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ACE Reusable Cold Compress - Works for knees - shoulder

ACE Reusable Cold Compress – Works for knees – shoulder

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ACE Reusable Cold Compress – Works for knees – shoulder.

  • Not Appropriate
  • Made in United States
  • Assists eliminate pain and lower swelling brought on by sprains, pressures, muscle pains, bumps, swellings, small burns and more
  • Soft- touch material can be used straight to your skin
  • Simply freeze and get rid of when required

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Color: Large|Size: Pack of 1|Design: 1 Pack An essential for every home, the ACE Soft Touch Reusable Cold Compress assists bring relief to bumps, sprains, pressures andmore This compress’ super-soft material outside assists eliminate the requirement to wrap it in a towel and it complies with the injury, straight out of your freezer. You never ever understand what the day will bring so constantly be prepared with the soothing relief of the ACE Soft Touch Reusable Cold Compress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ACE Reusable Cold Compress – Works for knees – shoulder.

Question Question 1

How Long Do These Stay Cold For?

we have actually utilized them for a minimum of 30 minutes and they remained good and cold.

Question Question 2

What Are The Dimensionsof This Product?

length is 11 3/4″ width is 7 1/2″

Question Question 3

What Is The Length And Width Of The Little?

It is 10 inches by 5 inches. And does what it states.

Question Question 4

Your Product Measurements In The Description Are Different & Smaller Sized Than The Image Description States. What Is The Correct Size Of The Large Ice Pack?

The real product size is what is mentioned on the box.ie:7 3/4in x 11 7/8in. we hope that answers your question.If you find this information useful, please visit us on under AllThatUneed.Thank you.

Question Question 5

Do You Need To Put It In Freezer Or Can You Put It In The Frig?

You need to put it in the freezer however it lasts a long period of time and it is not as severe on the skin than some of the other products on the market.We are very pleased with this product.

Question Question 6

How Long Do These Stay Cold?

30-40 minuteswe utilized it on top of a thin fabric to avoid a “cold burn” on our skin.we then protected it in location with a loose large self stick wrap. After 20 minutes we moved it to another location, and it was still cold adequate to utilize inthe very same way for 10 minutes.

Question Question 7

Some Customers Pointed Out The Cold Lasting Around 15 Minutes. Is It Near to That Or More Based On A Regular Space Temperature Level?

Yes it assist with pain and last about 15 minutes. however make sure to freeze about 24 hours first

Question Question 8

We Have Purchase 10 Of These In The Last 7 Months.Of Those 10, Only 1 Is Left That Has Not Leaked.This Appears To Be A High Failure Rate. Remarks?

we had one when we remained in high school 2009, and it simply began to leak in 20152016 perhaps we simply had all the best with mine, we likewise didn’t utilize my own daily, only with softball sprains. Getting one now due to the fact that of a work sprain.

Question Question 9

Does It Utilize Clay Within The Package?

the package within is liquid, we had one for numerous years which started to leak.we believe it is the very same liquid that remains in package for shipping cold food.

Question Question 10

We Would 131 Pounds. The Appropriate Weight?How Large Is It? 1 In Pkg?

1 in package, we have a wrist sprain and this is ideal it twists around. Likewise can be utilized for leg, arms or back.

Question Question 11

The Number Of Ml Are Inside The Pouch?

we do not understand, we didn’t buy this item.we purchased the Ace Reusable Cold Compress, and there was simply one.It’s terrific though. @

Question Question 12

Does It Utilize Clay Within The Package?

You put on t put anything in it. It is currently filled, it s some sort of gel.These are great.

Question Question 13

What Is The Size Of The Ace Instant Cold Compress, Noted As “Medium”?

It states on package in the image 5.75″ x7″

Question Question 14

We Acquired Our Cold Compress Simply Under Two Months Ago And It Is Dripping Goo. Do You Know If There Is A Way For United States To Get It Changed?

call the producer

Question Question 15

How Long Does It Stay Cold?

That actually depends upon how it is used.If it is used to a bigger, warmer location of the body, it will not stay “cold” as long as it would if used to a smaller sized typically cooler location of the body such as a lower leg.And utilizing an insulating product, such as a towel, over the pack will keep it cold longer.In any cas That actually depends upon how it is used.If it is used to a bigger, warmer location of the body, it will not stay “cold” as long as it would if used to a smaller sized typically cooler location of the body such as a lower leg.And utilizing an insulating product, such as a towel, over the pack will keep it cold longer.In any case, it is normally suggested to prevent extended application of an ice bag.

Question Question 16

Can We Buy This Product In Any Shop Like Walmart Or Cvs?


Question Question 17

Has Anyone Found A Repair For The Dripping Such As Rtv( Or Some Comparable Sealant?

No we had one Right knee replacement14 Aug 2014 No we had one Right knee replacement14 Aug 2014 Left knee replacement12 Aug 2015 Broke dosage not explain what we did to our shoulder August 12 th 2018 let’s simply state we have a long plate and 7 drywall screws whatever in our body is titanium. When we were on the knee replacement website all of us concurred that this is the very best ice bag. However when it leakages were spoils or fractures eliminate it get another one it’s unworthy the injury of getting it in your wound. That’s our viewpoint that’s why we changed them we have for still and purchased onemore Good luck we hope you recover well and fast

Question Question 18

Why Don’T They List The Size Of These???.?

The seller offers 3 choices, 3 variousproducts Smh

Question Question 19

We Desired A Little Product: 2.2 X 3.8 X 5.1 “. The Have A Look At It Looks Like Though We Are Required To Select (2 Designs: 1 Pack), What Does This Mean?

You select the product you desire prior to checkout Little, Large, or 2pack of instant ccold non-reusable. Simple.

Question Question 20

What Is The Length Of The Large Ace Reuseable Cold Compress?

we have the Ace Brand Large Reusable Cold Compress, brochure #207517 In general, it determines 11 7/8″ by 7 1/2″.The compress has a 1/4′” sealing location around its whole perimeter.They make smaller sized ones, however we do not understand why you would prefer a smaller sized size and cooling capacity.we hope this is useful.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ACE Reusable Cold Compress – Works for knees – shoulder, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Half a century after a severe knee injury and a leg reduced with age and wear, our relative had an overall knee replacement that provided her a longer effective leg length. She established sciatic problems associated, we presume, from an altered pelvic angle, and has actually had consistent pain in both thighs. These ‘ice bag’, as we call them, have actually been perfect in a less than perfect scenario– we frequently turn a set out of an overall of 8. An enjoyable surprise is that super glue works as an effective patch for the few leakages that have actually established. Yay.??.

We have actually been utilizing ice bag for 41 years. We are56 Had first knee surgical treatment at age15 Consequently have had both knees changed replacement knees at 9th and 10 th supreme surgical treatments; these at 15 & 16 years back, respectively. We have actually constantly been a little bit of a jock. Might never ever find any product to preserve the soothing cold temperatures for long, till ace. We are because of have our shoulder changed in the next numerous weeks. Not eagerly anticipating it however it’s clinically essential. Ice, cryo-pax, frozen peas-nothing kept one’s cool not to mention cold for any length of time. The plus size remains cold for a minimum of 40 minutes, cool (below 50 degrees f) for over 60 minutes. These are professional/industrial grade. They’re nearly similar to what our p/t utilizes. Generally our joints feel as though they will ignite. We have severe osteoarthritis throughout our skeletal system. These packs are life & health savers. We utilize a jersey material pillowcase to insulate it versus our skin and to assist connect ice bag to distressed location. We now own 4. (ideal as we like our ice bag cold, very cold); it assists to take the ‘flame’ out of localized inflammation. * note-make sure the pack is laid flat in freezer. If you put in freezer in a lumped up ball, a lumped up ball it will stay. Simpler to lay flat prior to freezing. Ace beats regional drug store generic brand names, particular other leading brand names i. E. Cryo-packs, real ice in a baggies, frozen towels or our previous favorite, frozen peas. If it splits-place within a first large zip-tight baggie & then, entire she-bang into a 2nd, then seal. You can buy two of these for the very same rate as a single name brand in your regional franchised drug shop.

This is the 2nd one we purchased as we provided my own to a friend who harmed his back. Toss it in the freezer flat and it’s great for lower neck and back pain. Simply put it in the back of your sweatpants over an embeded tshirt and you’re good to go for 30 minutes ormore Actually assists lower neck and back pain, however has numerous other usages. The external material is soft and not so cold that you could not put it right up versus your skin. We had our first one for years and it looked new. We would extremely advise this. Worth the rate (which wasn’t bad at all).

We enjoy this ice pack. After 12 surgical treatments on our back we have actually evaluated near 20 various ice bag browsing for the right one. This one does not get super hard when it feeezes, and likewise does not get very cold. It’s simply the right temperature that you do not require to utilize a towel or any other product in between the ice bag and your skin. It only lasts for about 20 minutes prior to it begins to thawout We have others that are super cold and last for hours, however everybody in our family goes for these first. Our last one lasted 4 years prior to it lastly sprung a leak, and we were super pumped to find them still on. We have actually because bought 2 more to have as backups must anything take place to the one we have now.

We have a smaller sized ice bag like this however we were delighted when we stumbled upon this bigger one. We enjoy that it freezes however is flexible. Yes, the evaluations are right this does not stay as cold as ice due to the fact that this never ever freezes totally. We simply put this on our arm and put a hand towel over it to keep in the cold temperature levels. You aren’t expected to utilize this for more than 20-30 minutes anyhow.

Soft ice for physical pain, convulsion, swelling or soreness on a body part is an outstanding safe choice to handle the issue location in question. We believe this compress is difficult to beat. The positives are kept in mindbelow 1) excellent building and construction appears by a company you understand well with the perfect quantity of freezing gel inside. 2) the plus size is ideal for all joints and spine locations, likewise ribs, thighs, and so on 3) it lays flat so conserves area and is simple to keep in freezer. 4) the cold lasts a lot longer than the recommended 15 – 20 minutes treatment time. 5) with care, this compress will never ever require to be changed. 6) good to have around when kids play rough, and so on. It resembles a fire extinguisher. You hope you never ever require it however it exists if and when you do. Ice works finest on acute injury or inflammation specifically if used quickly. This compress is constantly prepared. Absolutely nothing will workbetter Tips1) cold (cryotherapy) can at first be a shock to the body part however if you call out a thin meal towel with conveniently warm water and put it on the skin and then the ice bag on top of the towel, it eliminates thecold shock. The body part will still cool off well and quickly. Similar to moist heat permeates much deeper than dry heat. The very same holds true for moist cold verses dry cold. This likewise keeps the compress without body oil, and so on 2) the warm towel will likewise assist soften the frozen compress, so it will have complete contact with the body part a lot much faster for a better treatment. 3) keep the compress flat and spread the cold inner gel consistently within, so the cold will be equivalent all over for the next treatment also. Simply utilize the heel of your hand to do this. 4) it is normally not recommended to go beyond a 15-20 minutes.Treatment The factor is that cold will restrict the capillary however over 20 minutes. The vessels will begin to dilate as if the body believes it’s a heat treatment. Remember you can ice numerous times a day and that’s the better choice. Yes, we are certified doctor and hope this assists your choice.

We bought the large size and it would basically cover ashoulder It’s flexible and soft. This is our first new reusable ice bag in several years and we seem like they simply keep getting thinner and smaller sized. Still, it works. Not as good as real ice in a fabric, however it’s good to keep around your home.

We suffer from migraines and regular headaches along with back and neck muscle pain. We likewise sleep actually hot, specifically in the summertime. For several years, we have actually kept reusable ice bags in our freezer to treat our headaches and muscle pain and to place on our pillow to cool us down and assist us go to sleep in the evening. We like the fabric product on the exterior of the ace brand due to the fact that it soaks up condensation and is comfy on our skin. We like the gel utilized inside due to the fact that it stays flexible enough to twist around our head and neck while still keeping its cold temperature level for a good quantity of time. Since we utilize them so frequently, we need to change them regularly. When it came time for us to get new large and little compresses, we chose to examine online to see if we might get them less expensive than at walgreens or rite aid where we typically acquire them. We found these ace brand cold compresses at a much better rate on, specifically when bought them through subscribe and conserve. We have actually set it as much as have among each size provided every 6 months. Since we have actually established subscribe and conserve for other products, we constantly get the extra 5% discount rate when we have 5 or more products provided in a month.

Good size. We like the soft sensation of the outside of this ice bag. No requirement to wrap it in a towel. We keep it in the fridge. We have not attempted it in the freezer yet. Up until now the only thing we would alter is that it would have a bit more of the within contents to make it fuller. Ive read some of them leak ultimately, however it states not to lay on it. Well that’s not gon na take place, its for our back, so we will see. Often you check out the evaluations for one type of ice bag and then go to check out the evaluations about another brand and the very same evaluation is displaying in both, word for word. Makes it difficult to judge which one they are actually evaluating. Gambled, simply wished to ensure it was the soft outside, which it is.

These are great. Think about it as essentially an upgrade over the ice in a bag with a towel. The things inside stays flexible when it is frozen, so it is simple to twist around whatever you wish to ice. And the material cover indicates you do not actually require a towel with it, it currently has that barrier to keep from getting your skin too cold constructed into it. We have had one for numerous years and my own has actually held up fine with no problems. We simply toss it back into the freezer when we are done with it and it is prepared to go the next time. It does not get daily usage or anything, however for those periodic muscle tweaks or moderate sprains, it is perfect.

Amazing ice bag- malleable, quick to freeze, not too cold for kids skin straight, material materialis superb. Can be found in set of 2. We have actually had simply under a year; utilized alot 4 times a week with our 4 crazy-injury vulnerable kids lol. However both have actually now popped and the clear gel inside begun to leak out so we needed to toss. If you have kids put on t let them sit or put weight on the ice bag; rather put the ice over their injury if that makes good sense. If you are an adult utilizing we make certain they woud last a long time. They are still worth it will be purchasing more replacements as soon as possible.

We feel as we go into 2020, products are getting more costly and less expensive in quality. Hardly ever do you get products that last. This ice bag has the stability to last a lot of years and usage. It actually has a good surface area to it and the gel freezes perfect. The feel of the freeze resembles a separated ice that has some tightness however still able to be formed. We consisted of a typical hand beside the product to reveal it’s great for back, leg, arm, and foot sized locations. Naturally ensure to not utilize this for more than 15 minutes and to constantly utilize a barrier in between to safeguard yourself. Can’t advise this any greater.

They do not offer these very typically any longer, we do not get why however these are without a doubt the very best ice bag we have actually ever utilized. They are comfy and simple to utilize. Toss it in the freezer and ignore it till you desire it. When we are having a hot flash we get one and wrap it comfortably around our neck, the smooth soft product integrated with the cold temperature level feels terrific. We have actually seen other ice bags and attempted them however the products are normally an inexpensive plasticky feel or are too rough on our skin. As the pack ends up being cool (not freezing) we leave it there on our neck and go to sleep, simply reveals you how soft and comfy the product is. Likewise the truth that it is a gel pack maks it even better as when the freeze is off and its cold it complies with your body where you put it totally. These genuinely have actually conserved us and our moms and dads various times from needing to get the traditional ice bottle.

This is a wonder of contemporary innovation. Far superior to bags of frozen peas. We bought a 2nd one after our acl surgical treatment so that we can turn them in the freezer. The cold lasts for about 20 minutes (the medical professional suggested time for icing a location). Then pop it back in the freezer and it will be prepared to go again in about an hour. Product states 30 minute recharge, however perhaps our freezer isn’t cold enough, so that s a factor we purchased two. You desire the plus size so there is a lot of protection to lower swelling. Great therapy tool.

This product provides substantial penenetration. We presently own 4 various ice bag) what we actually like about this specific one is that it is so flexible, that every inch of the pad appears to be in contact of our skin. We likewise actually like that we can put it straight on our skin( although we are now slipping it in a thin pillow case). Seems a quality product and we anticipate it to last for a long period of time.

Extremely cold according to so. It s as good as ice in a bag, while other ice bag get gradually warmer, this one remains cold for the duration of ice application session. No leak problems as others have actually reported and this seeks months and months of daily ice application while sitting straight on the ice bag (sciatic pain).

Re leak: there’s a caution on the back of package (although not on the compress itself, strangely) not to push top of it. So if you are icing your back, make sure to push your stomach when doing so, if possible. We believe it’s likewise crucial to keep it saved flat, without folding (specifically when it’s frozen) due to the fact that doing so might use out the binding around the edges. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we do not have any of the problems others have actually had with leak. We are not a lot worried with the expense as we are with tossing a pouch filled with chemicals in the garbage, so we will make sure to upgrade if it does begin to leak despite taking these safety measures. As for the product. We keep in mind having these in our home when we were a kid however for several years have actually been making do with bagged ice/frozen veg/whatever’s on hand when our back required to be iced. Which is frequently– we have a small spinal column curvature that frequently results in inflammation at the peak of the curve. We see a chiropractic specialist frequently however will likely constantly have this tension point and have actually found out the difficult way that not caring for it can put us out of commission for days. We were at first worried that it would not get cold enough, however obviously that worry was totally unproven– we can’t take more than 10 minutes normally. This size is likewise good and large (nearly as huge as a standard sheet of paper) so it covers our entire lower back, or our entire mid-back, so we can ice one area for 10 minutes, turn it and ice the other for another 10 minutes (it’s still freezing.) and we do not need to keep moving it around or fussing with it to get our spinal column iced. Very happy.

We have actually utilized these precise compresses for years. They’re great due to the fact that even straight out of the freezer, they are simple to flex and location around our knee or our neck. They stay cold for a long period of time also. We have actually never ever seemed like inhad to change the compress prior to we were totally done utilizing is. We extremely advise these.

We enjoy this ice gel pack. It’s so simple to form to a location, this specific one we like our back, we have 2 now so when one gets warm we pop it in the freezer & get our other one. Thx for selling this. Its great for neck and back pain from arthritis, spine stenosis, epidural shots too. It’s thin enough likewise so it does not use up a great deal of area & simple to lay on.

These are the ideal size for our shoulder – we have actually utilized them for 10 plus years and this is the only one we like so we buy 3 every other month. They last about 6 months however we utilize them continuously and beat the heck out of them. They begin to leak after a while and you require to toss it as soon as that occurs. Worth the $4 for sure.

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