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999 Gan Mao Qingre Granules

999 Gan Mao Qingre Granules

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of 999 Gan Mao Qingre Granules.

  • Gan Mao Qingre Granules supports the Immune, Worried, and Upper Respiratory Systems
  • Gan Mao Qingre Granules is NOT planned to reduce, avoid, treat, identify, or remedy COVID-19
  • Relied On 100% Herbal Remedy by generations
  • Travel Size instant liquify granule packs
  • Exclusivity Imported and Dispersed by Solstice Medicine Company

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About Solstice Medicine Company Established in 1978, Solstice Medicine Company is an original producer and supplier of high quality standard Chinese herbal remedies. Solstice Medicine Company only imports and disperses leading name brand Eastern medicine. Look for the Solstice Medicine Company logo design on the product packaging to guarantee that you are getting 100% genuine products with long life span. Read more 999 Gan Mao Qingre Granules This product supports the health of the intestinal track in addition to the immune, anxious, and upper respiratory systems. The exclusive blend of herbal active ingredients assists the body’s natural defense versus toxic substances and small short-lived inflammation because of daily tensions. The granules are packaged in travel size sachets and quickly liquifies in warm water. The 999 Gan Mao Qingre Granules is the first choice when including supplements to your daily regimen to support your immune, anxious and upper respiratory systems. How to Utilize Mix contents of 1 package with boiled water. Take 1 package orally, two times a day. Check Out the Cautions prior to usage. Children under 12 years of ages: Do not utilize. Botanical Active Ingredients: Bupleurum Root (Chai Hu) Fang-Feng Root Schizonepeta Spike (Jing Jie Sui) Chinese Mint Perilla Leaf Kudzu Root Balloon-Flower Root Aromatic Angelica Root (Bai Zhi) Read more Main Ingredients & Their Benefits Bupleurum Root (Chai Hu) This active ingredient is understood to provide assistance to your body immune system. It assists your body’s natural capability to react to tensions while supporting the upper respiratory system. Fang-Feng Root Understood to support the body’s natural capability to resist external tensions. Fang-Feng assists a healthy circulatory system procedure toxic substances while likewise supporting typical bowel and intestinal tract function. Schizonepeta Spike (Jing Jie Sui) Jing Jie Sui is understood to naturally support healthy circulatory and nerve systems. It likewise assists a healthy body immune system. Read more Solstice Medicine Company We bring a wide range of premium Eastern medications for several requirements and functions. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on 999 Gan Mao Qingre Granules.

Question Question 1

The Number Of Bags?

9 bags in a box

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on 999 Gan Mao Qingre Granules, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Very good, has an unique impact on the treatment of colds and fever.

We were presented to this by our chinese partner. This works.

We utilize this tea to assist with allergic reactions. Great cost too.

Fantastic product. Simply include a cup of warm water and sip. It s for what ails you.

Much like in china.

Love this product. Works great. Seller provided as guaranteed.

Good medicine.

This is the very best remedy for colds, sniffles and flu that we have actually ever utilized. We have actually utilized this product because 2009 at the start of a head cold or other type infection. Taking 2 to 3 day spaced out throughout the day, we find that by the second day, our symptoms are much less than if we had actually not taken this tea. We share it with our grandchildren and other relative. There is no drug hangover, no syrupy taste, no adverse effects that we know. We found this wonder remedy from our chinese acupuncturist who utilizes it also. Numerous of the customers likewise consume this tea and state it is a real relief for them.

We bring this daily and when we travel. The first indication of a scratchy throat or a cold and we liquify this in about a 1/3 cup warm water and down it. Often we only require one cup. Often we require to duplicate in a few hours however it has 99% of the time knocks itout If you wait till you are actually ill it accelerates your recovery, however the secret is getting it prior to it gets you.

We have actually watched for something wonderful that can alleviate a cold in less than 3 days. This is it. It’s so remarkable. Chinese medicine is the very best. Likewise this is a good deal.

This is a very good product, chinese medicine.

Surprisingly, they actually work and make you nearly forget that flu.

No concept what remains in it, however whenever we seem like we are getting a cold or flu, this nips it in the bud.

This works like an appeal.

Works great for our other half.

Was available in time. Great cold medications.

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