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All Health Extreme Hydrocolloid Gel Blister Cushion Bandages

All Health Extreme Hydrocolloid Gel Blister Cushion Bandages

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of All Health Extreme Hydrocolloid Gel Blister Cushion Bandages.

  • First aid bandages are breathable and comfy to use
  • Anti-bacterial plaster eliminates germs to assist avoid infection
  • Non- stick pad cushions and assists secure small cuts, scrapes, and injuries
  • Flexible plaster is developed to seal to skin on all 4 sides to assist keep dirt and impurities out
  • Box consists of 80 little 5/8″ X 2-1/4″ Bandages, 70 Medium 3/4″ X 3″ Bandages, and 50 large 1″ X 3″ Bandages

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More Info:

Here are some more information on All Health Extreme Hydrocolloid Gel Blister Cushion Bandages.
Developed for breathability, versatility, and comfort, all-health Anti-bacterial flexible material adhesive Bandages provide effective, germ-killing protection for small cuts, scrapes, and burns. These Anti-bacterial bandages have a non-stick pad coated with benzalkonium chloride to eliminate germs and aid avoid infection while safeguarding and cushioning injuries. The emergency treatment plaster is made from soft, comfy material that bends as you move and is developed to seal to the skin on all 4 sides of the cut to provide extra protection from dirt and impurities. Usage these sterile bandages to treat All type of small cuts, scrapes, blisters, or burns on hands, feet, knees, elbows, fingers, andmore Keep a box of all-health Anti-bacterial flexible material adhesive Bandages in the house, in your vehicle, or in your emergency treatment kit, or include a few to your knapsack, handbag, or exercise bag. These bandages are not made with natural rubber latex. Product is made in the U.S.A. with worldwide sourced products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on All Health Extreme Hydrocolloid Gel Blister Cushion Bandages.

Question Question 1

Active Components?

Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1%

Question Question 2

When These Get Wet Do They Loosen Up And Come Off Quickly?

Yes they do loosen up and come off quickly when wet.we have found that many adhesive tapes do.They do not make them like they utilize too.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on All Health Extreme Hydrocolloid Gel Blister Cushion Bandages, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Good products, it s hassle-free, we had 2 kids and they frequently get scratches from play grounds and daily activities, we constantly keep bandages in our handbag to prepare yourself in case. Easy to utilize, remain on and simple to remove too.

Exceptional product, exceptional quality, exceptional cost.

Acquired a box of these bandages numerous months back, and we believe they’re the very best “band-aid” that we have actually ever utilized. The adhesive appears to be ideal, and the plaster seals on all 4 sides as long as the disinfectant, creme, salve, and so on. Is not covering the skin that’s below the adhesive.

We believe these bandages are the very best type to utilize.

Only brand that remains on. Duration. This photo is 2 days on. Yes.

Good value.

We purchased these for our mama, and they work best.

Good bandaids. Various sizes. Came as a substantial mess, not lined up perfectly like the name brand.

Bandaids hold up well.

Like the way they remain on.

Good huge variety.

That these bandaids are made from fabric makes them super strong and resilient.

Absolutely Nothing.

We believed they had antibiotic on them however, believe we simply misread.

Good things.

This box has 200 bandages in 3 various sizes. We stopped purchasing anything other than the most well recognized brand of bandages numerous years back due to the fact that it appeared like absolutely nothing else remained in location. All health bandages altered our mind. These things stay where you put them till you take them off, even in locations bandages are infamously tough to stick. We stubbed our toe on the leg of an ottoman a few days ago and handled to peel open the skin on completion of one toe. We stuck among these bandages over it and it remained in location for 3 complete days. 3 days people showering, using shoes through wet lawn, strolling our pet dog, and so on. When we lastly took the plaster off, our skin was without any sticky residue. We likewise used a plaster on the forefinger of our dominant hand for a number of days and it remained completely in location through many hand washings in addition to daily showers. High quality, exceptional bandages for small cuts and scrapes.

This is an evaluation for the all health flexible material 3 assorted, anti-bacterial 200 count. We go through a great deal of bandaid type adhesive tapes over here and we have actually found out that the ones that work best for us are the flexible material kind rather of latex. This box has 200 of these bandages assorted into 3 various, practical sizes. We put the medium one around our thumb (after a scrape) and it remained on truly well; all 4 sides of the non-stick cushion are adhesive so it does keep dirtout Typically we have issues with these falling off prematurely, particularly in bendy locations, however not so with this one and it truly remained securely in location on our finger which was great. These are anti-bacterial so no requirement to put your own ointment on first, if that s what you desire. Do note that it did not remain on securely as soon as it got wet in the shower, however no stars off for that due to the fact that they wear t guarantee to do that. In truth they advise you place on a new one daily. Advised; superior flexible material adhesive tape for a good cost.

Up till this previous weekend, we didn’t have any cuts, scrapes, abrasions or any other small injury that might need a plaster. That is, till we invested almost 8 hours on our feet at comic con and established a blister on our pinkie toe. With the use of neosporin, we utilized these bandages to secure the huge blister. Offered it was on the pinkie toe, an infamously tough area to keep a plaster of any size or brand, we felt these bandages succeeded. We liked how these were flexible and material and can be found in lots of sizes. We weren t a lot of a fan of how all the random sizes were spread in package. It s a crapshoot to get the right size and truthfully, we would wind up simply utilizing the first plaster we got. Other than that very small grievance, they work great – wouldn t be reluctant to buy again.

These are the standard bandages you most likely matured with– the breathable, flexible adhesive material that can be found in “flesh” color that does not rather match anyone’s complexion. The adhesive holds respectable– our kids remain in that boo-boo phase where they require a plaster for every bump, contusion, stubbed toe, etc, so they put bandages on and then we find them all over your home due to the fact that kid bandages fall off quickly. However these ones hold better, so they stop going through bandages as quickly, and stop leaving bandages all over. Material is that unbreakable flexy gauzy things. You should not have any issues with these bandages breaking down on you. Sizes are the standard little, medium and large. Precisely what you have actually understood your entire life.

This box consists of 3 various sizes of bandages: 80 little 5/8″ x 2-1/4″ bandages, 70 medium 3/4″ x 3″ bandages, and 50 large 1″ x 3″ bandages. These are band-aids ™ which are not the brand band-aid ™ however most americans do describe these things as band-aids ™. These are specified to be without natural latex which we like as we have a new latex allergy this year. It is good for a household to have a variety of emergency treatment materials on hand for when a mishap occurs. Ranking 4 stars = like it.

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