 6-1/2- inch
  • Pin Punch: 3/32- inch by 4-1/4- inch, 1/8-inch by 4-3/4- inch, 5/32- inch by 5-inch, 3/16- inch by 5-1/4- inch, 1/4-inch by 5-3/4- inch
  • Center Punch: 1/8-inch by 5-inch, 3/16- inch by 6-inch

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More Info:

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Size: Original variation From the ManufacturerThe Astro Pneumatic 1600 16- Piece Punch and Chisel Set is made from heat dealt with chrome vanadium steel. It consists of the following: Punches – (5) Taper punches, (5) Pin punches, (2) Center punches. Chisels – (3) Clod chisels, (1) Chisel gauge and (1) Plastic storage tray. Solidity: 54 ~58 HRC

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 Punch and Chisel Set.

Question Question 1

Will These Hold Up To Gunsmith Type Utilize?

They hold up to a mechanic swinging a 5lb sledge versus them. Pretty sure you wont break them on weapons

Question Question 2

Where Are They Made?

They are made in China, as with most tools. They are of good Quality for China tools

Question Question 3

Do They Can Be Found In A Case That You Can Close Or No,?

No the case does not close it is simply a tray

Question Question 4

Are They Automatic?

we do not comprehend” What you imply Automatic”. They are simple set of Punch and Chisel Set.

Question Question 5

Can We Utilize These For Etching On Steel?

we have nt attempted to inscribe steel however the quality and solidity of the product looks like it would do it real well

Question Question 6

Are The Tips Of The Pin Punches Concave( Dished) Or Straight Hole? – Can We Utilize Them To Set Rivets?

All the punches that are not pointed in the photo are all flat.As for setting rivets, if you’re quite useful you can get it to work if you desire however its challenging needing to deal with smooth and flat surface areas entering contact.

Question Question 7

Do These Feature A Storage Pouch?

No they can be found in an inexpensive molded tray

Question Question 8

Do These Fit Into An Air Chisel?

No.Each piece in this set have a various size hex shaft and no methods to lock to the spring retainer on the air chisel, which takes only a 3/8″ round shank. does use numerous sets created for air chisel.

Question Question 9

Are They Good For A Gunsmithing?

Termite be a little huge for gunsmith work

Question Question 10

Do They Have A Warrenty?

Not through the seller, however a minimal one through. If you have a Pro Tools near you, they’ll honor guarantees on those. we simply take a mill to mine when they require a retouch, however they hold up extremely well.

Question Question 11

Do You Have A Metic Set?


Question Question 12

Arethese Good For Stone Work? We Deal with Many Products. So We Required Tools Capable Of Working Metal And Stone.?

They are good for rate on metal if not mistreated. Don t learn about stone. Smaller sized straight one will flex if not cautious

Question Question 13

We Had Cancle Our Order, Why Was Our Account Still Charged $18?

Call them y charging you

Question Question 14

Are Thes Case Hardened Or Oil/Water Hardened.If We Hone Then Will They Keep An Edge?

No. we do not advise even for a beater set of punches. we actually broke every punch on the first usage, and the chisels wont hold an edge no matter what they are honed with.

Question Question 15

These Tools Work With Dewalt Drill Hammer?

These are hand tools, suitable with a sledge hammer of your choice.

Question Question 16

Where Can We Get Side Handle For An Older Angle Mill From Searsthat Has American Standard Course Thead?

we would attempt ereplacementparts.com

Question Question 17

Would This Work For Blacksmithing Work?

This is more of a set for a mechanic it’s most likely a little small for blacksmith’s kind of work that stated the set is a good quality set.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 Punch and Chisel Set, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Works well for getting rid of teeth. Home oral work has actually never ever been so simple.

This is a precise copy of the breeze on product you would get on the breeze on truck. Be savvy and if you buy this find a breeze on truck and order #ppc715 bk tool roll, fits best.

Great value and quality punch and chisel set. We have a snap-on punch set and this one is simply as good or possibly even better truthfully. We enjoy the size of the punches. To provide you a concept this whole set isn’t a big set and will not knock a truck tire off the rim however will work great for basic tasks and mechanic work. We required a set that bridged the space in between our gun pin punches and our breeze on complete set of large punches. This was best. Very pleased with our purchase and would advise this set. Pros:- steel solidity is great and the pointers barely warp after heavy use-perfect choice for nearly any job-long punch length for entering blind holes etc-they come pre oiled and rust freecons:- you almost cut your finger off attempting to access thru the plastic case. As soon as you break thru the cut evidence plastic barrier and get to your punches, have a can of cleaner useful to clean them down. Then continue to discard the red case and edge guide.

Good inexpensive set of punches. The tray is for program, so if you buy it anticipating a heavy tray like breeze on, you will be dissatisfied. Suggestions from me, get a little steel storage box and toss em therein. By the time you eliminate the blister pack it is damaged. Punches and chisel have actually held up well, only small dressing up and honing has actually been required over the past near to 2 years. Perhaps another set for work to change sorry however punches we have now. These are way better quality for not excessive more than harbor freight. Get em, you will be happy with the quality for the rate.

We run a little vehicle store focusing on cost effective cars and truck care. We do not have the volume nor the requirement for high-end, high expense tools from snapon and matco. We require tools we can manage that work and last when looked after, and we take outstanding care of all our tools and devices. We bought this kit due to the fact that we require quality punches to handle roll pins and dowels on cars and truck parts. We investigated whatever offers, and these were the greatest offering due to the fact that they are strong, 1-piece building and construction, however not so long and thin that they will flex or break when utilized with a little to medium hammer. Your next quality choice will be $70-120, so this was a good choice. These showed up tidy and concern free. No bends or damage. No rust. The bring case rolls up nicely into a compact plan, and it has actually every sized punch and chisel you will require for typical vehicle work (not heavy devices). Ps – we own a $70 astro pneumatic digital tire pressure gauge and filler, and it has actually been above reproach for two years now. We utilize it on every task, so that likewise drove our choice to attempt this product. We picked it over the $120 matco variation. Hope this assists somebody with their choice.

Up until now so good. We have actually utilized them a lot up until now, for dispersing knuckles to eliminate ball joint studs, driving out pins and bolts, and getting rid of persistent brake rotors screws. They have not mushroomed or cracked at all. Only grievance is the tacky little tray it can be found in. It’s good due to the fact that it has a little kind factor, however holy smokes, it was tough to get them out without breaking it. The clear cover over the front is connected in the center of the little separators in between the various types, and it is practically difficult to get them off if you wish to keep the tray undamaged. We wound up drilling through the areas it was connected to keep the tray functional.

We never ever appear to have the right size punch for whatever task we are dealing with. We acquired this set due to the fact that of the several sizes readily available. We have actually utilized it a few times for light task tasks and have actually not been dissatisfied. We can not talk to how well these will hold up being smacked with a heavy hammer. Up until now so good.

Good set for home usage. The rate is right, and they can be found in a very tough, thick fabric pouch which is good. We utilize these for light mechanical operate in our store on lawnmowers, snowblowers, and so on. As long as you comprehend what this set is (a light task, property owner set) and what it is not (an expert set of punches and chisels) we make sure you will more than happy with these.

Got an opportunity to attempt a number of the straight punches this evening getting rid of a sheared bolt from our snow blower drive axel. We were tapping it with a hammer. Later on we took a look at the punches and there was no rounding or burrs on the point. These are well developed and can be found in a great canvas-like pouch with pockets for each tool. We would buy this set again and advise it to anyone shopping for that extra tool to have in your garage.

Up until now are withstanding tough usage in an airplane garage. A couple were obtained by a fellow mechanic and utilized to punch out some roll pins, anticipated them back a little screwed up however were good as far as punches go. A little splaying however less than anticipated. These pins are rough on punches. All in all. Respectable. And the roll case is good.

You can simply feel how inexpensively these are made, however they are working ok for now. We have no expectation they will last long, however for the low expense we consider them disposable. The tray plastic is super thin and fractures quickly, mines currently divided and broken in several areas, the tray appears to be created for preliminary product packaging and not for long term storage. 4 stars for the rate.

We purchased these for usage in creating and will inform you that they are brief, so reassess that. We have actually chosen to make these solidified specialized tools, so no longer utilizing them for desired purpose. They are alright. They tend to flex quickly.

Good set of punches and chisels to have in the tool kit for who understands what. Utilized them today to assist with the procedure of drawing out a damaged bolt in an engine block. Great addition to a set of left handed drill bits.

The set came very quickly, and all parts were consisted of. However 3 of the pieces were greatly oxidated. When you buy something new, you anticipate all of the parts to be in a fresh condition. That was not the case.

Not your best set of punches however a good starter set. Work great for what you require. Product packaging draws and the tray draws so do not intend on utilizing it. Would have been good to have a bit more tough of a tray.

We truly enjoy this punch and chisel set. Comes with a great fabric rollup storage pouch that keeps all of them cool and arranged. The punches and chisels appear to have actually somewhat solidified pointers. Absolutely worth the cash.

Looks great and currently utilized them to eliminate the pins in our tilt head mixer for repair work. Worked magnificently. Very little else to state. The bag it can be found in is good and rolls up well for storage. Good set all around particularly for the rate.

33 year airplane mechanic, we would buy them again gladly, if they were lost or taken. Outstanding quality.

If we were to do it again, we most likely would get private packages with the various design executes. There are simply inadequate sizes for the punches nor the chisel. Still, we like the pouch and the quality is respectable.

Purchased a couple year earlier. Did the job only utilized to fix our subaru. However still holds up and have not seen any rust. Great addition to our tool kit.

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